"So are you still depressed?" he asked her with concern in his face.

The two were standing by his locker while other busy students passed by hurriedly, off to their classes. She looked at him with a sad expression upon her beautiful face, but on the inside he didn't know that she was just happy to see him caring for her.

She only shook her head showing that she was still feeling down, but half okay as well. Once again he looked at her feeling more pity for her in his heart.

"I'm sorry…" He muttered after a few seconds of silence.

Time had seemed to slow down and everything else going on around them didn't really matter anymore. It was only them and their feelings now, but the girl could only look down in pain.

"Hey… smile." He egged her almost begging to see that beautiful smile on his face once again.

He wanted to see the smile he had fallen in love with once more. She looked up at him and forced a smile onto her face. Actually… somehow it wasn't so hard to do. Maybe it was just because the person she cared most deeply about was there with her… or maybe it's just because she could tell that he… cared. The moment that he saw her lips curve into a smile, all of his worries went away just like that. He couldn't help but return the gesture as well.

"So… do you want to talk at lunch?" He asked, looking once more at her in concern.

He really felt the need to help her get through the troubling times in her life. He felt guilty for reasons that he didn't understand. He wanted to help change everything that had gone wrong. He felt she deserved everything to be wonderful in her life.

Somehow she just couldn't see that. She rationalized in her mind that she deserved everything that happened. She knew it was her fault that the people she loved left her. She knew in her heart that's what she deserved and that he wanted to change that more than anything.

"Sure." She replied simply, but in all honesty she knew for a fact that they wouldn't get to talk.

Some things were just too personal too her, and they would never get time alone to discuss it. All he knew is that something was wrong and he wanted to fix it. However, he had no clue just how broken she really was. She would never believe just how much he actually cared about her. It was a relationship that neither of them understood, but something was there, and they knew it and they held on to it as much as they could.

She couldn't help it that she really didn't want to explain to him just how her heart had broke into pieces and that she couldn't be herself anymore. She didn't want to break down in front of all the people she tried so to stay strong in front of. However, every time she was around him, her heart kept on telling her that she needed to let go of the hurt and to move on.

Their time together was running short and they wished it really wanted end. Though it was only a minute or so, it was a minute that they were able to be together and that meant more than anything. The school bell would be ringing again soon and they would have to part to go to their classes.

"Bye." She bid him farewell and walked away slowly.

So she continued her long walk through life. It felt just a little bit easier knowing that someone cared for her, knowing that he cared.

That he loved her.