His head probably housed thousands of droplets containing sweat and dirt, but he didn't seem to be bothered. Leto knew he was worried, but hoped he couldn't see how much she was.

"You shouldn't have come." He said, hanging his head.

"I needed to." She wriggled a bit until her knees were comfy on the hard, cobbled floor, "You are my twin after all."

"I-I'm sorry about what that monster did to you."

Leto smiled sadly, "It doesn't matter, I was doing it for a good reason anyway."

The caged room went quiet. Echoes of others in other rooms came in, but the deathly silence expanded consistently between Leto and Tarquin.

Tarquin studied Leto's still face, her long silvery white hair covering a partial amount of her fear.

"Promise me you won't do anything stupid." He asked, and in the returned expression realised he'd just put the idea there. "Leto..." He warned.

"Like what?" She shrugged off, but Tarquin knew her better than to be foiled by that.


"Is he ready?"

"Yes your Majesty."

"Let's go then." He smiled. The Emperor wasn't necessarily a bad man, he kept the city safe from vampires and that in itself was an achievement... depending on who you were asking.


Anna was talking to some other women. I didn't care that much, I was too absorbed in the fact my twin was going to die in a few hours, that, and the disgusting thought of the monster's clammy fingertips clawing at my irresponsive skin.

So I tried to distract my mourning mind.

The main river here was not very clean plenty of villages nearer the source used it and we did not benefit from that fact. Our solution was to create a filtered pool leading off from it, people then came from the city to collect water.

In a way I suppose it would be strange to understand my obsession with this spot, I probably seemed like a small child here with my mother.

But that was why it was special, a place where I remembered my mother. You see our Father was in a sense a very unlucky man; he married four times, each resulting in the wife's death.

The first time was when he was young to a woman named Angelica, she gave birth to the three eldest, Ann, Jack and died in childbirth to Sorel. After that he married Caitlyn's mother, but she was found one frosty morning drained of blood next to the basket of apples she had gone out for. A Vampire murder.

Then he married Tarquin's and my mother. When I was about eight she caught Tuberculosis and died. My Father killed himself shortly after. Ann and Jack became the surrogate parents.

I stood up, something would be done, I may not be able to save Tarquin, but I could certainly avenge him.