Character Description

Nikolas Adlon Hatcher was an outsider; a rebel; a neutral force that had enough power to condemn both sides. His lithe body, combined with the stunningly elegant features, gave him the appearance of a feeble and easily conquered opponent. Little did the world know of his dense muscles, quiescent until they were needed. His body was toned from years of following the one he was loyal to, defending and watching. Stalking undetected was his greatest skill; nothing was seen of him until he permitted it, and his only possible warning was his emerald green eyes flashing eerily in the light, giving him a ethereal persona. Nikolas' silky black hair was constantly pushed aside, just to spite his refusal to bind it. The only flaw to his faultless fa├žade was the deep scar, leading from his left temple to his cheekbone.

If he were in modern times, he would be thought of as 'Gay', 'Flamer', or 'Fag'; seeing as how he wore light colored materials, clothes that flowed, looking extremely feminine; ones that allowed him the full movement of his body by being light and loose. Lucky for him, or for us depending how you look at it, he was in the times of ancient Greece, where men were allowed to look beautiful, and not be assaulted for it. In his time and place, he was wanted by all; men were in lust with him, wanting him as a lovely decorative piece in their harems; women loved the idea of him, wanting him for his power and sex appeal. Although very tempted, Nikolas took no mate.

Nikolas was a vicious fighter, taking on opponents three times his size. It seemed like he reveled in the fact that enemies thought they could take him down easier. He allowed them to attack, basking in the cockiness of their movements as he took the hits easily. Then, suddenly, as if he had enough, he would launch into an attack, letting his feeble mask fall as he parried and dodged, slicing into them with a simple blade. He cherished the look of astonishment in their eyes as they fell before him. Once a battle was finished, he would replace the mask and dust himself off; once again seeming flawless.

Nikolas had many personalities. Around friends, he was completely relaxed, his voice taking on a warm and friendly tone; his laughter a short harsh bark. He even had a slight accent when relaxed. Around anyone else, he would acquire a cold manner, almost condescending, and his laughter transformed into a calm chuckle. He made sure that no one could ever learn his true personality; the personality of an egotistical and narcissistic person who never really cared for another; the personality of a rebel.