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Chapter One : It's Karma baby

Please don't stop the music! Music! Music! Rihanna was pumping throughout the entire house…no I take that back. Throughout the mansion. I'd say it took me fifteen minutes to get from the west side to the east side of the house. It was the party of the year, hosted by none other then Lachlan Starks. The king and captain of the rugby team at Elwood Academy- an elite private school for the rich boys of Rockwood.

So a new year was just about to start and where was I? Floating in a crowd of people that I barely even knew trying to find my boyfriend who some how managed to vanish off the face of the earth. He had dragged me along to this party because it was "fun" and he said he was going to "keep an eye on me the whole time." Well there goes that thought.

I tapped a random guy on the shoulder, "Hey, have you seen Kale Zane?"

Well that was great all I got was a dumbfounded expression before he said, "Hey babe. You're looking fine. Wait…who are you?"

Pathetic. Everyone was drunk, girls were stripping their clothes and jumping into the backyard pool and the boys were having the time of their lives. The house was crowded there was probably over a thousand people here. Lachlan's parents were on a business trip so he practically invited four different schools of his social ring to come and have a wild night.

I turned from left to right. In the left I spotted couples groping each other, if I didn't leave in half an hour it was going to turn into an orgy. (Bad image!) To the right there were half the basketball, hockey, soccer and rugby team chatting amongst each other with Paris Hilton wannabes hanging off their masculine arms.

I snapped back to reality when I realised I was suppose to be hanging off one of those arms. Where was my boyfriend?! I slipped inside and headed upstairs to check the rooms. I walked down the hallway feeling a little imbalanced as my sexy black Jimmy Choo stilettos parted from the cream white carpet after each step.

I opened a few doors and walked passed a few hearing noses that made me blush and irritated. I caught couples making out it was the last door at the end of the hallway that cause everything around me to shake. No one was actually shaking it was more like my internal body parts just wouldn't stop vibrating. I felt insecure. I felt fragile. I felt I was going to break.

What did I find? My hotshot boyfriend of eight months. The captain of the Basketball and hocky team. My first love. The one who took the virginity from my lips. What was he doing? He was half naked and on top of a giggling blonde. When he felt a slight breeze come through the room he looked up and saw me with my eyes swelling with tears and my hand clutching the doorknob tightly. I thought he would have jumped off her and ran over to me to confess that he was wrong and that he was sorry but no…I got a completely different response.

"Emma baby! Why don't you slip of that little black dress and come give me some lovin'? I'm in the mood for a wild night! What do you say babe?" Kale looked down at the girl he was on top off. She nodded and hysterically laughed.

I was speechless. I didn't know what to feel. "Well hurry up Em! Stay or go! I don't have time for you!" A tear droplet rolled down my face and brought me back to reality. I shut the door and let the tears flow as I leaned against its wooden frame.

I could hear Kale talking, "Fuck…she's gonna be pissed. But screw her. Don't worry babe she wasn't anything to me. Lets just get this party started!"

I knew I couldn't stay and break down here. I pushed myself off the door and ran to grab my belongings. I needed to get out of here.

It was cool outside and the moon was shining brightly but there were no stars in sight. I slipped on my cardigan and opened my purse. The son of a b--ch had given me his car keys. If I wasn't anything to him…who will be? Or shall I say what would be? I ran down the front steps and slipped into his most prized baby – his black H3 Hummer.

I turned the engine on and push my foot as far as the pedal could go. I keep thinking this'll teach you to mess with me. Or how Chuck Bass would say 'lets get that bitch!' Its karma baby. I smiled and drove off without having any idea of where I was heading.

Stealing his car was only apart of the adrenaline rush. It didn't make me feel any better. It was revenge that didn't even give me satisfaction. The tears still poured from my eyes. It was like a waterfall that wouldn't dry out. My mind kept flashing images of him and the happy times we had together.

Stupid mind, stupid conscious! Why don't you just leave me alone?!

It's because you don't want me too. If you want me to stop just say it.

I took my eye off the road and bent over to open glove box to grab some tissues. Then someone starting honking from behind. They wouldn't stop! I looked up and pushed my foot hard on the brakes.

I whispered. "Stop! Fudge a duck." I was about to pass a red light and hit the car in front. I hadn't noticed the traffic on the highway or the red light. What an idiot! Never take your eye off the road. I gave myself a mental slap.

I took a deep breath and exhaled. I almost forgot about the honker. I slide my window down and waved my hand out…I felt like sucha loser. The driver just flashed his lights back. I smiled. At least he wasn't giving me bullshit tonight.

I let out a sigh. I needed to get rid of the silence or i'd kill myself with depression. I turned Kale's CD player on...it started playing the CD i had given him. I can't believe he still had it! I gave it to him a month after we dated as a birthday present.

One Republic's Apologize was playing. And Ryan Tedder was right it was too late to apologise. (If he was actually going to say sorry). He kept my CD but said I was nothing. Yeap thats really reassuring.

I turned the player off and ejected the CD. I switched the radio on to 106.5 FM.

