I fancy myself a poet, a philosophic thinker, and an impartial observer to boot

I fancy myself a poet, a philosophic thinker, and an impartial observer to boot. Deep in my heart, I know that none of these things are true.

I may be able to put words together in order to make simple things beautiful and powerful, verse may feel as natural on my tongue as my Midwestern dialect, but neither of these things makes me a poet. I do not know what will, however. Only time will tell.

I am not a philosopher with grand, new ideas. There are no new ideas. Every idea that is so-called "new" is merely the repetition of an old one that had been scorned one too many times, and retreated back into the mind from which it came; now emerging from a new person's lips, being praised as the greatest thing since sliced bread! A philosopher, I am not. Nor is anyone else.

Am I an impartial observer? Hardly. No matter how much I resist, I am forced to participate in life, and inevitably, take sides. No one except for God Himself is impartial, and even then, I am not so sure. It seems to me that He is, at times, a little on-sided. This just shows that no one is exempt, especially not I.

It appears that all of my aspirations are a bit oxymoronic, or maybe just plain moronic. So then, if I know these things to be true, why do I carry on with the same foolhardy, impossible dreams?

Because I can.

What doesn't kill me will only make me ten times stronger. Id this long, weary road does take my life, then so be it. I say that a life is well lived in the pursuit of dreams.