The Genesis Project

By: Allison Treese

Unit #0087 came out of sleep mode and yawned as she sat up and stretched. She turned her head sleepily towards the adolescent.

"Good morning," she said politely.

The adolescent mewed happily. Of all of the creatures on V2835-O, the Anthrofeli were her favorite. They were tall with a human-like build, but were covered with black fur and had a feline face. Unit #0087 analyzed that their long claws were vital for digging up food or creating an underground shelter from the frequent sandstorms, and that their enormous ears were able to hear a sandstorm hours before it arrived. She was unsure of the purpose of their human-like bodies, though. Perhaps the desert planet had once had forests, and their ancestors were something like Earth's primates, or perhaps something completely different had happened. Unit #0087 was designed to ask questions, after all. Finding too many answers would be blasphemy.

Of course, thinking about blasphemy made her think about human religion, a thing so perplexing that finding enough questions alone would take years. No, it was better to think of the anthrofeli.

Anthrofeli obviously ruled the King Crater. There were 3 discovered craters on V2835-O: Emperor Crater, King Crater, and Queen Crater. King Crater was the second largest, and was the only crater where life had been discovered. The hot climate, although intense, was cool enough to be (hypothetically) similar to Earth's deserts, and therefore (hypothetically) able to sustain human life. Curious, the humans had sent one man and one woman to live, without any outside help, for 5 years. For, if the Earth were to be thrown out of orbit, as some scientists predicted, there would be no outside help.

This was called the Genesis Project, named after the Judeo-Christian creation theory. Unit #0087 stopped before she could think any more on religion, or on human behaviour, and continued her mission analysis.

This was her first check-up on the humans, who seemed to have changed locations, for though she landed in the exact spot they had, three V2835-O days of travel had still brought no trace of them.

#0087 was, as you've probably guessed, a space craft designed with the shape and size of a human. It had cost billions to make her, but with all of the public unrest over the dozens of disaster theories abundant at the time, it was worth it to find some sort of haven. I, the modern earthling, can not imagine living on any planet except our own. I am happiest when I can hear birds singing. I relish the smell of rain. My heart sings for joy when the world unfolds in a beautiful explosion of green after winter has passed.

However, these "future" earthlings all grew up in a world with no green. The entire Earth was either desert or human buildings, with all of its forests cut down, grasslands farmed, and tundra melted.Even a cracked window would usher in a catastrophic plague upon the weakened human bodies. Everyone knew that they were doomed, but most had learned to live with it without losing their sanity by blatantly disregarding it. The remainder built #0087.

#0087 looked to the horizon and saw an outline of red in the distance. Scanning the image and closely analyzing it, she decided that this was not a mirage, but a distance view of several large red rocks grouped together. The young anthrofeli mewed with joy when they saw this, so she decided that this must be their home. Another 37 hours passed and star #562 set, but they were still not there. It wasn't until the star rose again and glided to the center of the sky that they finally arrived an enormous, crudely-built city of red stone. She was sniffed by several anthrofeli watchmen before she was allowed to enter.

#0087 was suspicious. This city had not existed before. If it did, it would've been an entirely unique culture, because the anthrofeli were an isolated species. Instead, she saw several sculptures and roman-like busts. She saw buildings constructed like primitive stone houses, and what appeared to be public restrooms. There was even writing that resembled a human alphabet. Starting to become worried, #0087 followed her traveling partners to the largest building of all, which boasted elaborate decorations and towered over the entire city.

The anthrofeli became quiet and bowed their heads in respect as they entered, mewing at her to do the same. Once inside, she was allowed to raise her head and see several orderly rows of anthrofeli kneeling before two deities arranged in red thrones and dressed in flowing gowns. The male's garments were redder then the rock, bursting with energy and masculinity, while the female's garments were decorated with the brightest, most beautiful jewelry their followers could get their paws on. #0087's mission was over. The two deities were the dead bodies of a man and a woman.