Wow, okay, so there's not really much I can say. How about I put this in points, cause I feel like it?

1. I started this when I was twelve. That was a pretty long time ago.

2. This is probably my worst story to date.

3. Yet, it is also the longest. I actually have 21 chapters in my hard drive right now and 150-something pages in one big document.

4. I am still attached to this story. It is my very first, after all. So maybe, one day, I'll continue it or do a massive rewrite. But none of you probably remember it, so that doesn't really matter.

5. I have a new account, with a new story. You can search "Nalene" under authors or "Once Upon a Cliché" (yes, the accent is necessary) under stories. It's a lighthearted teen rom-com type story, so if that's not your thing, well, okay!

6. This story, though you probably already guessed, is OFFICIALLY on hiatus.

7. Sorry it took me so long to say this.

8. I'm pretty much out of things to say now.

9. I'm sorry to you all!

10. I no longer know why I numbered this.

So, yeah. I'm done.

Have a nice life!