What hurts the most was being so close
and having so much to say

and watching you walk away

So... could my night get any worse? Probably. I was getting depressing love songs. Did God want me to cry more? That's when i looked up to the night sky as i waited at the next red light and screamed out, "What did I do wrong?"

That's when a cool breeze swept through the window I forgot it open and the breeze brought a shiver down my spine. Then I heard someone chuckle.

Someone shouted back with a laughing voice, "You won't brake when the lights are red and then you won't accelerate when the lights are green." I looked up. CRAP! The lights were green. What the hell was wrong with me?! Stupid Kale Zane! I felt like scratching his face from a photo or even better covering it with black permanent texta. GAH! I was going crazy!

I looked into the rear view mirror and recognized the same red car that had honked at me before. Was he following me? Sigh. Paranoid much?

I put my foot down and accelerated. I needed a dark cappuccino with two sugars and a massive chocolate brownie. I needed comfort food...badly. I took a right turn down a very familiar street. After passing a few stores i reverse parked right in front of my second lover. The Burlee Cafe.

Okay... my second lover. All we did was meet each other about three times a week in the back corner where i would be so anxious waiting for him to arrive. And when he did i couldn't resist but to inhale his aroma...irresistible! And in two minutes he was gone and i was left with his best friend. None other then Frownie. I couldn't decide whether the beautifully sliced chocolate in front of me was a brownie or a slice of fudge so i settled for 'frownie'. Pretty catchy ay?

I slipped out from the car seat and locked the car door. Slightly over dressed for coffee but who cares. I needed to see my baby. When i pushed the door open the bells rung and Antonio the owner glided towards me. Antonio was a cute old Italian man who let me remind you.. made the best damn coffee EVER! As i walked further forward I noticed that the lights of the cafe were dimmed and a slow guitar melody was setting the relaxing atmosphere.

"Emma, my dear why are you here so late? You couldn't wait until tomorrow for someone coffee ay?" He said with his Italian accent. I gave him a kiss on both sides of his cheek.

"Do you want your usual seat at the back?" I nodded. It was the best seat. No one could interrupt when i was with my coffee because i couldn't see anyone coming in and no one could see me. As i slid into the booth i leant against the soft cushion surface. I shut my eyes and let the aroma of caffeine flow through my body.

"Dear..." i opened my eyes. Oops. Nearly dozed off there. "Would you like the usual?" I smiled and nodded. He stroke my cheek and said, "Even beautiful when she cries. No more tears from those beautiful hazelnut eyes or i shall start to cry too!" I smiled again. "Promise?" I nodded.

No words seemed to be able to come out from my mouth. Besides my fat puffy eyes and tomato lips Antonio was able to figure out that I wasn't my usual bubbly self. My mouth was usually open. I never ran out of things to say, i guess the quietness caught him off guard. But i was grateful that he didn't ask any questions. I let one last tear role down my face before i wiped it away with the palm of my hand. I took in a deep breath.

I opened my clutch and grabbed out my phone. I was flipping my mobile so that it opened and closed. After five flips i noticed that my background was set with a photo of Kale and I at last year's bonfire Christmas party. He was kissing my cheek when I had quickly snapped the photo. While I was reminiscing I had slipped my hand and touched my cheek. It felt cold. No tingling sensation anymore. No quick heart beats. My eyes were burning with fury.

I slipped my hand down and immediately changed my phone background. I had no other images except those of Kale and I. I deleted all of them and decided the only picture suitable for my background was the preset animation of a frog. The frog...not too good-looking. It didn't look like prince charming material but oh well. It was better then that bastard.

I flipped it closed again when i was startled by its vibration I nearly jumped. The message ring tone went off. I'm sending you and sms. It had a good beat but before I embarrassed myself more i flipped the phone open and read the text.

It was from Claire, my younger sister.

Where r u Em? It's nearly eleven. Dad's gonna go skitz and then Jer is going to shoot Kale if you don't get home soon.

Shoot. That coffee better hurry up. I don't want a take away!

Hey bubs. I'm at Antonio's. I'll be home in ten okay? Tell Jer to go to hell and that i love him long time. haha

Jer, short for Jeremy was my older brother. The over protective sort who wants to know who I'm with and where I am every single minute of the day. I love him to bits but he was a bit of an obsessed overprotective brother.

By the time i had pressed the send button my baby was brought over. Antonio waited as i took a sip. "Antonio." I said in a serious voice. "This is the bestest coffee on the planet of mankind! Every-time i order one it just seems to get better and better. Thanks Antonio. You the man!" I lifted my palm up and he came me a hi-5.

Antonio was rubbing his stomach as he laughed. "I just hope this takes your mind off whatever it is that you're upset about. I only make the best because you're smile brings life to my coffee beans. It won't be the same if you smile isn't there."

I smiled. "Aww Antonio! I'll never forget!" We recited the next lines together, "No coffee is good coffee unless you make it with love. To represent your love you must think of the person you love. Think of their smile and all will be good."

He patted my shoulder and said, "My little protégé." Then he walked off to welcome the customers that had just entered.

I skulled the warm coffee down my throat. All my worries disappeared for two minutes. Kale was gone. My heart didn't feel broken. It was just me, the coffee and the oversized frownie. I stuffed the frownie down my throat. I felt the chocolate all over my face. But it was chocolate who cares... save it for later. I laughed at myself inside. I stopped when i heard a laugh that i recognized.

