Chapter 5 – Mirrored Fingerprints

Wincing at the bright sunlight filtering in through the blinds, John groaned and rolled over into the safety and warmth of the body next to him. Relaxing against the skin and scent of Lance, John felt his eyes grow heavy once more.


Snapping his head up and casting his eyes around frantically, John nearly shrieked when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Kicking wildly and wrenching himself free, John almost tumbled off the mattress if a strong pair of arms hadn't been there to catch him. Crying out at the pressure of Lance's hands on his own bruises, John tried to curl in on himself to escape the pain.

Creed didn't say anything; he simply pulled his smaller lover back into his embrace and gently rocked him back and forth, soothing away the hiccups and whimpers of pain and shock. Soon, after judging that John had sufficiently calmed down, Creed took his roommate's head in his hands and looked down at him.

"What happened last night John?" he whispered, honestly scared of what John would say about his handling at the interrogation.

Taking in a shaky breath, John pulled Lance closer to him and sought shelter in his lover's strong embrace. Speaking into Lance's chest, John closed his eyes and began talking. "I had finished my work and called you, asking if you wanted to grab a cup of coffee but you didn't pick up."

Kissing the top of John's head, Creed lied through his teeth. "I was busy studying and had my phone on vibrate. I didn't hear it go off until much later." That last part was true, but it didn't make Creed feel any better about it.

Making a noise of affirmation, John continued. "I was walking back and these men, oh God, they know I'm here, an-and t-they…" John broke off his sentence, his voice shaking with nerves.

"Shhh, shh John, calm down I'm here." Lance soothed him from above. "Who is here? What men?"

"Before I came here, to college, I noticed some people that were either following me or just watching me. I thought I lost them when I moved. But they found me and they kidnapped me last night!" John couldn't stop the shaking now, even with Lance tightening his arms around him. "One of them grabbed me and tried to muffle my mouth. I bit him and he pulled back. Before I could get loose though, more appeared and tackled me into the ground, before knocking me out with some drug."

Creed made sure to check on the other agents and their hands. Whoever handled John like that would have teeth marks, and Creed was going to make certain the man never mishandled a target like that again, especially a young college kid. His dark thoughts were cut off when John kept speaking.

"I remember being carried somewhere and the next thing I know, I'm here in your bed."

Creed's eyes widened at the shortening of John's tale. He knew there was more but for some reason, John wasn't telling anymore. Pulling himself back a bit, Creed tried to look down into John's eyes. "Are you sure nothing else happened John? You don't remember anything else?"

John kept his eyes downcast, unable to meet Lance's gaze. Just thinking about being in that dark room, tied and helpless, was too much to speak of, let alone think about. Instead, he quietly mumbled, "Yeah, that's all I can remember Lance."

Creed stared down hard at John for a few more moments, determining whether or not John actually remembered his interrogation or if Agent Kennington had given something more potent than a simple knockout drug to his target. When John kept avoiding his gaze however, and fidgeting nervously, Creed determined that while John wasn't telling the whole truth, he would have to let it go for now. Instead, he moved to sit up, grabbing a pair of jeans off the floor.

"W-what are you doing Lance?" John asked, eyes wide at the dark and ominous look on Lance's face. He had never seen his lover look so enraged before and Lance, standing before him wearing only a pair of jeans and an angry scowl, was a sight that gave the musician pause.

"Get dressed John." Lance barked out, like he was a commander.

Jumping a bit at that tone, John quickly scrambled and grabbed a pair of slacks off his desk chair. "You're right, class is going to start soon and I—"

"You're not going to class, we're going to the police."

Dropping his clothes in disbelief, John looked up at Lance, breathing heavily at that sentence. Swallowing down his paranoia and fear, John whispered, staring up at Lance with wide eyes, "No, no we are not."

Creed almost exploded. Nothing was going his way – not his boss, his fellow agents, and now his own target, they were all fighting him every step of the way. Snatching John's pants off the floor, he shoved them in his arms and said in an icy tone, "Put these on and a shirt. We are going to the police and that is final." With a subtle push, Creed moved John back a bit, silently conveying that he was not messing around.

