I live for what I haven't got

It's just the way I am

I walk the hallways of this life saying the same things over and over

Usually something about love, and being sorry

But nobody cares

No one ever cares enough to forgive me

Even though I forgive everyone

Its the good Christian man in me.

I live for what I believe in

People and things

Those objects that disappoint you, when its all said and done

There's something about them though

I just can't get enough

Just living in a moment

But falling forever, more than a scraped knee.

I understand things

But no one understands me

They paint pictures of egos

"You're the victim"

When there's so much more to me than that

No one gets it

No one takes the time to know me

It's easier to just paint me in my past.

I build with the tools I have

But its barely enough to build a bridge

No homes, no comfy couches

Just rough and tumble wooden benches

Cold doghouses in winter

I don't build anything worth a single merit

And all that I had is now burnt to the ground

If arrogance and deceit were fire

I'd be the victim of many arsons.

I try to figure out delicate psyches

But what sense is there in that?

I understand children better than I do young women

Perhaps its because children are real, and they are not

I've never met a child with the intention of breaking a heart

Using people who love to love

No, children just smile, and brighten your day

Young women steal the sun from you

They want you to wilt, and perhaps die

Some are morbid that way.

I die by what I love

I love you

I love her

I love everyone

It's just sad to feel like no one gives a damn

Its heartbreaking to feel unlovable


Yeah, that sounds about right.