"Alright, is everyone here?" Mr. Emery asked, taking the names of everyone who was present before we boarded the plane.

I yawned slightly.

Jonathan put his hand on my shoulder.

"Ready for training?" He asked lightly.


"Our main HQ is in London," He smirked, "You didn't actually think there was going to be no training before your initiation, did you?"

"Uh…" Yeah, sadly. But we've already gone through it once, why do it again?

He chuckled.

"You'll be training for as long as we think is necessary," He assured, "But, I think you won't be that long, I guess."

"What class did you guys get?" Mia asked.

"First," Eric replied nonchalantly.

"Ah, so did we," Teresa smiled.

"How'd you afford that?" David asked, "No offense, but Alexa and Teresa don't have that much money."

"I paid for them," Mia shrugged casually, even though it was a lie. Being an assassin pays very well, just FYI.

"First class passengers, please board the plane," The flight attendant called.

"There's our cue," Eric said.

We boarded the plane in silence, sitting in our beige leather seats.

I leaned over into the seat in front of me.

"After the month in the UK," I began, "Could we take a short excursion to Germany or Italy?"

"Why?" Eric asked.

"Tokio Hotel concert," I shrugged, "I'm sure I can get tickets in no time."

"They're good," Jonathan added, "We'll see. It depends on how well you are."

I sat back in my seat, ready to take a catnap.

I put my headphones on.

"So you found your headphones," Teresa stated.

"Yeah, no thanks to you," I rolled my eyes, turning on my ipod and putting it onto full volume.

I could indistinctly hear Teresa mutter, "Prick in girl body."

I smirked.


"We're finally here," Mia sighed, stretching out her legs.

"Yeah, finally," I yawned.

We waited outside the boarding area, waiting for the rest of the grade.

"By the way," Eric began, "We've upgraded your suites."

"You hacked in, didn't you?" I rolled my eyes, "That must have been really simple."

Eric smirked.

"Wasn't really necessary, in my opinion," Mia said nonchalantly, "We hacked in for our reservation, too."


"What?" Alexa asked, "It's not like we haven't hacked into anything before."

"Like what?" David asked, amused.

"School administration," Mia shrugged, "People's stuff, Teresa's password protected journal…"

"You hacked into my journal?" I glared at her.

"I was bored."

"Okay," Mr. Providence called for our attention, "We'll now call everyone's names. Lauren Anderson, Karen Baxter, Cady Brookes…" He went on for about fifteen minutes.

"Why'd you upgrade our rooms, though?" I asked, "We had decent accommodations, last time I checked."

"We wanted your rooms next to ours," Jonathan replied, "We'll be sneaking out every night after everyone is asleep."

"Training?" I asked.


"Tonight you're only going to have written tests," Eric lowered his voice, looking around, "And a hacking session – shouldn't be a problem, though."

Jonathan handed us each a medium sized book.

"There's a PDA in there," David explained, "Most of what's on there is going to be on the tests. The rest is pure common sense."

"Shouldn't be that hard," I mused, tucking it in my carry-on bag.


"Mia! You messed with my suitcase!" I burst into her room. It was well furnished, with a simple desk, a white bed, a swivel chair, a small TV, and a small balcony. Not the best we'd had in our lifetimes, but it was decent.

Alexa came in right behind me.

"What'd you do to my stuff?" She demanded.

"Why do you think I did anything?" Mia asked innocently.

"All my normal clothes are gone!" Alexa exclaimed, "All that's left is these –"

"All black, stylish, clothes that are your style," Mia interrupted.

Alexa contemplated for a moment.

"They may be my style," She sighed, "But honestly, don't mess with my stuff again. I had my extra pair of headphones in there."

"I should have known you were going to mess with my clothes," I muttered.

"I know you like it, too." Mia shrugged, returning to packing her clothes.

"The guys want us to meet them in twenty minutes, by the way," Alexa stated.

"It's only ten," I replied, "I think we should wait till eleven and jump out of the balcony. We're only on the third floor, after all."

