Mewt had shown them a place where they could hide out for the meantime. Princess Rachel, or Rath for short, was allowed to stay because Selene and Rouge really wanted to find out more about the people here. Plus, there was a reason Mewt had chosen the name Rath as the princess' nickname.

The place wasn't big as the palace, but according to the standards of a Noble it was decent. The only thing that the three from Mythos hated was that the place was abandoned for three months, the time when Mewt was in the neutral lands, and so the place was covered in cobwebs.

"KYAAAAAAAAAAA!" Princess Rachel screamed.

Selene came quickly, having been only one room away from her at the time. Her sword was held high, ready to attack. "What is it, your highness?" She asked, not seeing any apparent danger.

"T-that!" The princess pointed to the spider on her bed. It was bigger than those in the nation of Mythos. This one was probably a foot big.

"Oh…" Selene gave a sigh, nearly dropping her sword from disappointment. "Lemme get that for you." She walked up to it and stabbed at the spider's abdomen, quickly killing it. "There, all gone." She began to walk off carrying the spider on the tip of her blade.

"W-wait! Selene, could we switch rooms?" The princess asked sheepishly.

Selene nodded. "Sure." And with that, she went off to find a place to dispose of the spider's corpse.

Meanwhile, inside the castle of Sybek, the earth Sage came across an old newspaper article. It was worn and from the nation of Mythos, a strange thing to find in the newest edition pamphlet of My Magical Girl, a pamphlet that was popular among the guys in the nation. He sat down in his leather seat, and began to read it.

"Mythos Weekly. Lirpa 28, year of borrowing. –that was the year Her Highness' funeral-" The Sage said surprised. What was so important about this date for them? They didn't lose anyone that year.

"Ferric, where… What is that?" The lead General of Sybek asked. He was wearing the formal uniform that all of the generals wore, a short cape showing his element and shining light armor.

"It's a newspaper from Mythos. I found it in My Magical Girl." He said gaining a light blush upon saying the last bit.

"Oh. So you do read those kinds of magazines." Jinn said with a knowing look.

"Anyways, I was just about to read this and look at its date." Ferric ignored him and shoved the article in his face.

"That was the day of Her Highness' funeral, wasn't it?" Jinn asked. "What is it about?" He asked with growing curiosity.

"It was concerning Mythos' youngest daughter." Ferric simply replied, as if it was no big deal.

"I thought Princess Rachel of Mythos was an only child. Isn't she?" The general asked in disbelief. "Why wouldn't they mention her in any of their articles now? More importantly, why isn't she known at all? Her sister can't cast a shadow that long."

The sage looked over the article quickly. He was a much faster reader than most people. "She was kidnapped this day by our people." He said solemnly. "That's why we don't know anything about her."

"Wait a minute… Wasn't several of our guardians killed that day?" Jinn said, thinking back to that time. He was training with several people older than him then, aside from Gen that is.

"Yes… Out in the neutral lands…"


Mewt had gone back to the neutral lands for a few days. It was typical of her, to be in one place for a day or two then she'd be in another just as quickly as she arrived. The longest she stayed in one place was when she was with her father, the leader of their band of thieves. In the neutral lands, life was harsh. People grew cold, doing anything just to survive or get a slab of meat. The neutral lands were mostly badlands and deserts on one side the other was thick forests. It was an odd mix resulting in many different types of mages; it was also where people believed that the first mage came from, but, was corrupted by the misuse of their power. The war between the two nations, Sybek and Mythos was partially over this land. The neutral lands contained secrets that they both want to get a hold off. The other reason was the natural rivalry between elements.

Mewt placed a desert flower on the grave in front of her and got up. She combed her hair with her hand, trying to compose herself properly. In a few minutes, she would have to face their band of thieves with the news.

"Lady Mewt…" A man wearing a short brown cape called. He hesitated, unaccustomed to be in her presence in this state. The dust gathered in his hair, carried by the wind, making darkening the shade of his brown hair. He pulled his brown bandana from his side and wore it over his dusty hair. The sand was bothering him, and he had just taken a bath.

Mewt turned around and looked up at the man. "Micah, it's you." She gave a slow smile, unwilling to let anyone become worried. "Is it time already? So everyone is here?" She asked with growing enthusiasm.

"Er… Yes…" The man replied hesitating for the awkwardness of the moment. They were standing in front of their mother's grave and she was smiling. "We are all waiting for you, Thief Queen."

Mewt shook her head. "Please don't say that. Just call me Mewt. I'm still the same person. It's just that. I don't want this. Father was wrong for choosing me to do this."

"No. He wasn't. You know all of us personally, and everyone loves you, hell, we'd all give our lives for you." Micah said supportively.

"That isn't enough. The nations of Mythos and Sybek will join soon. Then both of them will come after us. We need a leader. I can't do that." Mewt protested.

Micah sighed. He knew she would never be persuaded by his sayings. "That's what you think. I, and everyone else here, thinks differently. During that time, you will emerge as the great leader you are."

"I hope you're right Micah. I hope you're right."


