Chapter 17: Finale.

Emma POV:

I kissed him on this left cheek… I kissed his right cheek…then I kissed his lips.

An eruption of whistles and woooots surrounded the school cafeteria. Dave whistled loud and clearly into Aiden's ear as he plopped himself down on the chair next to him.

Aiden cover Daves' face with his right hand as he used his left hand to raise my chin and landed a kiss on my lips in return.

'Get a room people!' Dave wailed. 'We're not all lucky like you two love birds!'

I crackled and Aiden slapped Dave across the head.

I glanced up to try and find Jeremy. But since he seemed to have disappeared I guess he was kicking his plan into action.

What on earth am I talking about? Well today's mission name is: Capture Alanna.

'Hey, it's time.' I whispered into Aiden's ear.

In a deep voice he said, 'I love it when you do that ... whisper in my ear. Such a turn on.' I laughed as I slapped him.

'Come on, let's go.' Aiden nodded and we left the cafeteria.

We rushed to the administration office and slipped the old man a twenty dollar note, as he gave us access to the schools microphone system.

'Attention! Attention! Alanna Bennett please head to the soccer field. Attention Alanna Bennett you are required on the soccer field!' Aiden tried his best authoritative voice. Everything was going as planned.

We rushed from the room down to the soccer field where a large crowd had gathered. Everyone was curious about what was going on.

Alanna rushed over to me which furrowed eyebrows, 'Em, what's going on?'

'Do you trust me?' Alanna nodded.'Okay, then trust me now.'

I grabbed a piece of ribbon from my pocket and blindfolded her. I lead her through the crowd towards the centre. Where, yours truly, Jeremy was waiting.

I gave him a wink as he smirked at me. I handed Alanna over to him.

He held her hand, then moved his hand slowly to her face. He cupped her small face in his hands and gently kissed her on the lips. And once again the crowd erupted in whistles and claps.

Alanna reached up to remove her blindfold but Jeremy was too fast and grabbed her hand.

Then with the softest and most caring tone I've ever head my brother use, he said, 'I'm sorry Al. But I love you.'

He let her hand go and she pulled the blindfold in a flash. As she faced him I saw the anger in her eyes...she felt cheated...but then...

Jeremy spoke again, 'I'm sorry I've been scared. I'm sorry I'm a coward. I'm sorry I didn't do this sooner. I promise i won't hurt you. I promise I won't look at anyone else...because you're the only girl in the world that makes my heart beat fast and slow at the same time.'

I chuckled slightly as he stole my words from last night as we planned today's events.

Alanna's expression softened, 'Took you long enough.' And with all her might she pushed his chest as she turned away.

Jer didn't even stumbled but quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her gently on the forehead.

Al smiled and out of no where she kissed him on the lips.

Everyone screamed and Jeremy was laughing and smiling. Mission Complete.

Aiden crept up behind me and gave me a back hug. He turned his head and kissed me on the cheek.

'Ahemm...' someone cleared their throat. We both turned to see who it was.

It was none other than Mr Will Nicholson. Aiden and I turned back to the direction we were facing.

'Ahemm...' Will cleared his throat again.

'You sick Nicholson?' Aiden said still facing away from Will.

'Hi Emma.' Will said with a smile. I turned and smiled back.

Aiden's lips moved close to my ear, then he whispered, 'Did you just smile at him in front of me?'

I rolled my eyes and giggled. I turned around and wrapped my arms around his neck. I smiled and on my tippy toes I lent forward and gave him a proper kiss. Not a short and bittersweet one. Not a I like you and you like me back one. But one that meant you're mine and i love you.

I broke away, 'Feeling less jealous now?' Aiden with his eyes still closed nodded and lent forward to kiss me again. But I pushed him away and turned back around.

'Aww come on Em...' I laughed and stayed put.

I turned to Will...whose jaw seem to have fallen off.

'Close you're mouth Will...otherwise you might catch some flies.' I laughed.

'As you can see bro - she's taken.' Aiden said with full confidence. 'And from what i've heard, she doesn't like guys who eat salad or someone who cleans her cutlery.' Aiden smirked, grabbed my hand and walked us away from Will and the crowd back to the school building.

'You bully.' I turned and said to Aiden.

'You're a bully.' I dropped my jaw and had a 'what are you on about' expression on my face. 'How could you do that to that poor boy whose probably never been kissed before. Don't you pity him?'

I glared at him, 'Do you want me to never kiss you again?' And skipped away from him.