It wasn't an ugly laugh. Not too loud or obnoxious or muddled. It was kinda...nice. Then it clicked. I guess my brain cells hadn't died yet. The laugh belonged to the person that had honked at me over five times. I looked from left to right then did a 360 degree turn. There wasn't that many people in the cafe and the people that were there were all deep in conversation. I had no idea who it was...maybe it was just my imagination. But the laugh continued. No one could possibly see me and my chocolate face.. because i couldn't see anyone.

I guess my seat wasn't so perfect after all because I tilted my heads upwards and saw someone looking down at me with a massive grin on their face. I was sitting directly under the ceiling light so i couldn't identity my laughers face.

"Fudge..." i said under my breath. I grabbed ten napkins in one go and wiped all the chocolate I could find off my face. I didn't have time for this. Who cares that someone saw my chocolate face. Who cares that my face was the size of a balloon from crying. Time to leave. I stood up just when Antonio came over again and handed me a box filled with frownies.

He smiled at me, "Nothing better then comfort food ey? I know my little Emma too well." I slid out of the booth and kissed him on the cheek. I was about to take out some money when he held my hand and said, "On the house. Go home safely and get some rest."

He was so adorable i just wanted to squeeze his cheeks! "Thank you Antonio. You and Maria have a goodnight." I headed for the door but before i left i glanced up to see who my secret honker and laugher was but he seemed to have disappeared. Guess it wasn't my night at all.

When i left Antonio's i looked at the black Hummer. What was i going to do with it? I had my own car. I didn't need another memory of Kale. I kicked the car and my stiletto squeaked against its side. My poor Jimmy Choo's! I forgot I wore them to the party! Shit!

Then that chuckle came again. At first it was cute but now it was just annoying me. It was like trying to find your shadow when all the lights were turned off! Screw the sexy laugh I had to get home.

I stepped onto the sidewalk only landing on the heel that i had kicked the car with. The heel had broken. Crap! I didn't even know, it felt fine two seconds ago. I felt my weight move forward and my arms reaching out to protect my head from crashing with the ground. Right before i touched the ground I felt a warm pair of arms wrap me around my waist. They pulled me back into an upright position.

I let out a quiet shriek. When i was standing up again slightly lopsided I was able to face my saviour. Whilst turning around I said, "Hey. Thanks for that. I would've been a gonna without ..." When i made eye contact with him i was speechless. It wasn't the first time that a guy had this affect on me. His eyes were a mix of blue and brown. A kind of mixed grey. They were glistening as if the light from the stars were reflecting off them. I could see the smile in his eyes before I broke eye contact and saw that same grin i had seen in the cafe.


He chuckled again. "Well, nice to meet you too." The words rolled off his tongue like honey. They were like soft music to my ears. He had the perfect mysterious deep voice that was simply irresistible.

I snapped back into reality. I could tell he knew i was off in another planet because he was still smiling at me. "Oh...sorry. Thanks again...for you know preventing me from making a fool of myself...again." I started to ramble. I was nervous! Who wouldn't be when they were standing in front of a spilt image of Orlando Bloom and Chace Crawford?

"Nice to meet you too by the way." I mumbled.

"It was no problem." He smiled. Damn him and the gorgeous smile. I couldn't look anymore or i'd start drooling. So i looked down at my Jimmy Choo's.

"Ahh crap." I didn't say that out loud did i ?

My saviour frowned and followed my eyes down to my shoes, "Jimmy Choo's?"

I glanced up surprised, "Yes...my favourite too." I sighed.

I waddled lopsided over to the bench that was in front of The Burlee Cafe. To my surprise again he sat down besides me. I remained silent as i started to bend over to unbuckle the straps. But when i bent over my little black dress began riding up. Shit. It was revealing more then necessary for someone sitting on a side walk bench.

I sat back up and started to tangle my shoes around each other. I tried to push the straps down with the end of one of the heels. Just when i was about to succeed a warm hand touched my foot. The mysterious laugher had lifted both my legs onto his lap and began to unbuckle my shoes for me.

I was in shock. I just starred at him.

"You looked like you were in some trouble...I hope you don't mind?" He said still concentrating on the buckles.

"Thanks..." I whispered. About two minutes passed before i slipped my legs off his lap and left them dangling off the bench. Yes...i was slightly short compared to the average female - the reason for the high stilettos.

I stood up and grabbed the shoes from the bench and threw them into the bin. No point in wearing them again. I'll just have to buy a new pair later. I still felt his gaze on me. I think he was a bit surprised i had thrown Jimmy Choo's into the bin.

I turned around and thanked him and said goodbye. Ten minutes had passed a long long time ago. Man my parents were going to lecture me...even worse Jeremy was not going to let me sleep in peace tonight.

I headed barefoot over to the car. I climbed into the Hummer, put the keys into the ignition. What am i going to do with you now?

Right before i pushed down on the pedal a voice yelled out to me, "Drive home safely. Don't forget about the traffic lights." I honked and heard him laugh as i drove off.

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