Stumbling a bit at the sudden and unexpected force from his boyfriend, John felt the first spark of anger ignite inside him. Throwing his clothes back at Lance, he stiffened his back and widened his stance, preparing for anything. Honestly, he suspected that Lance would force him to dress and Lord knows the man would have no trouble once he got John under control. But John wasn't about to give in. His paranoia was stronger than his fear of Lance's sudden aggressiveness.

How he did know, that those mysterious people hadn't infiltrated the local police, incase something like this happened? What if he did go there? Then they would have him again, trump up some fake charges, and take him away. No, the police weren't to be trusted so he would not go. Clenching his fists in both anger and uneasiness, John stood up tall and looked Lance straight in the eye. "I am not going Lance, it's not important. And you can't make me." He felt like a 4 year old saying that, but it was true.

The silence following his statement was deafening. John could almost see a vein on Lance's forehead throbbing and for the first time, he considered how unwise it was to go against a retired Marine Special Ops that had a foot of height and probably 70 pounds of solid muscle on him. Him, dressed only in his boxers, did not make for an intimidating opponent.

Creed took note of John's defensive stance and stubborn look. With a heavy scowl, he took a step towards John. To his surprise and John's credit, the younger man didn't budge. "I know a hundred different moves to take you down, and get you dressed."

"And all I have to do fight you off long enough to scream Lance."

Taking another step and shortening the distance between them, Creed noticed how this time, John took a step back. Looking into his lover's eyes, he could see the fear growing there. Snapping out of his hostile pose, Creed moved back and held up his hands in silent surrender. "I don't want you to be scared of me John. Please, please tell me why you're so dead set about not going to the cops?"

John felt the tension in his body melt away as Lance stepped back. Hearing the pleading tone in his lover's voice though, John cast his eyes to the ground and said. "I love you Lance. I can say that and truly mean it. So I'm asking, as your lover, to respect my wishes."

"But why?! John, those people need to be found and punished! You should feel safe at night!" Creed yelled. Of course, 'those people' would never be found. Punished, yes, most certainly, especially for hurting his boyfriend.

John snapped back, "Why is it so important to you Lance? Why can't you just let it go?!"


John felt his breath stop at that shout. Lance stood before him, panting heavily, his eyes wide with emotion at what he was saying.

"Because you were missing for three hours John, and when I found you, you were unconscious, beaten, and whimpering in pain." By now Creed had closed the gap in between them and had John clenched tightly in his arms, the boy also holding tightly to him. Creed leaned down and kissed the top of John's head, taking in the scent of his lover. "I've never felt so scared in my life John – for once I couldn't go in, guns blazing and kill whoever was in my way. I had to wait for you to wake up on your own."

Creed stood there, enveloping his boyfriend in his arms until he felt John start shaking and hot tears on his bare chest. Releasing his grip, Creed jumped back a bit, belatedly realizing his mistake. "Oh shit, John I'm sorry, I didn't mean to grab your bruises!"

Shaking his head, John moved back into Lance's arms. Through the sobs, Creed managed to pick out, "I-It's not t-that Lance. I j-just tired, and overw-whelmed, and I just want you right now." Realizing what he just confessed, John blushed and burrowed his head into Lance's chest. Slowly, he calmed down and his eyes stopped tearing up.

Smiling gently at John's confession and blush, Creed took control once more by saying, "Okay, since you don't want to go to the police, then you're staying here in our room, doing nothing but relaxing." With that, he gently picked up John and carried him back to Creed's bed. Setting John down, Creed couldn't help but feel a wave of lust roll through him as he gazed down on his lover.

John too saw the situation. With him wearing nothing but boxers, sitting down, face-to-crotch level with his hot boyfriend, John asked in a sultry tone, "Relax huh?" A stray hand crept up the side of Creed's jeans. "And what if I want to do more than just 'relax' hmm?"

"J-john…" Creed husked out, clenching his eyes tightly and reveling in the gentle touches on his sides. When he felt a finger unlatch his button and pull down his zipper, he gasped as a finger traced the outlining of his erection. Gripping the hand on his crotch, Creed opened his eyes and stared down at his exploring lover. "Do you want this John? I don't want to force you into anything."

Smirking at the tense grip his hand was in, John moved his other hand and resumed his playful teasing. "You're not forcing me into anything Lance. If anything, you're proving to me how much you want this."

