Chapter 4 – Explorations

Chapter 4 – Explorations

Troy and Adam both opened their eyes at the same time. Adam wore a small grin on his face and even Troy himself sported a slight smirk on his. There was a better connection between the two now that the air between them had been cleared.

Clearing his throat, Troy leaned back from Adam and whispered, "I should let in my family. They most likely heard your yelling and are probably assuming one of us has killed the other."

Adam blushed at the mention of his yelling. Surely he hadn't been that loud? Granted, he was upset, but that was completely justifiable! Rolling his eyes at Troy he moved to step off the bed when he paused in realization.

"Troy!" Adam hissed at him. Troy paused on his walk to the bedroom doors and glanced at his Pet. "Where are my clothes? I can't just say hi to them wearing only these pants!" Adam began searching for his personal items; Troy was an idiot if he thought he was going to greet other vampires with his body exposed like this. Sure, he had no qualms with wearing only pants in a normal situation, but anything current was far from normal!

Troy gazed at his Pet and almost gave a small laugh; his Pet was something else. Adam's body would definitely be drawing many vampire eyes with his healthy body and sun-kissed skin. That is, until the boy opened his mouth and probably insulted them that is. His etiquette would need to be worked on before the two of them were presented to other vampires, something Troy was not looking forward to. Adam would most likely dig in his heels and deny that he had any problems with his manners.

"But Edward saw you as you are. My parent's will not react any differently towards you. It is not uncommon for Masters to dress up their Pets in revealing clothing. You're actually quite modestly dressed as of now." Troy managed to say all of that while sounding calm, but he cringed inside when he saw Adam's face break out into a look of anger. He braced for the verbal tongue lashing.

"Okay first off, your brother caught me off guard, and nearly scared me into having a heart attack! If I hadn't already pissed, I would have definitely then! Second, I want to make a good impression on your folks; and if they act anything like you did when we first met, I wanna have some protection, even if it is cloth. And third, if you even think about dressing me up as a slut, I will pry out your fucking canines with a crowbar the next time you sleep."

"Must you be so crude?" Troy questioned.

"Must you be an ass?" Adam countered. Troy didn't respond. Taking the pause in conversation as a response, Adam began looking in the dresser for a shirt that fit him. Pulling one out, he threw it on and faced Troy. "How do I look? Will this impress your mom and dad?"

Troy almost liked his lips as he gazed at Adam. When his Pet stretched out his body to put on the shirt, Troy wanted to reach out and gently touch the subtle yet prominent muscles. And when Adam pushed out his neck through the shirt, Troy wanted nothing more than to nuzzle the prominent vein and lick the jugular. Doing so would have set back all the progress he made with Adam, and thus he refrained.

Just barely though.

"Everything is fine with your Pet, Master Troy." stated the castle doctor. After Troy's parents and brother had entered, the physician wasted no time in clearing Adam's health. Blood work and a quick physical were done, and Adam was back to normal. "I recommend a few more days of bed rest and to refrain from any strenuous work as well. Your Pet's body is still adapting to your crest and I don't want him to pass out."

Troy nodded. The meeting between his Pet and family had gone relatively well. Of course Edward had already met Adam and the two were practically best friends, some Troy was quite pleased with. It was good that Edward had another role model who acted like an easy going, but hardworking older brother. Troy parents too had acted well. Lord Frederick had taken a shine to Adam, welcoming him to the castle as Adam's Pet and Lady Esmeralda, in her normal cool tone, had welcomed him as well. Now that the introductions had been taken care of, Troy intended to show his Pet his new home at the castle.

Leading Adam into the hall, Troy spoke over his shoulder to his family, "If you have need of me, I will be showing my Pet around the castle." He could feel Adam tense up at the mentioning of his title, but the boy made no motion of objecting to it. He now knew that it wasn't insulting or degrading, merely stating what he now was in the vampire world. "I bid you good day doctor. Thank you once again for seeing after my Pet."

Before waiting for a response, Troy took Adam's arm and led him out into the hall. They walked down the corridor, Adam's face whipping left and right at the sight. Stereotypical of a medieval castle, there were suits of armor, magnificent portraits of people, high windows, and intricately carved masonry that decorated every hall. Soon, Adam was lost, and if not for Troy, who was still leading him by the arm, there would be no way he could find his way back to the bedroom.

