How to Procrastinate

Procrastination is something that everyone does. It means to delay something, or put it off for another day and then another day. Procrastination happens to the best of us and it comes naturally. There are many things to procrastinate with, like homework, working, or writing something. There are many steps to how procrastination can actually happen.

Step One:

Find something to procrastinate about. Let's use the example as homework for an English class. The class is studying Hamlet and there is a questionnaire about the play that is for homework and it is due the next day for at least twenty points. The students' needs it turned in by the time class starts the next day or they get five points taken off.

Step Two:

Bill, the student, has to think about the homework for at least ten minutes. He has to look over the paper at least once before putting it down and saying, "I'll do that in a minute." There has to be something that is suddenly more important then the homework. Example would be to get a drink before doing the homework.

Step Three:

After Bill gets his beverage, he would make his way back to the homework and decide on a time of that day to do it. Six o'clock seems like a good time to do homework; he decides and goes off to do something else. During this time between the nothing to do and the time to do homework other things would happen.

Step Four:

Bill has to do his chores, example would be, and do the dishes, fold the laundry, sweep and mop the kitchen. He would find something else to do and set a time before his parents got home before doing all of those things. He decides to watch TV until his set time to do his work.

Step Five

Bill will keep putting off his house work by actually doing part of his homework then puts the rest for later on that night and goes back to watching TV. Bill will do other things to keep putting off the house work and his homework. He will go on the computer and look up useless things, like how to say 'Stud Muffin' in German, which is 'Bolzen-Muffin'.

Step Six

Bill feeling completely bored and does one question for his homework before wanting to go outside to toss a ball around before the time of his homework and housework would finally come. Another hour until his destined time to do his work. Bill plays with the dog and does other times before heading back inside to watch TV.

Step Seven

Bill watched TV until it was six at night when he said he would do his chores. He looks at the clock and decides that he will finish would he is watching first before going to do his chores. Like any procrastinator, Bill will continue to push time until finally his parents arrive home.

Step Eight

Bill's parents have finally come home and demand that Bill do his house work and his homework. Bill will have to do all of this if he wants to go to sleep at a good time. Bill is a procrastinator and he will finds something better to do instead of doing what is suppose to do but he will eventually get his work done.

Procrastination can be confused with laziness but it is as hardly as serious. Everyone procrastinates even though we know we shouldn't. People all around the world procrastinates, the President, some teachers about grading, most students, and even parents. I happen to be one of the world's largest procrastinators but it is okay because I, like most, will eventually get something done.