A small pale nose sniffed the air. The surrounding molecules shifted slightly to give the sniffer what they required.

"This way." She smiled with malice, the large man behind her followed without question.

"You've got to be kidding"

"Nope. Three vampires, all found in the apartment beneath ours. Just imagine what they could have done if not found earlier!"

Leto Nyx shook her head, "It is lucky; the White Guards are around!"

Her companion laughed in agreement, "that mentioned, I'm going to be late for the city gates! See you next week!"

She watched as her friend walked off with her cart full of homemade clothes, the result of a bad day at market. These days were tough and her friend lived in the fourth part of the city, where crime and poverty run rife.

Leto walked slowly through the market sector, not blinking an eye at the variety of people she saw, these were also interesting times, where supposed freaks of nature survived side by side.

Everything but vampires of course, they were hunted like the animals they were.

A disturbance in the surrounding crowd commanded her attention, up ahead a struggling body was being forced towards the White Guards' prison, where imprisonment was usually followed with death.

It was Leto's brother.

Their eyes found each other at the exact same time, her twin's eyes immediatly flashed a no, but she tried all the same to reach him.

"Tarquin!!" she yelled, pushing past the tightening audience.

"Leto! Stay out of this!" he struggled, trying so hard to prevent his eventual fate to be forced on her too.

She managed to reach the slipstream that was being cut for the White Guards, "Tarquin!!"

A big burly guard grabbed the scruff of her neck, "Who the hell are you?"

"I'm his sister! What's he done wrong!?" Leto pleaded.

"Sister eh? Well for a small exchange of ya, I'd be more thun willin' to let ya brother go" he chuckled menacingly.

"Leave her alone you scumbag!" Tarquin spat in the guard's face.

"Hey! Watch it toad!" he hit Tarquin in the face, who became quite still in controlled anger, "As I was sayin', how about it?"

Leto calmly watched her brothers still face, it took her seconds to decide what to do. "When and where?"

"Leto, no!" but he was hit by one of the other guards and told to keep quiet.

"Right now 'ill suit me." He grinned.

Leto held up her palms in defeat while Tarquin lowered his head.

As the large guard shackled handcuffs and led Leto away, she just kept quiet.


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