"They don't want to take any chances, apparently," Mia shrugged, "So hurry up, guys, and change into something nice. We want to make a good impression."

"Whatever," Alexa and I rolled our eyes.

"Well, atleast I want to," She retorted.

I changed into a dark purple shirt that reached my mid thighs, skinny jeans, and much to Mia's insistence, purple death boots – and, of course, my favorite jean jacket.

Mia was in a nice, oversized-but-still-formfitting dark blue shirt, blue jeans, and white sneakers.

We met Alexa in the hallway, who was dressed in a black long sleeved shirt, a matching leather jacket (she's big on leather, I guess), black skinny jeans and black ankle boots with buckles around it.

If you haven't noticed, we tend to wear the same colors – Mia usually wears blue, I wear purple, and Alexa wears black. Call it a habit to not color our wardrobe.

"They're downstairs," Alexa whispered, "Everyone's asleep."

I nodded, taking the elevator down.

We earned a couple stairs from the teenage staff still milling around in the lobby. As Teresa, I wasn't used to the attention on just me. As a cover, I can take anything. As me, though, let's just say I'm a little antisocial.

"You're two minutes late," Eric said, "That could have cost you if you were on a mission."

"Hn," Alexa muttered, "Where are the others?"

"Getting our car," He replied, ushering us outside.

We ended up waiting a near six minutes thirty-three seconds – not that I was counting or anything – before a black SUV rolled around.

I have to give the undercover world credit: We've got style.

Mia, Alexa, Eric, and I squished into the back seats. Mia ended up on Eric's and Alexa's laps for space.

"If you stop unexpectedly," Mia warned David, "And I fall, I will hurt you."

"I'd like to see you try," He smirked.

I examined each of the boys. David was a happy-go-lucky beach boy or something, from what I could tell, Jonathan was a quiet, sarcastic person who mostly kept to himself. It occurred to me that Eric, the brown haired, brown eyed, five foot ten boy was the smartest out of the three. How'd I know? I didn't – call it a hunch I have. He was just the quietest out of the three, and seemed to…well, I don't know. This called for further investigation.

David turned a corner, parking outside a normal building.

I'd bet my career as an assassin it was anything but that.

We filed out of the car, following them to the front door.

Jonathan took out an ID card, putting it to the door. It opened immediately and we were led indoors.

I examined the inside. It was a plain office building, with cheap gray carpeting and a small, wooden desk with blue plastic chairs and white walls. It must have been some kind of waiting room.

"What is this?" I asked curiously.

"The Saviors are undercover as a fitness gym," Jonathan explained, "A lot of people can afford it, but most of the people you'll see later are operatives. It's empty for our use, though."

We were squished into a regular black and white tiled floored elevator down to the bottom level. We took another elevator with a sign that said "Out of Service" down three more levels. Then our fingerprints were scanned (Even ours. We had a limited access, apparently), and our voices were recorded. Almost the same thing back at the Bloody Tears. I guess I underestimated the Saviors a little.

We were now in a small room with three desks, tests and pens on each one of them.

"For tonight, we're going to test you," Eric began, "Standard IQ tests, Strategy Tests, and we want to see how mentally sane you are."

So basically they just want to see if we're insane or not. That's nice.


I was already halfway through the Strategy Test. Jeez, this was a little too easy compared to what our tests were like in the training at the Bloody Tears.

What should the operative do when sighted by an assassin?

Assassin Alexa: Run like hell. Assassins kick ass. Savior Alexa: Engage in combat, kill the assassin swiftly and dispose of fingerprints.

How would you dispose of an assassin's corpse?

Assassin Alexa: Not possible. Savior Alexa: Leave it there. Just make sure you don't leave any fingerprints.

If an assassin kills its target, what is the operative to do?

AA: Leave it there and wallow in your misery. SA: Leave it where it was and dispose of any evidence that you were there. (AA: And then you can wallow in your misery.)

