An Assassin's Love


I silently crouched in the bush behind the house.

"I don't see any guards…" Teresa trailed off, "It's like it's just a regular house."

"It's anything but that, TJ," Mia snorted. "It's got to have tight security inside."

I looked through my heat sensor binoculars, scanning the house for anyone awake.

"Are they sleeping?" Mia asked.

"Yeah," I replied, "But there are some guards in the attic. They're not drunk from the looks of it. I think they're playing a game…poker, I guess."

"Who're gonna kill the targets? I think it'll take only one, but one might wake up and scream." Teresa asked, though there was an obvious answer.

"Us, of course," I snorted. "Stay and watch for the guards, okay?"

"Whatever," Teresa muttered, "But it's your turn to take watch, AD."

I smirked, then stealthily made my way to the house, with Mia right behind me. Mia took out her lock picking set and held it to the door, only to find it unlocked.

"Well that simplifies things," Mia whispered.

"Lazy idiots," I mumbled, "They forgot to lock the door. Oh well."

Mia snickered. We slowly walked up the stairs, carefully stepping over the step that creaked, and the cat. We were at the top of the staircase, looking at the many doors.

I held my watch to my mouth, "TJ?"

"Yes?" Her voice was barely a whisper.

"Which way?" I asked, "I don't want to risk any creaking doors."

"The one on the far left. I think the door is slightly open, from what I can see through the window."

"Thanks. Over."

I followed Mia to the door. Teresa was right; the door was slightly open. I could hear a light snoring coming from the door.

"They're asleep." Mia said.

"Way to say the obvious," I retorted.

We made our way to their bed. I took out my knife. I held it to the male targets' throat and pushed. The target choked, blood spilling from his mouth, before he became limp, and his eyes stopped moving. The woman didn't even stir.

"My turn!" Mia whispered. She put the silencer on her gun, and put a pillow to the woman's face.

"What the –" came the woman's muffled outburst. She didn't get to finish that sentence, for Mia had put the gun to the pillow, and fired. It was only a muffled thump.

"Let's hope they can't match the bullet to your damn gun." I said.

Mia only snorted. "As if."

"You done yet?" Teresa's voice asked.

I looked down at my watch. "Yeah, we're done. We're about to jump from the window."

"Good. We've got a math exam I need to study for."

Mia and I jumped from the window, nimbly landing on the ground. We ran to the bushes where Teresa was hiding in, and made our way to my home for the night.

Mission accomplished.

Author's Note: Good? Bad? Horribly sucky?! I know it's short now, but that's only cuz it's the prologue. Don't worry, there will be way longer chapters (I hope...) Anyway, please give me your opinion! Review! It makes me happy!