Chapter 1 – Initiation

Chapter 1 – Topsy Turvy

Twilight had blanketed the land, leaving a heavy quilt of fading sunlight and growing moonlight across the world. The creatures of the night began to stir, as they slowly began to crawl out of their dens and hollowed homes. The festivities of the night were about to commence with the celebration of a full moon when a small, yet ruinous, disturbance interrupted the revelry.

One creature though was oblivious to the sudden rise and fall of nocturnal activities around him. With his iPod blaring Lincoln Park in his eardrums, Adam Owens walked down the street that separated the townhouses from the wilderness. The woods were rumored by the local children to be home to many frightening things, such as ghouls, werewolves, and even vampires.

Adam rolled his eyes in exasperation upon hearing that from them. Everyone knew there were no such things as vampires; they were nothing more than made up tales to keep children on their best behavior. What child would dare to misbehave when threatened to be left outside after dark in the woods, to be fodder for the bloodsuckers?

Continuing down the sidewalk, he frowned when his townhouse came into view. He didn't see it as his home, merely a place of residence for him until he could move out and live on his own. He shared the place with his stepfather who had been married to his late mother. Debra Owens had passed away early last year due to breast cancer, thus leaving him in the care of his oh-so-loving stepfather. The man only kept him around because the state sent monthly checks for child support, which he spent on liquor and cigarettes. That wasn't saying the man left Adam with nothing. His stepdad, Steven, left him enough money to buy his own groceries and medicine, which wasn't much at all.

Adam was coming home from his part-time job at the nursery. He was always outside; whether it was doing basic yard work, working with the plants at his job, or simply walking out in the sunlight, he was always there and it reflected on his body. Lithely muscled with a constant tan, his dark features were the envy of many. However, he wasn't vain, just concerned with his future all the time.

Looks like Steve is home he reflected. A few lights were on in their shared house, and Adam wasn't looking forward to dealing with the man right now. He was tired, his muscles were sore with unloading the delivery of new plants, and all he wanted to do was to grab a bite, shower, and crash in his bed.

Suddenly, the source of the still night became evident even to Adam. Flying out of the woods was a black shape that was careening towards his house. Adam stood frozen in shock as the misshapen thing crashed into the 3rd story bathroom window. Namely HIS bathroom window! Adam swore.


Troy was not having a good night. It was the night of the full moon and he needed to feed. However that plan came to a screeching halt when he crossed paths with one of the Dreaded: a vampire ghoul. Now Troy himself was a vampire; the difference between being a vampire and a Dreaded however was that the Dreaded had given into their bloodlust. They were nothing more than mindless zombies that existed only for their next feeding. Hell, sometimes they fed on a food source even when they didn't need to just for the rush that consuming blood brought on.

He and the ghoul were locked in close combat, their superhuman strength being used fully on one another in dealing the most damage. Troy was trying stay airborne to avoid crashing into any trees and skidding along the harsh unforgiving earth, but so far was being slightly unsuccessful. Already his body was littered with various wounds, and his undead healing ability was having a hard time keeping up. He needed blood and he needed it now damn it! Without any of that precious liquid, he would either slowly die or become a Dreaded himself; something he was keen on avoiding if possible.

Soaring through the air, he quickly noticed that the ghoul and he had passed beyond the reach of the forest. Glancing around, he barely had time to react as the ghoul used his body as a cushion between it and the plaster of the building they impacted upon. Dazed, Troy lashed out with his vampire magic, damaging both the Dreaded and their surrounding environment. The Ghoul screamed out in both agony and rage, its face contorted in primal fury as it tried to take another bite out of Troy.

"Foul caricature of the darkness, return to the abyss from whence you crawled!" he growled out in frustration. He just wanted to do a simple feeding, and here he was, probably hundreds of miles from his land, all because some Dreaded wouldn't leave him alone. He quickly glanced around at his surroundings, in hopes of finding something to use as a weapon against the faux vampire. He was tiring, and his magic was waning drastically.

Spotting what looked to be a weapon next to an alabaster seat, Troy quickly reached for it and smacked the Dreaded with it. The weapon, in human terms being a 'plunger', stunned the creature long enough for him to get from it.

The two nocturnal creatures were fighting in close quarters; Troy standing in what looked to be a shower stall, and the Dreaded leaning near the now mutilated window, aka Troy's escape. The room in which they struggled in was a mess; tiles had been ripped off the wall, gashes decorated the ceiling and floors, and random paraphernalia were scattered around the floor.

Just then, the door burst open, and a young man stepped in with a large stick screaming, "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!"

Adam ran the rest of the way home, trying his hardest not to freak out there in the street. Something had just crashed into his bathroom window and now there strange noises coming out from it. He wondered why Steve hadn't come running out of the townhouse yet, screaming about aliens or some such nonsense.

Quickly unlocking the front door, Adam ran into the house yelling, "Steve! Goddamn it, where are you?" Much to Adam's chagrin, there Steve was, drunker than a skunk in front of the television, empty beer bottles lying around him and the recliner.

Well that explains why he didn't hear that crash upstairs…shit, my bathroom!

Grabbing a baseball bat that was kept in the hallway closet, Adam quietly snuck upstairs into the hallway. His bathroom was at the end, with his bedroom right to the left. Debating internally whether he should call the police or not, he lightly treaded across the carpet to his room to reach his phone when voices caught his ear.


Adam was startled; was there someone in there who needed help? Chewing his lip in anxiety, he debated with himself once again as to whether he should call the police or not. There was no guarantee whether whoever was in his bathroom needing help would still be alive or not when the cops got to his house or not. Maybe if he rushed in, he could startle the perpetrator and the other person, the one in trouble, could help him subdue the bad guy. Adam clearly wasn't thinking straight; in truth he was almost in shock with what he saw barely a minute ago.