Shuddering at the touches from his lover, Creed kicked off his jeans from his legs and sat down on their shared bed. Settling back on his elbows, his body splayed out for John, Creed had to settle his mind one last time. "John are you sure? I can't guarantee that I'll stop unless you specifically say for me to."

Giving a smile and crawling up to kiss Lance on his lips, John whispered, "I could never tell you to stop making love to me."

With that, he began peppering kisses along Lance's chest and abdomen. Creed, on his part, had to clench his hands in the bed sheets so as to not grab John and ravish him completely. When John's mouth made its way to his tight briefs, he began kissing around it, leaving Creed nearly crying at the missed touch. Finally, John hooked his thumbs and slowly pulled the elastic fabric down, freeing Creed's erection. Giving a loud slap on his hard stomach, Creed could see John's eyes widen at his size.

"Whoa…you're really big Lance." John whispered. He could feel his ass clench already; either in fear or anticipation, he wasn't sure.

Groaning at the sensation of hot breaths on his cock, Creed chuckled, "Haven't had any reason to complain yet. So what do you want to do fir-shit!"

Creed cut off his question as John unceremoniously took the head of his erection into his mouth, gently sucking it and tonguing it. Shoving his fist into his mouth, Creed had to choke back the loud groans trying to escape. Nothing in his past sexual escapades compared to what John was doing. Sure he'd been given blowjobs, and more than one dude had been able to completely swallow him, but John's technique had a sense of innocence about him. Instead of trying to shove Creed down fast just for an orgasm, John was slowly exploring the hard shaft in his mouth, tasting and reveling in it almost. Whenever John groaned in appreciation of the taste, Creed's breath hitched as the vibrations sent electric currents through his body.

John would have laughed at Lance's reaction, but he was occupied at the moment. Ever mindful of his teeth and Lance's size, John slowly licked and sucked down his boyfriend deeper and deeper, remembering how it was done to him all those weeks ago. Lance certainly had a masculine taste about him – rich, heady, aromatic. If John smelled this as cologne, he'd buy the whole damn company. He felt one of Lance's hands on the back of his neck, fluttering about as if afraid to touch him. John grabbed the hand and set on the back of his head, determined to prove to Lance that he could do this. Giving one particularly hard suck, John tried to smile as that hand suddenly clutched his hair in a vice grip.

Creed didn't know what was going on anymore. What had happened to his shy roommate at the beginning of the semester? Where did this adventurous and daring man come from? Creed's thoughts were cut off when he both heard and felt John start choking. Looking down, he saw John pull back a bit before trying once again, only to have his throat contract. Trying to ignore the desirable sensations on his cock, Creed hoarsely groaned out, "John, chill, you have a gag reflex still. It's cool, you don't have to take me completely yet."

Pulling off of Lance's cock, John licked his lips and looked up at his lover. "Yet, huh? Well I'm holding you to that Lance. Until then however…" He bobbed his head back down, taking over half of Lance back into his mouth and down his throat. Creed couldn't control the bucking of his hips as John sucked and licked more and more. Feeling his load build up, Creed gave out a loud yell as he grabbed John's head and held it in place, shooting line after line of hot seed down the boy's throat. John felt Lance's cock swell at the impending orgasm but was caught unaware when he was gripped and held in place as Lance fucked his face completely.

When Lance's hands finally relaxed, John pulled off his cock, coughing and spluttering a little bit. Waving off his boyfriend's sympathetic hands, John gasped out, "Geez that was intense!" Lance stared at John dumbfounded for a second before cracking up, his cock now slightly limp.

Creed continued to chuckle a little bit as he pulled John both up to him and flipped them over. Now John was underneath him, staring up at his lover with adoring eyes. Creed leaned down and kissed his boyfriend on the nose. "When you give me that look John, I feel invincible." Creed whispered into John's ear, before nipping it gently.

Squirming in Lance's arms, John wrapped his legs around his bigger lover's waist and pulled him down. "Lance….could we go further…please?" Now unsure of himself, John felt his blushing coming back with a vengeance. His random spur of the moment spiel left him floundering, but he wanted more for both him and Lance. Looking down at him in question, Creed could feel how eager John's body was, but still, he had a nagging feeling in the back of his head.