"Hey." Whispered Adam to Troy. The vampire gave no response. Adam scowled, "Hey!" he repeated in a louder tone, also jerking his arm, or at least attempting to, out of Troy's grasp. Geez, the vampire was bruising him! Troy took notice of the attempt and stopped walking. Turning towards his pet, he drawled, "What? What do you have a problem with now?"

Adam bristled like a threatened cat, he almost felt like growling like one as well. "Well and here I thought we were done with the whole 'ass situation'. I am perfectly capable of walking without being led like a child! And what's with the silent treatment?" He stared at Troy, silently demanding that he answer the questions. He had behaved well with the Lord and Lady, and did everything the doctor asked him to. So what was Troy's problem now?

Sighing, Troy released Adam's arm and walked to a window that faced the east, showing the coming dawn. Frowning and rubbing his abused arm, Adam followed. There weren't any other people around, so he spoke frankly. "Troy? Is everything okay?" Shaking his head, Troy turned and faced his Pet. "I apologize. It has been some time since I have had a Pet, let alone interacted with humans. I am still getting used to it, just as you are."

"Wait. You had a Pet before me?" questioned Adam. This was news, and any information of Troy's past would be interesting to say the least.

Troy's face hardened and a dark scowl covered it. If not for the crest on Adam's chest, he would have felt threatened and started to run. But the emblem felt safe; cool, much like Troy's demeanor, but calm as well. The vampire wouldn't act violently, at least not towards him. How Adam's knew this, he wasn't sure. He just pegged it up with the strange vampire. "Please do not ask about that. It was a bad time for me, and I do not wish to relive it. What happened in the past stays there."

Adam gulped. "Okay. Sorry for asking."

"It is not your fault. I should not have mentioned it."

"But still, I feel bad. I know I'm new to this whole Pet and Vampire relationship, but I promise," and here Adam walked next to Troy, stepping in front of him so the window was at his back and he faced the slightly taller man, "I won't do anything to hurt you, nor will I intentionally betray you." Troy stared down at Adam; his Pet was faintly outlined by the rising sun, and Adam was breathtaking. "You were right, back in the dream; I have nothing back in my old life worth mentioning. You made a good decision in making me your Pet, and I won't have you regret it." Adam stepped forward, and doing something Troy least expected, hugged him. The random act of kindness towards him from Adam seemed completely out of character, yet Troy welcomed it. It had been a long time since he had been hugged.

Leaning into the human, Troy pressed his face into the crook of Adam's neck and breathed deeply. His Pet's scent was rich with the smells of the day; moist earth, cool breezes, and subtle hints of his own scent of hard work of sweat. "My Pet, Adam, thank you for those words of reassurance." He tightened his grip on Adam, the other did the same. Troy felt his need rise up, not demanding as it had been when he and Adam had first met, but it was there. Best to get it taken care of now, before his bloodlust got out of hand.

"Adam," he murmured in Adam's neck.


"I know this sounds selfish, and you just got over recovering from our initial encounter, but…" Troy didn't know how to ask this without sounding greedy or uncaring.

"You need to feed, don't you?" whispered Adam, voice calm.

"How did you know?"

"Just did I guess? I think it's the crest. But go ahead." Twisting his neck back, baring it for Troy to get at more easily, Adam tried to keep a small amount of fear out of his stance. He feared that Troy would lose control and suck him dry.

Sensing this, Troy murmured gently, "Don't worry, I won't take much. Just enough until we have dinner later." He revealed his canines, lengthening them. "And I will make this feel good."

"How will this feel goo--oh God!!" Adam grabbed the back of Troy's head with one hand while the other clutched at his back with desperate fingers. As soon as Troy's teeth pierced his neck, Adam felt as though every nerve was on fire. He writhed in Troy grasp, who kept a firm grip on his Pet. Adam tried to stifle his moans of pleasure, but kept whimpering instead. He pressed his body into Troy's, subconsciously trying to find more of that amazing pleasure Troy was giving him.

Soon though, Troy began pulling away. He licked Adam's neck one last time, staunching the small blood flow and healing the bite marks with his vampire abilities. Adam really then moaned, clutching at Troy's shoulders, trying to stay on his two feet. Panting, Adam leaned back and stared at Troy. It felt as if he had been burned by an intense sexual fire, his skin felt so sensitive and his senses were more acute. He was sweating profusely and gasping for breath now. "Wh-what was that?!" he demanded, eyes wide with adrenaline.