'No! No! No! Come back!' He ran after me and intertwined his fingers into mine. 'Okay muffin you win.'

'That's right.' I stuck my tongue out.

Aiden's POV

It'd been a while since I took Emma out on a proper date. And after Jeremy's event today I thought it was best to kick in my own charming skills.

I drove up to the all too familiar drive way and glided up the walk way. I rang the doorbell hiding the bouquet of roses behind my back.

I heard Emma fumbling with the key as she unlocked the door. And before she could see me I pulled out the roses from behind my back.

She smiled and took them in her arms. 'They're beautiful, thanks baby.'

I rewound the scene in my mind. Where's the screaming? The shed of a touching tear? A kiss? Nothing?

'Ahem.' I cleared my throat. 'Well that wasn't the outcome i hoped for.'

She chuckled, 'You always get me flowers and I love that! Where you expecting me to shriek?'


She laughed, 'you have to spice this up Mister.' She turned around and headed for the kitchen. I suspect to put the flowers in some water.

I followed her in. Then finally I noticed what she was wearing.

'The dates cancelled.'

She immediately spun around. 'What? Why? Are you sulking!?'

'Are you seriously wearing that out?'

She glanced down at her outfit and then nodded.

'That skirt is way to short and that top is just way too...'I was nearly lost for words.

'Where the hell are you looking?' Jeremy appeared from no where and slapped me over the head.

Then Jeremy turned to look at Emma's outfit. 'You're grounded.'

'WHAT? Why?!'

'I'm with Aiden on this one.' Jeremy flatly replied.

'After all i've done for you today ... betrayal!' Emma teased. 'Fine. Fine. Take 5.' As Emma turned to go up stairs I gave Jeremy a high-5. From the corner of my eyes I saw Emma laugh quietly.

5 minutes passed...then 10 minutes passed...What was taking her so long?

I went up and knocked on her door. But like always she had music pumping way to loud. This time Taio Cruz's Higher was coming from underneath the door.

I sighed and under my breath I said,' What am i going to do with you...'

I swung the door open, 'Em..' She shrieked. '-ma.'

She grabbed her lamp post and tried to cover herself. I abruptly turned my back to her. I chuckled and remembered the last time this happened. She was caught in her lingerie again. Not that I'm saying this is a bad thing.

I heard her laugh and knew that she was thinking of the same moment i was. 'You pervert.' She said. 'Just couldn't wait another 5 minutes could you.'

I starting walking backwards towards her. 'What on EARTH do you think you're doing! Stay there! Don't move.' She yelped.

' Stop it. Don't even think about taking another step! I'll throw this lamp at you!'

I teased, 'I want you too.'

'I'll scream for Jeremy! Jer...' I turned around and ran over to cover her mouth.

Her eyes widened and I felt the goosebumps forming on her. I bent behind her and grabbed a jacket she had thrown on the ground. And trying my best not to look I wrapped it around her.

I softly kissed her forehead and whispered, 'Five more minutes.' Then turned and left the room.

Emma's POV

Such...a...pervert. But an adorable one. After freezing for at least a minute...never feeling so naked and bare in my life I returned to reality. Forgetting to be picky I grabbed a black cotton dress and slipped it on.

I added patent Tony Bianco heels and let my hair out from its bun. I looked at myself in my full length mirror and without thinking about it a smile of happiness crept on my face.

I stumbled down the stairs and my eyes caught Aiden's. I quickly blushed after what happened. The fact that he still made me blush made me smile inside.

'That's better.' He smiled. And reached for my hand as I reached the last step.

'What's planned for tonight?' I asked.

'Dinner at my place.'

'You cooking?' He nodded. 'Ooo i should set my standards pretty high tonight then.'

He opened the car door for me like always. I sat comfortable in the too familiar red Jaguar of his.

He started the engine and with his cheesy ways grabbed my hand and wrapped his hand in it and placed it near the gears.

I lifted our clutched hands and kissed his hand. He smiled and kept on driving.

As soon as we made it to his place I ran up to his room. I missed seeing his childish side. Missed seeing the star war's life savers, the Donald Duck sitting in the corner and the little action figurines.

'I'll call you when I ready.' He yelled from downstairs.

'Okay!' I replied.

I sat on his bed and glanced around. I stood up when something caught my eye. I moved over to his desk and lifted a picture.

There I was leaning against his shoulder as we both smiled together. I turned the glass frame around and saw that there was writing on the back.

I moved it closer, 'Forever mine Aiden Yates,' was written in a child's writing with a loveheart around it. There was a line drawn to another loveheart, 'Forever mine Emma Christensen.'