"John. We don't have to do this if you don't want to."

Looking up with a determined face, John said, "I haven't said stop yet have I?" Creed shook his head. "Well there's your answer Lance." John could still see the uncertainty in his lover's face. Leaning up, he kissed Lance on the lips, before whispering, "Please don't make me beg Lance."

Nodding, John saw Lance's face relax a bit before stating, "You have to unwrap yourself first John, and take off your boxers. Plus we need lube and condoms."

"I have lotion in my desk drawer," replied John as he ripped off his last remaining piece of clothes. "I don't have condoms though." He finished with another blush.

Creed took John's face in his hand and kissed him again. "I love it when you blush…" John's face flamed up even more. "You're a virgin right?" All John could do was nod – he didn't trust himself to speak. "There's nothing wrong with that; it's admirable to save yourself for someone that you really love." Moving off the bed quickly and grabbing the lotion, Creed continued. "I'm clean, I promise John. I get tested every month when I'm sexually active, which I haven't been in quite some time."

"R-really?" John choked out in surprise.

Quirking an eyebrow, John could read the seriousness in Lance's face. "Yes, really. Why would you think otherwise?"

"It's just that…oh man this is embarrassing to say….it's just that, you're so hot and big and ripped. I just assumed that you always had someone to uh, sleep with, you know…" John honestly wanted to die, especially now that Lance was looking at him funny.

"So what I'm hearing is that you thought I was a manwhore."

"No!" John gasped. "It's just that, you know, you're really sexy and you can have anyone you want and you're here with me. I don't get that…" he finished with a despondent mumble.

He felt the weight of Lance's body settle on the bed next to him and a large arm wrap around him, pulling him into Lance's lap. "I'm actually very picky about who I take to bed John. And I promise you, that while I have had many sexual relationships in the past, that's all they were – sexual."

Creed paused in his explanation when John looked up at him in confusion. "I've never taken another man out to lunch at a café, or laid in bed with them in total comfort, nothing like that. My job always kept me from pursuing any real relationships." And I'm still on the job…Creed's face, while straight, didn't reveal the turmoil inside. Please don't hate me later John.

Nodding, John nuzzled his face against Lance's shoulder. "I'm not asking for an explanation Lance….I'm just asking for you to show me what the Marine Corps really taught you."

Hearing the challenge in John's tone, Creed gave the boy a dangerous smile. "Are you questioning my skill you runt?"

"I'm just saying," John said with an exaggerated shrug, "that all I've seen from you are a few kisses and a blowjob, nothing el-EEEK!" Giving a very unmanly cry, John was unceremoniously flipped and thrown with his back against the mattress in one fell swoop. Lance was suddenly on top of him, trying to glare down at him, but failing with a slight grin. He leaned forward and reigned kisses down all over John's face, before moving off the bed. Quickly moving to John's desk, Lance grabbed the tube of lotion and made his way back. John's breath hitched when he saw that his lover was completely hard again.

"Lie on your back and hold your legs up." Lance whispered out, his voice deep and throaty. John complied, hitching his hands underneath his knees and splaying himself out for his lover. Lance squirted a healthy portion of lotion onto his fingers and brought them up to John's puckered entrance. Hitching his breath at the contact, John noticed Lance look at him in worry.

"Its okay, the lotion is just cold."

Smiling gently, Lance nodded. He began rubbing one finger against John's opening before easing a single finger into his lover. John hissed and Lance stilled his motions. Shaking his head, John groaned out, "Don't stop – keep moving in Lance."

Creed was in disbelief. As he added another finger and slowly began scissoring open his soon to be deflowered lover, he couldn't wrap his mind around how calm John was. Every now and then he would moan and hiss, and Creed would pause until he got the okay from John to continue. When he added a third finger though, John husked out his own shock.

"Three fingers Lance? Oh God!" John had never felt so full in his life. Lance wasn't going deep with his fingers, but he was stretching his hole for more to come.

Creed tried not to laugh at John's question. "Well you saw how big I was, so three fingers is necessary. I don't want to tear anything."

Smiling, John said, "Yeah, that'd put a damper on things." He arched his back suddenly when Lance withdrew his fingers slowly and completely out of him. "Am I ready?"

