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Anonymous D. Disclosure

Lea walked down the hallways of the main floor at Kennedy Elementary. Stopping every now and then, looking at the kindergartener's work displayed on the walls. She smiled fondly at one particular picture with the name Jayden scribbled on the bottom right corner, running her fingers down the dried paint in the shape of her son's handprint. She barely heard the footsteps echoing down the empty hallway, turning in its direction to have the smile ripped off her face. There coming down the hallway was someone she did not expect. Someone she never thought she would see so much of in the past two weeks.

A few seconds later Jason stopped, finally recognizing the woman standing a few feet away from him. This would have been the last place he expected to see her. What business could she possibly have here? Within the few seconds of their awkward silence Jason examined the women before him, reflecting also on the past few events. Lea Edward was enticing. Of course it wasn't the general obvious beauty that turned heads on the street. It was more subtle and mysterious. Her body was not anything special by society's standards. She was not particularly thin. Instead she was voluptuous, with an enticing hour-glass figure. Her skin paler than most, a major contrast to her dark hair and full red lips. She was beautiful.

But what attracted him to her was not her unique alluring nature, but her personality. She was very carefree in her actions, who was strict and hard when needed. And she had not once flirted with him since they had met. Jason could not remember the last woman who was not married or aged who had not flaunted themselves at him eagerly. Yes, she was definitely something, and he felt himself being attracted to her. In a non-sexual manner. But attracted never the less.

"I never expected to see you here," Lea stated, breaking the silence that had engulfed them. Lea strained to keep her eyes locked on his. To not let them stray to his dark messy hair falling over his mesmerizing eyes. To not let them travel to the crease from his cheek bones, the hardness of his jaw, his lips. And all that lay beyond that.

"I could say the same thing," was Jason's reply, the corner of his lips lifting into a smile that by the second looked more like a smirk. When the silence continued Jason decided to give some sort of explanation for his unusual appearance at the school.

"The principal of this school is actually my old university roommate. He asked me to visit him here. Actually he asked to see if I could do him a favour."

"Oh," was Lea's only reply. She didn't really care for his reason for being here. Not that she wasn't curious about his presence. But now it seemed as though she needed to offer up her own explanation. Which she was not too sure how.

"Well, I—"

Lea was interrupted by a high pitched scream of joy. Both adults gaze landed on the little boy running towards them, screaming, "Mommy!"

"Hey, Jay-Jay," Lea laughed nervously as she picked up her son whose cubby arms wrapped tightly around her neck. She didn't know how Jason would react to this situation. And it was nerve-racking having her son's father only an arms-length away. Not being able to tell either of them her dark secret.

She turned around expecting to at least see shock written on Jason's face. And for a second she thought she did. But within that single moment his face transformed back into one of detached curiosity. Lea felt relived yet disappointed.

"Jay-Jay, this is mommy's friend Jason. Jason this is my son, Jayden." Lea introduced.

"Hey, Jayden" Jason smiled kindly at the child. Who in tern smiled hesitantly before shyly hiding his face in his mother's nape, giggling softly.

Jason was beyond shocked. Never in his life has he imagined that Lea was a mother. And a single one at that. He remembered noticing no wedding band on her finger. Not even a left over tan indicating a recent separation. Though she had to have been very young when she gave birth to Jayden. He would be lying to say he was not the least bit curious of her situation. Especially considering that her personality did not fit any of the scenario's his mind could conjure. He continued to study the small boy wrapped in his mother's arms, who was sneaking shy glances at him every now and then. He looked shockingly familiar. Not in the aspect that he's seen the boy before, but that his features were similar to someone he knew.

"Jason!" The silence was interrupted by the principal's gleeful shout.

"Mike," Jason smiled, happy to see his old friend. Happier to be removed from the awkward situation.

"Well I have to take Jayden home. I'll see you two later," Lea politely dismissed herself.

"It's been a long time," Mike smile widened as he clasped his arm around Jason's back.

"It has," Jason chucked at his friend's enthusiasm. With that they headed towards the main office.

"So, how do you know Lea?" Mike asked a little sceptical. As he sat down in his office.

"She's my sister's English teacher, and a friend of one of my business acquaintances," Jason replied easily.

"She a beauty isn't she," Mike said, admiration present on his features, "She went through so much. She does so much for Jayden. I was a little sceptical the first time I met her. She was so young, and single. I was worried for Jayden. The environment he was being brought up in." He chuckled then.

"Her mom came one day to pick him up once. She was all too eager to spill Lea's story to me. I've never admired a women as much as I did at that moment." Jason desperately wanted to ask what her story was. For some reason Lea sparked curiosity in his mind. But he stayed silent. It wasn't his place to ask for such a personal story. One he was sure was not Mike's to tell.

"Let's get down to business," was his reply instead.

"You're joking." Was Anna reply to the retelling of Lea's encounter. A chuckle present in her voice.

"It's fate," Brain joked, fluttering his eyelashes, mocking the two girls. He sat down next to his wife, wrapped his arm around her shoulders drawing her to his side.

"Haha, very funny Brian," Lea replied sarcastically.

"Well it kind of is," Anna replied, shrugging. Turning the light-hearted moment to that of a serious one.

"No it's not," Lea stated. Intending to end the conversation at that point. But Anna seemed to have other plans.