Taking a deep breath to gather what little courage he held, he kicked the bathroom door in, screaming "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!"

Adam didn't know what to expect but it wasn't what he saw. In his shower was a man, a beautiful man that had pale skin with vibrant red hair and dressed all in black. Near the window was what looked like a crack addict to Adam; sunken eyes, weak thin hair, skin that was stretched across revealing bones, and sharp yellow teeth showing themselves in a snarl.

"Get out of here you fool!" yelled the pale beauty in the shower. Adam was frozen like a deer in the headlights of an approaching car. The creature near the window spotted easy prey and lunged for Adam. He yelled out and swung the bat down over his head with all his strength. It broke on the thing's head but it didn't even blink as it continued towards Adam. The skeletal monster seized Adam's through in its claws and began to squeeze.

Adam was lifted off the ground, coughing and wheezing as his body was gasping for air. He couldn't believe this thing didn't feel the hit from the bat! Kicking his legs in the air, he grasped the creature's arms with his hands and attempted to wrest them from his neck. Black spots danced across his vision as his brain screamed for more oxygen. He barely heard a screech of pain as his body dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes.

Hacking for air, he glanced up. The creature was still screeching in pain, holding its hands together. The skin there looked burned, as if it had them pressed onto the eye of a stove left on. It looked at him again, and lunged again for the kill. Adam reacted before he thought; he hit the creature in the face with his left fist and grabbed its neck with his right hand. The monster flailed about as the skin began to boil and sizzle under Adam's bare hands.

Giving a desperate kick, the unknown creature kicked Adam in the stomach. Winded, Adam collapsed to the ground and watched in between tears as the beast gave one last screech and cast a look at both him and the beautiful man in the shower stall. Its hands where blackened now, and the skin its face and neck were beginning to blister and redden. Snarling, the creature took off from the shattered window ledge and disappeared into the night.

Troy was shocked. How did a mere human beat back the Dreaded? The boy looked winded and slightly in pain as he struggled to stand. Troy rose up, question after question running through his mind as he continued to gaze at the young man before him. Something about this human was different from all the others, and Troy was beginning to smell it.

Turning on his special charm, he approached his savior. Troy chuckled to himself, Never thought I would ever be saved by a human, and stood before the unknown man. Using the last of his magic, Troy wove a seduction spell on him and began looking for the opportunity to get what he desperately needed.

"Human, you have saved my life. For that I offer you the opportunity to become my pet." he whispered in tones of lust and yearning. He locked gaze with the human. "What is your name, pet?"

Adam was stunned. This man, whom he saved, was calling him his pet? Screw that!

"My name is Adam," he bit out, "and I am NOT your pet!" He felt slow and drowsy, as though his body was suddenly fighting exhaustion.

Troy frowned, "You are spurning my offer of you becoming my pet?" He applied more of his charm and lust upon Adam.

Adam glared at him through the haze of the spell. He felt his body responding to whatever this man was doing to him, and he didn't like it. "Yes." was all he said.

Suddenly, Adam was thrown against the counter, his face pressed into the mirror and crotch against the edge of the sink.

"Wh-what are you doing?" he stuttered out. "I saved your life and now you're attacking me?"

"You have rejected the gracious opportunity to become my pet." Troy leaned forward and purred softly into Adam's ear. "You shouldn't have done that. Now you will become my next meal."

"Meal?" Adam gulped. He glanced up into the mirror and gasped. There wasn't anyone behind him, but he could feel the stranger right there behind him! His reflection should be there! Swallowing the fear in his throat, Adam croaked out, "What are you? A vampire?"

Troy smiled. Maybe there was hope for this boy yet. "Yes," he moaned in Adam's ear. He could feel the chill traveling up the human's body; whether it was fear or desire, Troy wasn't sure. Either was fine, as both got him even more excited. "I will repeat my offer one more time human. You have the choice to become either my pet or my next meal, the choice is yours."

He moved his hands away from pinning Adam against the counter and began to explore the supple body that lay beneath him. Rubbing the skin under the cloth, he purred once more and began to lick the exposed flesh along Adam's neck.

Adam squirmed beneath the vampire. Become either a pet or a meal? Not much choice there it seemed! He fought down a moan, as the vampire's hands continued to trace his abdomen and chest. "What is required of me if I become your pet Mr. … ummm."



"My name is Troy Ignacio, but you will call me Master Troy or just Master, my pet." Troy flipped Adam over, bringing the two face to face. Troy locked his gaze onto Adam's and pumped out the last of his seduction onto the human. "Have you thought about your decision?"

Adam wantonly moaned under the application of the spell. He wrapped his legs around the vampire and clutched at him without abandonment and struggled to whisper, "Yes, goddamn it all to hell, yes!"

Troy smirked. He leaned back and opened his mouth. His canines grew and lengthened, a feat that didn't go unnoticed by Adam.

"Wa-wait! I said I would become your pet!" he yelled out in fear, the sexual tension rapidly decreasing and giving rise to panic.

"Do not worry my pet. I am merely marking you with my crest, so that other vampires will know whom you belong to." Troy grinned with those deadly teeth. "You have nothing to fear."

Adam closed his eyes, resigned to his decision and fate. "Okay." he whispered.

"However I haven't fed for days yet, and here you are before me, offering up your body into my service." Adam tensed. Surely Troy, Master Troy, wouldn't…he just said he wouldn't!

"I think I will take my first service from you now."

And before Adam could react, his world exploded in pain and white light.