It was late evening, and the funny bunny gang was lounging around in their den.

"How much is she paying us?" Jenny asked.

"She said she would pay us half of her winning money," Jazz replied, picking at a loose thread on the couch.

"And… how much is that?" Trevor wondered.

Odis waved his hand in the air. "Ask Angie. She was in the contest."

Leslie, Jenny, Odis, and Trevor strolled over to where Angie and Marie were talking.

"Angie, how much is the winning money for the contest?" Leslie asked.

Angie looked at him suspiciously. "Why?"

"Because we want to know!" Jenny replied in a 'duh' voice.

"Its $1,000. Ok, now leave me alone," Angie rolled her eyes, annoyed.

The boys' eyes got wide, and grins spread across their faces. Jenny just shrugged and went back to her stool behind her drumset.

"How much am I getting?" Marie asked.

The boys formed a circle around Jenny.

"Let's not give her too much- I want that money!" Jazz whispered.

"Two hundred?" Trevor suggested.

Leslie shook his head. "Too much."

"Fifty," Jenny said.

The others considered it for a moment before disagreeing.

"Well you don't want to give her too much, and fifty isn't really a lot…" Jenny started arguing.

"But fifty seems like too little! I mean, she is being held against her will and doing our work for us," Jazz countered.

"Ok, let's just go with one hundred," Odis settled the argument.

The group stood up straight again and turned to face Marie.

"One hundred," Odis informed Marie of their agreement.

"One fifty," Marie bargained.

"One twenty five, and that's as high as we're going," Odis said.

"Done," Marie agreed. "And… why am I doing this again?"

"Cause we threatened you," Trevor reminded her dumbly.

Marie sighed and threw her hands up. "Why did I have to agree with these idiots?" she said under her breath.

Leslie partially heard her. "Excuse me?"

Marie turned back to Angie and replied, "Nothing."


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