Blah, blah, blah. Come up with harder questions. I need the brain exercise.

This mission will be a piece of cake.

The mentality test took less than an hour. I had to fill in a bunch of little bubbles to questions like, "How do you feel about death?" or "Do you think about killing people?" or even, "Do you think people dying is amusing?"

I'm no sociopath, let's put it at that.

"I'm done," I handed my three tests to Jonathan.

"So am I," Mia agreed, "Teresa, when'd you finish?"

"Twenty minutes ago." She gave a small smirk.

"Show off," We rolled our eyes.

"So what now?" Teresa ignored us.

"Hacking session." Eric replied.


"Twenty minutes to hack into the parliament," Jonathan stated. I noticed he suddenly donned a British accent.

I had no time to think about it, because David suddenly motioned we could start.

Teresa opened the laptop given to her, typing several commands and opening UK's official website.

Teresa clicked on Government affairs, and we were taken to a log-in.

We used the first clue given to us – the Prime Minister's password key – without it, we'd be screwed.

"Okay," I began, "Now that we're in, we need to find the files."

Teresa nodded, clicking on the top secret tab.

"Code," Mia stated.

"No shit, Sherlock," I rolled my eyes.

"Eighteen minutes," David said, smirking. We ignored him. And his accent.

"We know it's got to be London's area code," Mia went on, "Or, atleast a combination of its numbers."

Teresa merely pulled out the decoder, typing the capital's area code, and waiting for it to come up with possible outcomes.

"There's that one," Teresa suggested, "That one seems the most probable."


"They're not that stupid," Mia said, "It won't be the most obvious thing."

"I don't think they'd be so stupid as to use their area code as it is," I added, "That's also too obvious."


"Is it?" Teresa asked, contemplating it.

"Fourteen minutes," Eric chimed in. Again with the accent.

"Shut up," Mia rolled her eyes, "We're trying to work here."

"I'll try it," Teresa said.


"I told you," I said simply.

"Okay, so one not so obvious, but not so complex," Teresa sighed, "Something in the middle."

We sat there, looking through scours of codes.

"Well, what about the area code backwards?" Mia suggested, "That seems 'in the middle'."

"Worth a shot…" I shrugged.

"Ten minutes," David said smugly.

"Would you shut the fuck up?" Mia snapped, "Stop it!"

There were three beeps after Teresa quickly typed the code.

"Was there a three code thing?" Mia asked worriedly.


"Now what?" Teresa inquired.

"Nothing," Eric replied.

"Get out of there before they catch on," Jonathan added.

Again I noticed the accent.

"We'll be right back," David said, "We're going to put the tests in the machine thing to measure your scores."

They left the room, leaving us in here, alone.

"You did notice the accent, did you?" I asked.

Teresa nodded, "It was a bit hard to miss, Alexa."

"David is an annoying prick," Mia rolled her eyes; "I don't think it was necessary for him to keep interrupting us."

"Nor was it smart of you to tell him to 'shut the fuck up'." I retorted.

"Couldn't help myself."

We sat in silence until the boys came back. I had a question to ask them.

"Are we leaving?" Mia yawned, "I'm tired."

"Yeah, yeah," David rolled his eyes. His accent was suddenly gone.

"Where'd the accent go?" I asked, staring intently at the three Saviors.

"Excuse me?" Jonathan cocked his head to the side. His accent was gone as well.

"You had an accent," Teresa replied, "All three of you. I'm guessing you're British, right? Considering the fact you've all got accents and your Headquarters are in London."

"Observant," Eric mused, "Well, you're right."

"No shit," I muttered.

"Come on," Jonathan said, "It's 1:35 in the morning. We'll need sleep."

"What are we going to do tomorrow?" Mia asked.

"Wake up, tour London like the American tourists we are, come back, eat, sleep," I shrugged, smirking.

"Well, you're no help."

My smirk grew.

Author's Note: Sorry I didn't update sooner. I was on a trip. Honestly, this chapter sucked.