The Seven Deadly Sins By: Katelyn Barnett

It was three in the morning.

Food was everywhere.

It took me in, swallowed me,

Like I swallowed gluttony.

I am the first deadly sin.

He wanted it.

He needed it.

I took it.

And I didn't care,

I tossed it away with greed.

I am the second deadly sin.

I'm tired.

I didn't need the sleep.

It's a bright day.

I'm scared, so I sleep.

I know if I do I will no longer see.

I sleep, rest shall I be.

Sloth has come to me.

I am the third deadly sin.

I want him.

I need her.

I know it's wrong,

Yet I ask him, tell her,

Do away with me.

His eyes are dark with lust.

I am the fourth deadly sin.

She has everything.

She has friends.

She is white,

I am green,

Green with envy.

I am the fifth deadly sin.

He is dirty,

I am clean.

He's done the same things,

Gone the same places,

As I have been.

He is, I am, blinded with pride.

I am the sixth deadly sin.

He didn't pay me,

So he will pay the price.

With what he did to me,

I will not be nice.

Steel my cold wrath.

I am the seventh deadly sin.

I am gluttony,

I am greed,

I am sloth,

I am envy,

I am pride,

I am wrath,

I am lust,

I am all that you need.

I am the tempter,

Of all seed.

I am fear.

I am Satin,

Beware of me.

The seven deadly sins are: gluttony, greed, sloth, lust, envy, pride and wrath.