Sealed in Summer

In a race the clock won
Dr. Seuss's hat
Rests on my shoulder now

I'll never light that ornamental candle
Still its wax drips
Seals my door shut
As many-imaged tape holds my world together

I glance at the hands on my clocks
Rings of plastic
And boards of wood

Old perfume and air freshener
A little dust
Paper bound by thread and glue

I plead with Adams now
To have written more than I realized
And I seal myself in

Teddy bear clown and
Old fish tank rocks
Pens, notebooks, paper
I seal myself in

Paint smooth and paint chipped
A flickering lamp against one steady
Files for paper and nails
Clips for hair and paper

Band-Aids and lost necklaces
A keyring to be rebuilt
Similar, not exact
I seal myself in

Relics, reminders, dust collectors
Locker magnets, a calculator, batteries and plugs
And whatnot and whatnot
Etcetera, etcetera
And I remain sealed in