Troy held onto Adam and gently lowered him onto a bench near the window. "I apologize. It seems you reacted much more strongly than most Pets." Troy frowned. He was apologizing a lot it felt like to Adam. But still…Adam should not have reacted like that to Troy's feeding. Sure, most Masters made their feedings enjoyable for their Pets. When a vampire fed, they released a hormone form their teeth into the victim's blood to both pacify and arouse them, making them more willing. The only explanation that seemed logical was perhaps the location of his crest on Adam – there was no other reason why his Pet had such a drastic reaction to a small and simple feeding. "It's probably because of your body; you're still recovering from our meeting." No sense in upsetting his Pet over the crest. That wasn't a problem yet.

Adam sat on the bench, catching his breath. He had never felt something like this! It felt like he had just spent all day outside in the sun and had mind-blowing sex all the time! It was if he was alive all over again! "Don't apologize so much, it doesn't become you." Standing on shaky legs, he looked at Troy. "And besides, you didn't know, so it's not your fault."

Troy nodded, accepting Adam's reasoning. His Pet wasn't upset with him, which was always good, especially in Adam's case. He had seen him angry, and didn't wish to be on the receiving end of his fury anytime soon. "Very good then. If you're feeling better, I can continue to show you around the castle. We have the libraries and stables, a garden and—"

"Hold up. A garden? Can we go there?" Adam was surprised. Yet it made sense, a castle normally had gardens. At least, Adam thought they did since he never visited a castle before. And besides, what better place to explore then the environment he loved the most? "Troy please? I really want to see it, is that okay?" asked Adam. He seemed to already forget about his sexual fatigue, and he had yet to truly ask anything yet of his vampire master, so why not for something he knew he would like?

"Here we are." spoke Troy, opening the rusted wrought iron gates. The garden was, for lack of a better phrase, in desperate need of a green thumb. Weeds were growing everywhere, the ivy had grown unchecked, the fountain had been clogged with foliage debris, and what flowers were blooming were doing so in sporadic bursts of color across the landscape. Troy couldn't remember the last time he was here, probably as a child a few hundred years ago. Simply put, the gardens had been forgotten.

Adam wandered around, eyes taking in everything. The trees were still good, he summarized, just needed to be cleared of dead branches. The weeds would be simple to be rid of, just time consuming, and the fountain he knew how to fix. Face bright with the possibilities, he turned to Troy. "Oh man, this is awesome! Please Troy, can I fix this? I know how, I promise to do a good job, and I won't shirk my job as Pet. I'll do whatever you want, just please let me work in here.."

Troy listened with a bemused smile to his Pet. Adam was rambling, he really wanted to fix this garden. It stood to reason that he would, Troy had caught glimpses of his Pet's past in the Dream World; Adam had worked in a plant nursery before and he seemed to be in his element here. Adam felt almost called to fix the area up.

Opening his mouth to respond, Troy paused when he felt a mental knocking on his mind. Someone was trying to contact him. Allowing the connection to be forged, Troy question Who is this?

Troy it's Edward. The Elders Council has arrived, along with all the dinner guests that Mother and Father invited for tonight. Responded his brother. Troy had forgotten about the Council, along with the guests. His parents had a dinner party planned out for the past month or so, and the Council was here to inspect Adam. Nearly groaning aloud, Troy sent a quick look at Adam. His Pet was inspecting the plant life, already pulling some weeds out here and there.

Focusing on Edward again, Troy sent, I will meet the Council in a few minutes. Let me get my Pet taken care of first. We'll meet them, and then proceed to the dinner party afterwards.

Troy felt his brother nod in assent. Okay, I'll let them know. The link was then cut off, and Troy was left with his personal thoughts and Adam. The Council wouldn't make too much fuss. Sure they would question and badger Adam about all sorts of things; his lifestyle, any family or friends that might try to find him, things of that nature. But what they wouldn't do is taunt him. Troy knew they wouldn't do that. And if someone did, he wouldn't stand for it. That is, until Adam opened his mouth and chewed out the offender. Then there be a whole new set of problems to deal with. Troy could only pray it never came down to that.

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