I looked out onto the city

The stadium had turned its lights off

It was just you and I

I always feel like when we're together

The cosmos and everything in it collides

We're confronted with our pasts, the uncertain present, and the distant future

What we make of it is spelled out in kissed lips and cheeks.

How I adore your insatiable flirtations

One moment you're a fairy tickling my nose

The next an angel taking me away from it all

I usually fear drowning

But I want to ride this wave with you into the sea

Where we can dance on the beaches of our love

I have visions of you quite often

I'm saddened by the fact most of the time I'm chasing after you

Sometimes you're laughing, like its a game

But sometimes you don't turn your back to me

You just flee like a villager to a coming storm of soldiers

Eventually I find you, eventually you calm down

We kiss and lay in the plush grass of someone unknown place

And all is beautiful.

Take off your coat darling

Stay a while or more

Help yourself to each and everything

I want to levitate with you like a bubble does to air, praying we don't pop

You say you've never felt like this before, and for me, its been a long time coming

I wish I had all night to spend tracing your body

A single index finger, tickling your neck and arms, ever so slowly.

Don't disappear on me darling

Don't run and hide, I have many gifts for you

I hate the silence of my phone without your voice

Your laughter feels like dancing in the rain

This is what I want to feel

You are what I want in my heart

I call you Trina for short

Just something that came across my mind

When I'm with you, I sense a romantic song in the air

Maybe a showtune or two, as you like it

I want to sing my love for you with some falsetto

Hot like a pop song

Deep like a ballad

Let's hang onto this twilight Trina

Until the morning comes.