I clutched the frame to my chest and smiled.

I placed the frame back down and picked up a small box placed next to the frame. I opened it and gasped. There were two matching rings. I picked one up and slide it on my third finger. It fitted perfectly. I wonder how he knew which size to get...

I twisted the ring around and and around when I felt something engraved onto it. I looked down carefully and just like the photo the words 'Forever Mine' was engraved around it.

I smiled. Instead of returning the ring back to its place I kept it on. I returned to his bed with the matching ring in my hand. I stood back up after noticing that I had sat on something. I pulled out his work shirt.

I clutched it in my hands and after quietly sitting their I stood up and closed the door. I changed out of my dress into his work shirt. With his tall statue and muscular arms the shirt was like a dress on me.

I looked at myself in the mirror. Well this is a bit unexpectedly of you Emma. The Miss Conservative is changing her ways? I love him and he loves me. It didn't feel right, it didn't feel wrong, it's what my heart was beating for and my mind wasn't telling

I slipped the ring into the shirt pocket, grabbed his tie and waited for him to call.

'Emma! Everything's ready come on down.' I smiled as I stayed silent in his room.

'Emma! Emma! Don't tell me you've fallen asleep.' I heard him take his shoes off as he slowly made his way up the stairs.

'Emma! Em?' He called again.

He swung the door open and I wrapped his tie around his neck. Embarrassed I giggled.

'Wha-what are you doing?' He raised an eyebrow.

'Shh..' I said and placed a finger over his lips.

I kicked the door close and pulled him towards me as I walked over to the bed.

'Din-ners going to go cw-old.' He muttered with my finger still on his lips.

I shook my head, 'Later.'

I pushed him back and he fell onto the bed. He's eyes widened as I sat on top on him.

'Em...' He whispered.

I spread my fingers in front of him and when he saw the ring his eye's widened. I smiled devilishly. I reached for his hand and slipped the ring onto his finger.

I kissed his hand, then let forward and kissed him on his soft lips.

'Em...' He whispered again.

'Mmm...' I murmured.

'Are you sure?' He asked. I looked up at him and saw the caution in his eyes. I nodded slowly. Then his eyes changed. They smiled back and glistened with what I haven't seen before.

Care - without words. Happiness - without words. Love - without words all in one.

I lent forward to kiss him but with his arm around my waist he sat up and lifted my chin again and kissed me. Fast. Slow. Passionately.

He unbuttoned my shirt as I pulled his t-shirt off. His lips moved from my lips slowly down my neck and then everywhere.

With my legs crossed around his waist, I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him. We broke away for a moment and I smiled at him and murmured, 'Forever mine.'

Aiden smiled back. He hugged me tightly then pecked my cheek. His lips moved to my ear and with his droolable voice he said, 'I love you too.'

A cool breeze passed through the room and woke me up, as goosebumps formed on my skin.

I tried to lift my arm to rub my eyes but I was tightly held down by someone. I blinked a few times before I realised that I was facing a bare chest. My eyes widened. I looked down at my own attire and noticed that I had a superman t-shirt on. Phew.

I felt his warm breath on the top of my head. Then reality hit me. I tried to move but he only grabbed me tighter and pulled me closer to his chest.

I rolled my eyes. Typical Aiden. I tried blowing cold air on to his chest but I could feel his smile on my head.

'Morning sunshine.' He groaned.

'Morning.' I murmured, feeling extremely embarrassed by last nights events.

He let go of the tight hug to scratch his head with one hand. It was perfect timing for me to jump up and run.

Just as I was about to spring he caught back onto me.

'And where do you think you're going missy?' He teased.

'Home...Jeremy's going to KILL me.'

'No he isn't...and why? Because I called him last night...saying that you felt unwell and had fallen asleep.' He chuckled, self praising himself.

I smiled. I moved closer towards him, 'Aiden...'

'Mmm...'he muttered.

'After everything that's happened...the good...the bad...everything is perfect now because ...unexpectedly...I have you.'

I lent closer to his chest and I could hear his heart. Thump. Thump...thump...thump. thump. thump. It was beating faster and then slower at the same time.

Without any words he kissed my forehead and that was all I needed.


Thank you so much for reading all this time. It took me at least 2 years to finish this. And I'm sorry to everyone who read but never got to see the end! Thanks to a reader who motivated me I hope you enjoyed the last installment...which i must say is out of my usual PG rated style of writing hahah. Thank you!

xoxo Wrightersgirl.