"I don't know, are you?" Lance asked in sudden worry. Seeing John down before him, his ass exposed and awaiting his own body, was too much to bear. Creed quickly slicked himself up with ample lotion before positioning himself. "I'll go slow okay?"

"Please." was all John could whisper, his body practically thrumming with anticipation. Lance leaned forward and John's breath caught in his throat when he felt the head of his boyfriend's cock press in and his body gave way. As Lance pushed slowly in deeper and deeper, John felt a growing pressure building more and more in his gut. Squirming, John tried not to voice his discomfort as he was filled. Suddenly, his body contract and John screamed out at the pleasure blooming within him.

Hearing his lover scream, Creed froze where he was. He still had a few inches to go, and John was taking him admirably. So when the room's silence was breached, he almost yanked himself out in surprise. Holding completely still, Creed stared down as a dreamy look passed over John's face. Hesitantly, Creed twisted his hips and watched as John gasped in pleasure and tightened his hold on his legs.

"That feel good babe?" Creed whispered, easing in the rest of his shaft.

As Lance moved in deeper and deeper, John couldn't hold his legs up anymore. "Yeah…oh God you feel so good Lance!" He let go of his legs and wrapped them around Lance's waist and pulled him closer. Lance groaned as more of his cock was swallowed up. He leaned in and kissed John deeply before slowly pumping his legs front and backwards. John moaned deeply and wrapped his arms around Lance's broad shoulders.

The good part of the next hour was passed like that; Creed would draw his body back and forth slowly, drawing out the pleasure from his and John's union. John would grasp and clutch at Creed's body, pressing his smaller body against Creed's larger one as he whimpered at all the sensations assaulting his body. Creed groaned at how tightly John's body wrapped around him, enriching their shared touch. Never before had one of his partners reacted so passionately to his touch, despite his best efforts. Soon, Creed felt John's body clench, his internal muscles contracting and squeezing his erection powerfully as John shot his load onto his stomach.

"Oh God…" John whimpered. "I didn't even touch myself…" He shivered as a few more jerks of his cock shot some more of his seed out, before settling and losing some of its hardness.

Creed could only stare and keep his thrusts going. None of his past relationships had ever cum without touching themselves. John and his body were perfect for him in every way. Leaning down, Creed nibbled on his lover's ear and whispered, "You ready John?" John nodded, his whole mind and body in a haze of carnal whiplash. Creed gripped his waist and began to speed up his motions, almost drawing his entire length out of John before plunging back in. John twisted and writhed, crying out as every one of Creed's thrusts into him struck that one pleasure spot again and again.

Soon John's own erection hardened once more and Creed took it in hand, matching its own strokes to the speed of his thrusts. John whimpered and felt tears leak out of his eyes. "Please Lance…" John begged, "I-I can't go on much longer…" Creed felt his cock hardened at those words and, giving one last deep shove into his boyfriend's body, erupted off his load, filling the space deep within John. With a harsh cry, John felt his cock twitch and balls draw up before he too shot off another load, though weaker than the first one. Creed continued to stroke him, drawing out more and more of his seed before withdrawing from him. When he was satisfied with John's post-coital rapture, Creed slowly exited the body below him, before moving off the bed.

John looked up in confusion as Lance moved across the room to their shared sink. He saw him get a clean cloth and wet it, before returning. With a gentle touch that belied his powerful frame, Lance began wiping away traces of their sexual activities. When he was satisfied, Lance tossed the cloth into a dirty clothes hamper and settled back into bed, easing John into his embrace. John situated his body, spooning himself into Lance's own.

"How was that John?" Creed asked. He was still in slight disbelief at how powerfully John reacted to his touch. Who knew virgins were such nymphos? Feeling John shudder against him, Creed tightened his arms around his lover and drew the covers over them.

"I don't know what to say Lance…" John tailed off. His whole body was still shaking from Lance's professional touch and he was unsure whether or not he was going to melt into a pile of goo. "You still made me go twice though when you only came once. Not fair Lance."

Shaking his head and laughing lowly, Creed countered, "Not true, you sucked me off before all this remember?"

