Night on the Dock

Night on the Dock

I sit here watching the water off my fingers drop

It falls and falls faster and faster and splashes in the lake

I look up to the sky and see above me a star

Up there in the sky it's there just floating in the nighttime air

And at this bit of inspiration I take up my golden pen

I see a whole story forming in my mind as I sit here on this dock

I am here thoughts in mind with paper in front of me on the dock

And I feel falling down my face a tiny tear drop

But still I have no fear for in my hand I hold my pen

And under me does stand this lake

And swirling all around me is the massive air

The fear is truly gone, because up above me there does stare a star

The light from above my only light is that single star

And I am here in thoughtful bliss on this wooden dock

I begin to write my energy coming from the air

Still though I'm with sadness and on my face does fall the drop

I look up to try and find some spark of inspiration and see the glistening lake

Which gives another idea and on does flow my pen

The object that does glide and does not hold me in a pen

But lets me fly like the above star

And lets me live and stretch my mind like the mighty lake

The thing that lets me sit sturdy and strong like this dock

That lets me fall into sadness if I need to, like a small rain drop

And that that lets me expand and grow like the true sweet air

My writing is so important to me almost more than the air

Yes it's very important to let it all out with paper and pen

And inspiration keeps coming just as the steady sound of a water drop

And as it nears to morning my light is getting stronger from now the sun and star

The colors around me are starting to show like the light brown of the dock

And the beautiful deep blue of the glittering lake

That which shines with all its might in the fiery sunlight is this lake

And atop it moves the wind dancing with fresh air

Under me creaking with despair for fear that I may leave, the dock

But I feel that I shall stay here until I run out of ink in my pen

I look up to the sky to that which was my first light, a mere glimmer now of a star

I look back down and on the ground a new discovery, a sweet soft dew drop

Yes there beside the dock where I could almost touch it with my pen

There, not that from the lake or from the gust filled air

Yes it is this that twinkles in dim star light the perfect little inspiration filled glimmering dew drop