May, 02, 2008

Dear Editor,

Abortion laws are something that Americans fight over continuously. Some people believe that there shouldn't be any laws and that if the woman decides to not want the baby that she can chose to abort it. Many other people say that the baby growing inside the woman is a living thing and that it has a right as any other living thing. Abortion laws are there for a reason, just like seat belt laws and drinking laws. Babies have a chance to live; there are other options then aborting the baby.

A baby is a living human being, if being a human means having a heart. A baby has a heart beat when it is twenty-one days, or when the woman misses her menstrual period. By forty days the baby has brain waves and in fact a human being. An abortion can only happen in the first three months of a pregnancy. By then the baby has a heart, a brain, and other many functioning parts. The baby is just inside another human and isn't literally on earth. A baby is a future child who is a future leader of the new generation.

Many people argue about what if the person was a victim of a sexual attack. The child isn't at fault. The unborn baby deserves a chance to live. There are many other options, like adoption. Many people in the world cannot have children and would gladly take the child with a no-string attached contract. There is another argument about if the unborn child is at risk of a mental disability. There is special doctor that can help the parent get through the shock of a mental disability baby.

One of the many things that people are saying is that they are "too-young" to have children. A baby just doesn't pop up out of nowhere. There is something in the middle that happens to make a baby. If they are not ready to deal with the results of doing "grown-up" things, they should not being doing things that would cause a baby to happen. There are plenty of other things that a teenager can do besides just getting rid of the child. There is adoption or letting the parents of the teen get custody of the child. It isn't the baby's fault because they slipped up on their "one-night stand" or with their "loved one".

There are also cases to where the man is that want that wants the abortion to take place because they aren't ready to take care of someone else. They would charm or force their girlfriend/wife into getting one because they aren't ready. Men have just the right to the baby as a woman does, if it the other way around and the woman wanted one then the man should have a say in the matter also. It's just wrong to kill someone else's baby.

A/N: I hate this paper.