"Oh yeah…" John had honestly forgotten, since he was so blown away by his and Lance's long rutting. "Well still, one day…" John's words softened…

Leaning down, Creed kissed at the juncture between John's shoulder and neck. "One day John?" he asked, sensing his lover dozing off.

"One day…" John continued, his voice fluttering with sleep, "we're going to test how much stamina the Marines gave you Lance…" He snuggled in deeper. "And you're not going to cheat and make me cum more than you either…" John was now resting his head on Lance's bicep.

With a deep chuckle, Creed kissed the top of John's head. "That may be hard, since you respond to my every touch John."

"Then we'll just have to train so we can do it later." John was undeterred.

With a smile, Creed knew it was better to not argue. In fact, upon hearing John's wish, he felt his body react in excitement. Saving these future plans for later, Creed allowed his body to relax and soon, both men were drifting off to sleep, each lost in their own world, but in each other's arms.

Holding the prostitute bent over by his waist, Männlich slammed his engorged cock in and out of the abused hole, never minding the grunts of pain and discomfort. Whenever the young man voiced for the assassin to slow down, the German would just grab hold tighter and shove in more violently. Soon the sex vendor was limp in the faux-professor's grip, groaning and whimpering as he was abused and fucked again and again.

Männlich rutted like a man possessed. He hadn't received word yet from his employer and it was grating on his nerves. Also, he had been angry when the target John didn't show up to class earlier that day. The young man he was currently screwing had the same body structure and facial features as John, but he wasn't quite the same. Also, he cared not for the hooker, whereas for John, Männlich had special plans already laid out in his mind. With a final heave and grunt, the enormous killer felt his thick cock swell up for a third time before firing its thick seed deep into the battered body of the nameless boy. So much sperm had already been dumped into him that the excess began to dribble out and onto the alley's concrete ground.

With a sound of disgust, Männlich pushed the prostitute off of him and used a tissue in his pocket to wipe off any traces of the taint on his body. He wadded up the dirtied tissue and, crumpling some cash into it, tossed it onto the barely conscious young man. Männlich had driven deep into the city to find some sexual relief, since seeing John everyday but not being able to touch had been absolute torture on the killer's mind.

After tucking in his still hard cock into his pants, Männlich felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. Opening it, he read the text message from the Voice's number:

Be ready to move out with the target at a moment's notice. A plane ticket will be supplied to you when it is time.

With a feral and dark smile, Männlich turned and began to walk away. His carnal lust had been satisfied, and now his employer had contacted him. The hired mercenary was almost completely satisfied. Now all he had to do was get John close to him and-

"Hey asshole, you cut me short!"

Pausing in his stride, Männlich turned slowly and saw the prostitute he had just pounded raw standing up and glaring at him. Leaning against a trashcan, the nameless young man was holding in one hand the wad of cash that was his payment. Raising his eyebrow in question, Männlich remained silent.

"Don't think I don't know how many times you fucked me, ya prick!" The hooker was yelling now. "I told you, it's 150 a load for bareback, and this is barely 100 bucks! Give me the rest of the dough!"

Standing there silently, Männlich calmly reached into his back pocket, looking as if he was going for his wallet. The prostitute stepped forward, with one hand held out. Pulling his hand back into the light, the young man froze at the sight of the handgun.

"You know," Männlich whispered in the silence of the dark alley, "I can't recall the last time someone yelled at me and insulted me." He could see the beads of sweat breaking out on the boy's forehead as he was wracked with fear. It was amazing how similar yet different this hooker looked like John. But of course, Männlich would never use a gun to threaten John – he had different methods of persuasion for his boy. "But I do know this."

The prostitute took a step back, his body now shaking in fear as tears fell from his eyes. "Please sir, I didn't mean anything by it," he begged. "Here, you can have the money back." He tossed the money towards Männlich, the wrinkled money falling to the ground.

Stepping on the wad of cash with his foot, Männlich continued, "It's not about the money kid."

BANG. The body of the prostitute dropped to the ground, a bullet hole smoking in the center of his head. Spitting on his face, Männlich turned and began walking away.

"It's about respect for one's betters."

Texting back his response, Männlich began to make his way back to the university where John was. Finally he could concentrate on his goal, now that both his carnal and blood lust had been satisfied.


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