"Come on. He's you student's brother, Brian's associate, the friend of you son's principal. Not to mention you are constantly running into him when you least expect it. That sounds like fate to me." Anna declared nodding her head, as though it justified her previous statement.

"It's not 'fate', and even if it was. What does that mean? That I'm meant to fall in love with him and live happily ever after? Get real Anna." Lea was more than annoyed at this point.

"Don't be an idiot Lea. It means that you should tell him about Jayden. He's growing up, and he needs a male figure in his life. He needs a dad." Lea knew Anna was right. But that didn't mean she would admit it.

"Last time I checked my dad was male, and he's always around Jayden," was her pathetic argument.

"Come on. Do you seriously intend to live with your parents for the rest of your life? Grow up Lea. You're not a child anymore. You need to be independent now. You need to do what's best for Jayden."

"I need to grow up? I need to be independent? Did you have a child at eighteen? I had to 'grow up' the moment I found out I was pregnant. And don't tell me how to raise my own child. I've been doing what's best for Jayden the moment I knew I was going to have him. You have no right to talk to me like that." At this point Lea was standing. Her breath heavy with frustration and anger.

"I don't need this. I'm out of here." Lea stated a moment later, before grabbing her purse and slamming the door behind her. She stepped outside to see that the weather seemed to accommodate her mood. She grunted as she headed off towards her house, soaking in the rain.

She was beyond annoyed at this point. It was one thing to try and meddle in her life, but to accuse her of the way she was bringing up her own son? Anna had no right to even suggest such a thing. Sighing, Lea walked passed her house continuing on her pointless stroll in the rain. She knew she would probably regret this decision the next morning, but at that moment she just wanted to be by herself.

She soon found herself at her old high school. Where it all began. She gave a sarcastic laugh. It's sound engulfed by the darkness. After journeying around the building she walked over to the football field, lying in the centre. She was drenched at this point. The rain still pouring down on her, the velvet grass cushioning her aching muscles. Lea just lay there. Arms spread wide apart. Just staring at the moon and stars. Not thinking about anything in particular, just lying there. As though the infinite darkness would take all her troubles with it. Lea never felt so at peace. So at peace she hadn't realized that in the far distance a familiar man was relaxed on the bleachers experiencing a similar phenomenon.

Jason did know how or why he was there. But it was relaxing. Looking back on all the stupid things he did as a teenager. He didn't regret any of it. He may have not always made the right decision, but it could have been worse. He turned out okay and that's all the mattered.

He sighed, finally getting up. He was drenched. He was tired. And he needed to get home before Jamie really started to worry. As he walked down the bleachers he could have sworn he saw a figure lying in the grass, in the middle of the stadium. He shook his head, chuckling a bit. He was probably just imagining it. No one was stupid enough to come to a high school in the middle of a rain storm so late at night. Well, no one besides him.

Paper planes. Spit balls. Screaming. Lea had dealt with the typical teenage classroom

For years now. But with her head aching as a result of her late adventure last night, her morning has never looked worse. Sighing she started the lesson. One that seemed to last longer than all the rest.

When it was finally over Lea collapsed in her chair. Only to see that a student stayed behind, and was currently standing in front of her desk. Looking up, she found Jamie nervously fidgeting with her hands. Lea sighed. Jamie needed something, and she needed her to be a good teacher at the moment. No matter how much she wanted to just pass out on the spot.

Gaining her composure, Lea encouraged Jamie, "What is it, Jamie." She tried to make her voice drip with concern. She loved Jamie, but there were times that she just needed some time to herself so that she can deal with the rest of the hell beasts that were to walk into that classroom.

"Um, Miss Edwards . . . . uh. Um. I w-was w-wondering—"

"Jamie, honey. Calm down. It's okay. I'm not going to bite your head off," she tried chuckling to try and break that tense atmosphere.

"Now, what is it you wanted to ask me?" Lea asked, a pleasant smile plastered on her face.

"Well, I know it's probably very inappropriate for me to ask this; but on Saturday, it's my birthday. A-and I don't really have anyone to spend it with." Leah had a faint idea of where this was going. She didn't know if she should feel honoured or nervous about the situation being dealt to her. And she was definitely uncertain about how she should respond.

"I mean, I have Jason. But I mean he's a guy and he doesn't really understand. What I'm trying to say is, would you like to attend my birthday party. It would pretty much be just me you and my brother." Leah never thought she'd seen Jamie look this nervous in her life. There were so many cons to attending this gathering. Not many pros.

"You don't have to come if you don't want to. I understand I'm putting you in a compromising situation. I just wanted to let you know that I would really like you to come."

That was when Jamie gave her that smile. The smile of a quaint teenage girl nervously seeking some sort of companionship from the only people who took the time to know her. How could she say no to a face that reminded her of her younger teenage self seeking the same thing?

"I would love to, Jamie," Leah found herself replying, a fond look in her eyes.

Jamie's head snapped up in surprise. Already composing herself for the rejection she thought was coming.

"R-really?" A joyous smile broke out on her face. She did a small, giddy jump before quickly pulling out a paper scribbling an address and number and informing Leah of the requested time and date. Leah was left feeling as though she accomplished so much by her acceptance. That lasted far about thirty seconds until she fully realized what she just agreed to.

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