Chapter 2: They Meet Again

"Golly," Ada thought, almost hating herself/ "I really need to learn how to say no to Sam."

For the past hour, she had been lying on her unmade bed, with a notebook and pen, tying to write down conversation ideas for the next day.

She heard a creak outside her door, and turned her head around.

Her mom was leaning against Ada's door frame, hand massaging her pregnant stomach.

Ada sighed. "Oh hi, mom."

Her mom smiled, and tilted her head to one side, allowing her soft salt 'n' pepper hair to fall to one side.

"Hmm...Let me guess. Sam again, right?"

Ada nodded, a mournful look on her face.

Her mom sighed, and walked over to at the edge of Ada's bed. She rubbed hand up and down Ada's back, and said very gently, "Honey, you know you don't like Sam the way he wants you to. And you shouldn't do something you don't want to do, or hang with someone you don't want to hang with."

Ada put her head in her hands, and groaned. "I know, I know!! It's hard to say no! I don't want to hurt him."

Her mom nodded sympathetically. "I know exactly how you feel. When I was about your age, this boy, Jacob was his name, he had a crush on me. Actually, he had had a crush on me since preschool, and he wasn't afraid to show that he had a crush on me, either. Trying to kiss me in 3rd grade, love letters all through high school, and he even asked me to the prom.." She trailed off, back in the past.

Then, she was back. "Needless to say, he finally met this girl, and he fell in love. He never bothered me again."

Ada sighed. "Yeah, but when will Sam find the right gal? Knowing Sam, that could be 5 years from now!"

Her mom stood up. "Yep, maybe, dear."

Ada looked up at her, confused. "But aren't you gonna help me figure something out?"

Her mom hid a smile, and patted Ada's brown head playfully. "Nope, you got yourself into this, you need to get yourself out of it. Besides, your father's home, and I have to start dinner."
"Oh." Ada looked back down at the notebook, with only one line filled, and sighed. "yeah, your right. But right now, I need to finish this."

Her mom smiled, and bend down for a kiss. "Good luck, honey" she said, as she left, "good luck."

Ada scrunched up her nose, then grew serious. "Thanks. I'm gonna need it. Really bad."