Inside the castle of Sybek, Prince Syris was busy waiting for his birthday ball to start. He invited everyone there, well his father did. Personally, Prince Syris had only invited his friends and the women he'd met yesterday. He knew Mewt would invite herself, that is if she wanted to come, and oddly enough, he was expecting her to come. But the ball wouldn't officially start until late that day. Morning was time for recalling his mother, the Queen's death. Deep into the night there would be many people in his castle, all of them partying, celebrating his birthday. For some reason, the people of Mythos never attacked on his birthday.

Syris adjusted his suit. It wasn't really working out with his right now. He sighed. "Why do they have to make these things so difficult to use." It was plain, and white reflecting what element that the royal house governed.

"At least you have enough money to buy one." The Captain of the Royal Guardians commented. He wasn't wearing the silly outfit anymore. His indigo robes and purple tunic and trousers were in its place again, representing his house's main element of air. "This one makes me feel all stiff."

"Where are the others?" The uncomfortable prince asked, shifting from side to side. He would be upset of they weren't here to endure the craziness of this day with him.

"Right here." Gen replied, looking behind him. "Hey, you guys!"

"Your Highness, Sir Gen." Jinn greeted formally. There were others here and in public they had to refer to them that way.

"Were you expecting us?" Ferric said with a smile. He was still a bit stunned from the information he and Jinn had just read.

'I didn't want to suffer this night alone." Syris said truthfully. He didn't have to conceal his dislike of this. Everyone knew that he hated his own parties until he actually have some fun of his own.

"Right." The three guys rolled their eyes in unison. "Did you invite the girls?"

"You don't all have to say it at once." Syris said, wiping off some invisible dirt from his sleeves. "And yes. You know everyone from the kingdom is invited at these parties, just keep your tongues in your mouths."


Back in the noble's home the citizens of Mythos were getting ready for the prince's ball. All of them wore dresses that matched their element, except for Princess Rachel who wore a dress of her opposing element. The water Sage's dress was light blue and was elegant and flowing, like her element of water. The fire guardian, wore a red and orange dress that had uneven edges along the bottom like fire itself. The princess' dress was white and simple, pure as light itself. It almost reminded her of a wedding dress.

"Princess, did Mewt ever tell you where she was going?" The water mage asked. A bit worried that she's not with them right now.

"She said she needed to take care of some things back home." Princess Rachel said, tugging onto her dress uncomfortably. "I feel like I'm already going to my wedding in this…"

The water mage laughed. "It's not bad at all, Princess. It looks terrific on you."

Her guard came into the room wearing her dress. She was uncomfortable without her blade with her, but made no comment of it as she sat down near the two. "So, Your Highness, what do you think of your future hubby now?"

Rachel blushed. "I think he will make an okay friend." She sat down, with a sigh. "I think Mewt and Syris like each other."

"And his friend?" The water mage quipped.

"Jinn?" The princess said a little too quickly. "He's okay."

"I meant Gen, and I was about to say that I think he's gay. But that works." The water mage gave a cat's smile.

"SO you like his general? Not him?" The fire mage looked amused.

Oh gawd, they'll never let it go now… The princess thought hoping for something to just come and take her away.


"Fellow thieves, we have gathered here today in memory of our dearest leader, Sir Zidane Rowan and our next leader, Lady Mewt Rowan." Micah introduced, as Mewt took in a deep breath and walked up onto the stage. There was a huge crowd of people she was going to have to talk to.

"I'm going to suck at this." She told Micah as she passed by him on her way to the podium.

"No, you're not." Micah replied with a smile.

"Good borrowing!" Mewt greeted, the crowd went wild. The beating of her heart was louder than those of the crowds. It was all she could hear, especially with all the adrenaline from excitement of being up on stage. She was infamous, loved by all of her people she had never needed the luxury of personal guards. "My father's passing brings us all great sorrow. He had united all of us, thieves and outcasts into one nation, one people. All of this was done to protect ourselves from the warring nations of Sybek and Mythos, and to preserve this land, where we all came from!" The crowd cheered once more. I think I'm getting the hang of this. Mewt thought. "But, from and attack from our enemies he passed on to a better place.

"Everyone had heard that the princess of Mythos and the prince of Sybek will marry in hopes of joining their empires in peace. We –she gulped- cannot allow this to happen. If they manage to do so, they will come after our lands once again. The years of peace of the past will be gone into a distant memory if they attack us." There were a few boos and hisses against the other nations when she mentioned them. They quieted down when Mewt continued. "Because of this, we will need a strong leader. Someone who will be able to go risk their own life for their nation like you would for your fellow thief. My father had chosen me for this job and trained me from birth to lead. My only hope is now is that I will be that leader you need."

By the time she finished, there were many cheers and a loud applause for Mewt. She smiled, and got down off the stage to where Micah was. "You did great." He told her. Mewt nodded, and then fainted in his arms. All the adrenaline that kept her there and gives her speech was gone. She was tired. Micah, with the help of her friend Michelle, brought the new thief queen to her room.