"I'm Pregnant."

It was night when my mother sat down to talk with my sister. My mother was looking like she was either ready to kill or that she was deadly calm. It was hard to tell since I wasn't the one about to get lectured. My sister took in a breath and finally said the words that we were all thinking, "I'm pregnant."

My mother just let out the breath that she was holding. I think that we all sort of knew that she was pregnant because she was always moody and get was gaining a little weight. Later on after everyone calmed down, she told us that she was afraid to tell us because she thought that our mother would throw her out. My mother assured her that she would never toss her daughter out on the street just because she was pregnant.

"Money will be tighter then usual," my mother said in a grim voice, "but we can probably make it," she finished after a while. We all looked at her and knew that we were already having money problems with her not working and just babysitting some little kids. My older sister was helping with the bills already.

The next day my mother told us that, we were going to the store to get my sister the right kind of prenatal pills for her to take. The ride to the store was just like any other, quiet and the usual comment about the song on the radio and my older sister singing along to some of the songs in her nonmusical voice. The road was as bouncy as usual and nothing really changed beside the growing thing in my sister's stomach.

Wal-Mart was crowded with families and crying babies that I distinctly remembered because I thought, 'I'm going to be living with one of those in a few months'. I grew angry at my sister for making life even harder on us but it quickly disappeared when I realized how selfish I was being. Waving through the crowds of the filled store, we came to the health section. My mother told us to fan out and look for the pills. I didn't know what they looked like so I didn't really look. My mother found them and we went on to get food for the week.

On the ride home, it was quiet as usual, just like before. Climbing out of the car we made our way into the house. My pregnant sister went upstairs to her room and I followed to go to mine. I listened to her move around her large room before turning on some music because the sounds of her moving got annoying. I heard a knock on my door and then it opening to show my sister.

"So, what do you think about it?" she asked walking into my room and closing the door behind her.

"I don't know," I said in a half lie and a half telling the truth.

We sat there, not talking to one another and I finally turned off my music and turned to her.

"So what do you think you're going to have?" I asked crossing my legs in my chair and folding my hands in my lap. She shrugged and leaned back on her arms. It was quiet again and I sighed. She just stood up and said that she was going downstairs. I watched her leave before turning back to my computer to check my e-mail.

6 months later, we were at the hospital. Months of her annoyingness, my mother complaining about how immature she was being and how she sometimes hated it. Months of my sister's random emotions and drama all came down to one day. November 12, 2007, the day that my nephew was born.

I wasn't angry anymore but relived that it was over and we can go back to peace and harmony that we didn't really have but it was better then the tears and yelling that went on in the past months. I could relax my mind and stop being a therapist to the family and just cool off.

My sister went through an emotional time again with the depression and it seemed like we were back in the pregnant days. Even though Michael, my nephew laid in his bed sleeping. I just really hope that until I move out and away that my sister never even utters the words, "I'm pregnant" again.