Hey Jude

5th hour Exam

June 4, 2008

Hey Jude

I could hear my mother's fast heart beat even though I was on the other side of the room from her. My father and she haven't been getting along for almost a year now. I sat at the top of the stairs, waiting for the bad news that caused my father to send me to bed early. I could picture how my mother would react, her usual bright and cheery face would fall and pale like the moon, her bright blue eyes would dim to a pale gray, and shining clear silver tears would start to fall. I think I can handle whatever he has coming.

"I'm leaving," my father said with a straight face. My mother bit her lip and just stared at him, as if she is waiting for him to say, "I'm just kidding you".

"Where are you going?" my mother said letting go of her now bright red lip.

"I don't know," he said truthfully and continued, "Probably go around America and sight see or something."

"What about Jude?" my mother asked looking more downwards now.

"I'll tell her in the morning," my father said now not looking at my mother. I couldn't hear or see it but there it was, the first tear hitting our hard wood living room floor.

I moved to my room and crawled under my bed, the place where I felt the safest, and waited until morning to come out. I didn't cry, I couldn't cry. I had to be strong for my mother and keep our family together, even if we wouldn't have dad around anymore.

When my father told me that he is leaving, his face got flush and he started to explain that it wasn't my fault and that he would come and visit me. All I could do was stare at him and smile and reply with a, "Have a nice trip." I could tell he was about to start crying because his eyes glossed over and he was holding his breath. He nodded at me and called me a big girl, even though I'm sixteen and not a five year old who needs someone to tell me that.

I could tell that my mother was in shock by the look on her face. I excused myself and stood up to go upstairs to get ready for school. I could almost feel the dry on my cheeks where the tears should be as I walked slowly up the stair, still pretending that he leaving wasn't bothering me. Just call me Judith Lee Maxwell, the rock.

My friends kept glancing at like I was a time bomb about to explode. By the fifth sneaky glance, I got angry and snapped a look at them.

"What is it?" I asked angrily.

"We were just wondering is anything is wrong," Anthony said quietly. He is a small boy with a wide smile and wild hair. He was the quietest in our group but like the rest of us, if you get him going then he'll never shut up.

"Nothing is wrong," I said more calmly now.

He nodded at me and turned around in his seat to copy the notes of the board that the teacher left for us. My other friends begin to slowly turn their stares somewhere else and left me alone for the time being. I let out a sigh and slumped down in my chair waiting for the class to end.

I walked down the hallway to my next class and hoped that no one else would ask me what's wrong. After a while, it starts to get annoying. The halls started to clear out and I started to move slower. Going to class would just make other people ask me what's wrong again. I sighed and turned down a hallway that doesn't lead to my class but to the 'smoking lot' that all the class skippers go. I don't even smoke but I'm thinking that this is a good time to start.

I pushed open the door and coughed a bit when a cloud of smoke hit me in the face.

"Hey Jude," a guy said laughing a bit afterwards. I looked at him, seeing that he was the only one in here. He was pale, dark hair with pale eyes and a cigarette in between his long fingers. I recognized him from my English class from last year and smiled at him. He patted the spot next to him and smiled back at me. He pulled an earphone out of his ear when I plopped down next to him.

I can't even remember his name but he handed the earphone out to me and pulled his iPod out of his pocket and started to look through the songs. He turned and looked at me until I finally put the earphone in my ear. He grinned and continued to look at me then scooted closer.

"You look like your having a bad day so I think you deserve to listen to your song," he said smoothly then pushing a button and lifting the cigarette to his lips at the same time.

I waited for the song to play and laughed a little when The Beatles song "Hey Jude" came through the earphone. The guy next to me started to tap his finger to the beat and even started to hum with it. I shook my head at him and watched him act like he was playing the guitar.

"Feel better," he said putting his iPod down and bringing up a hand to my face. I went to move away but he brushed a tear from my cheek before I could. "Because you look better now," he said with a smile.

"Thank you," I whispered and looked down.

"Anytime," he said leaning back against the wall behind us.


A/N: I got a A on this and was told that it was vary good and that I should go into writing. Good thing I plan on being an author.