Don't Overreact

Don't Overreact

Nellie was my best friend, why did she do this to me? How could she go from being so nice to me to this? This was torture, this was pain, this was when I realized that I could never really trust anyone again.

Nellie and I had been friends for years we would tell each other everything. We trusted each other with all out deepest secrets. Then today she decides to let my biggest secret slip.

Yes that evil girl went and told Freddie Vandervlat that I liked him. She went right up to him and told him. I have told her a thousand times no to say that to anyone. She always promised me that she wouldn't tell. Then, what does she so, she goes and tells him.

I've never been to embarrassed, my face must have turned thirteen different shades of red. I don't know how he reacted actually. The truth is that right when Nellie told him I ran straight to the bathroom and haven't been out since.

Yes, I've been in here for two hours. The last bell should ring soon. Then I'm going to wait like five minutes and run quickly to my bus. Then maybe I'll ask my mother if I can be home schooled. I can never face him again.

Oh look there's the bell, okay I'll wait for most of the people to pass. Okay probably long enough now. So I'm running out of the bathroom and straight to the bus.

Wham, "Oww!"

Oh my gosh I just ran straight into Freddie. Now I'm on the ground in front of him. No way what the heck is he reaching his hand down to help me? Wait what he's smiling at me.

He leans over to my ear, "I like you too."

Oh my, he likes me too! This is so cool, I'm smiling now and he's walking me to my bus. I can't believe it Nellie actually helped me; maybe I will be her friend still.