It slips away slowly
As if rain could drain the sky's blue
Or shooting stars could empty the heavens

The world's immense hand is slowly moving
Purposeful and inevitable its fingers inch along
Mankind began to cover its eyes long ago
Before we even had words to describe such things

And now it seems that there is more at work
The clank of metal and the churning of engines
Echo in the background as the hand speeds up
Technologically-assisted oblivion just within reach

Words echo the emptiness of the heart more eloquently now
Lies are articulated with the wisdom of centuries of darkness
And the shadow in the hearts of man that has always lingered
Grows long as it casts its thoughts out over the world
A world which laps up these lies like the sweetest honey
Poisoning its veins with sweet, mindless nectar of self-indulgence

Human nature remains a cracked rock
The world's institutions built upon the infirm
And as we grow and build upon this foundation
It creaks and groans out in pain
And I find myself eagerly waiting
For the day when it will all been torn asunder
When humanity's lies grow too heavy for our hearts to bear
And mankind itself is split in twain

Nevertheless I find myself now pushing against the great hand
Seeing still some light left in those eyes
But I feel my strength seeping out like blood
I know that I will never be able to slow or stop this end
I know this because I see how often
I am the only one left struggling here
To slow this spread of darkness,
This self-inflicted blindness,
The inevitable end of enlightenment,
Our new Dark Age.

The mantra of the dying generation seeping out,
Becoming the mantra of the world.

And so often now I find it on my own lips.

"Why should I even care anymore?"