New story!

This is like the first chapter, but it's really short, so I consider it the introduction.


"How many more outfits do you have to try on?" Sarah groaned when her best friend Coleen picked up a skirt and top from a shelf. The two girls were at the mall, hanging out with their other friends Lauren and Lizzie.

"This is the last one," Coleen said, walking over to the dressing rooms.

"That's what you said half an hour ago," Lauren whined. Coleen rolled her eyes and closed the door to the dressing room. "I'm hungry. Really, really hungry!"

"Me too. Sarah, stay here and wait for Coleen, we're going to the food court!" Lizzie said. Lauren and Lizzie ran out of the store.

Sarah sighed and sat down on a chair. The dressing room door opened, and Coleen walked out.

"Like it?" she asked. Sarah was about to reply when they heard a scream come from another dressing room. Coleen and Sarah turned to where the scream had come from. Three girls jumped up from the bench they were sitting on and ran to the dressing room door.

"Angie! Are you all right?" the oldest one called through the door. There was no answer.

"Angie?" another girl, about eight years old, called. The first girl started pounding on the door. Their other friend helped break down the door.

"She's goneā€¦" the oldest one said. Coleen and Sarah looked at each other and walked over to the three girls.

"Hey, is everything ok?" Sarah asked. The middle girl answered.

"I think our friend got kidnapped!"


This is actually a play my friends and I are doing. I'm putting it on here because I think some people might enjoy it, and so we can get some suggestions.

Oh, and the reason this story is called "Angie" is because that's the name of the girl that got kidnapped. Just thought you should know that!