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Giggling. Constant giggling. Maybe it would have been a nice, but it wasn't because almost every minute from my brother's room I would hear talking and giggling. It wouldn't have bother me if weren't the fact that person in that room was not just my brothers new girlfriend that would have been a total stranger but it was Leslie.

I could hear her laugh and then his laugh, it was sickening. But I was glad that there was noise because it would have been much worse if it was completely silent. Even the thought of that made me shiver. I didn't want to know about my brother's love life…ever and to hear it going on around me was even worse.

At least I had the common courtesy to keep everything a secret.

Leslie came to my house about mid-afternoon and I was thinking when I opened the door and saw her smiling face that she was surprising me yet again. And, boy was I right. Leslie and Jared had been talking everyday for hours on end since she came to visit me last, which had been about 3 weeks ago.

I couldn't believe that she would keep that big of secret from me. I know why she did but I couldn't believe that she could keep it. Now that I look back on it I could tell that Jared was acting weird, barely acknowledging me when we would be in the same room. Maybe I was just too caught up on my own problems. But the threat that I made was still lingering in the air and, oh, he would die. I laughed inside my head. It would be fun threatening and watching him squirm.

On another note, summer was about to be over and then I would be back in college in a few weeks. I missed everyone back there and I couldn't wait for the reunion but leaving here would just give me another set of people to miss.

Ann finally opened up to me. She was always my older strong and silent sister but after the day that I had opened up to her about Edward she was slowly revealing things to me, even about the one time at the beginning of summer that she came into my room crying the hardest I had ever seen her.

No one knew about her boyfriend which was crazy because they had been dating for 2 years. His name was Rick and when she first started dating him she said she thought that he would be 'the one'. She was crying that day because the night before she had caught him cheating on her. She had been guessing that something was going on but when she caught him it was all over. They were growing apart and Ann knew that it would be over soon but the fact that he was cheating made her feel as though maybe she wasn't good enough.

"I didn't get why he would do that and not just break up with me?" She confessed. But I knew the reason. It was because it was easier to let something fizzle out rather than do something about it. At the time it would seem easier because you weren't hurting anybody but then you'd realize that you did hurt them and maybe even worse than what it would have been if you had taken charge.

The giggling continued and I threw myself off of the bed. I knew that in my descent down the stairs I would have to pass the room and when I did I cringed because I heard an 'oh Jared'. My pace quickened and I was out the door in no time.

"What's wrong?" Edward asked leaning against the fence and looking in my direction.

I walked from the door to the lawn chair and plopped down sighing. "Jared….Leslie." I said pointing my finger back toward the house.

"Why is it bothering you?"

"Because it's my brother and one of my best friends. It's just wrong."

He hopped over the fence and gracefully sat down at the chair next to me leaning forward with his elbows on his knees. "It's wrong to find someone that you can be happy with?" he asked raising his eyebrows.

"No." I sighed.

He stared at me waiting for me justify my anger.

"Fine. I'm selfish."

"Yeah, you are." He said jokingly but there was something hidden in his eyes like it wasn't a joke at all and he was telling me off.

I sat back in my chair and tried to breathe away the sudden anxiety I felt.

This whole time with Edward had been awkward. I could see it in his eyes that it was weird for us to be friends again and I felt it too. Thoughts of me hugging him and holding him tight like I used to do, kept flooding back to me almost every time I was around him. It's only because I miss Andrew. I tried to convince myself of this simple statement but I knew that it partly wasn't true and that deep down I couldn't let go of this thing that I had for Edward. It'll just take time. But how much time before things would be okay? Would they ever be okay?

I groaned in my head.

I hadn't talked to Andrew in days, or at least that's what it felt like because each conversation with him lasted for no more than 2 minute due to the fact he was on a vacation with his family in a small town called Grove in Georgia. It wasn't actually a vacation for him more like a family reunion but I could tell from our short conversations, he was having fun even though he complained about it for a whole week prior. I missed him even more when he left for Georgia. Maybe it was the fact that he was states away now and not just hours. I missed the nights that we would only hang out in my dorm room doing nothing and then all the nights that we did study, I missed the comfort of just him being next to me.

Andrew was always there but he wasn't clingy more like he just knew that I liked for him to be near me and the whole time we didn't even have to say a word. But I loved the times when we did talk or when he would just do stupid, silly little things to me like throw a pencil at me if he felt we had been in the library too long. Or just say the things that were on his mind no matter how weird or random.

I sighed and closed my eyes laying my head back.

"What are doing today?" Edward asked from next to me.

I kept I eyes closed but I answered him, "Nothing. I have a day off."

"Good. Wanna get away from the giggling." I heard the excitement in his face and opened on of my eyes to confirm that he was smiling.

"What did you have in mind?" I asked curiously.

"Come on." He said getting up and taking my hand. I ran inside and grabbed my shoes and then we were just walking on the sidewalk in the neighborhood.

"So, I'm going back to school." He said as his eyes squinted from the bright sun. Edward dropped out of a community college when became sick. He had only spent a year there and the grades he got were not very good.

"That's really good. You know what you're studying?"

He smiled. "I think I'll just try to get through the general stuff first."

"I thought in Memorial they made you set goals and reach for the future." I joked. He joked all the time about his treatments that it didn't make me feel awkward about it.

"They do, school right now is the main goal. I told my parents maybe something in medicine. Maybe I'll become a m-urse." He winked as I laughed. "I'm not sure yet, but I think it would be nice to help other people."

We walked down the street in silence. "What about you, how's the wonderful field of the Business?"

"Boring." I laughed. "But I think I'm going to minor in theatre. I know, a little random."

"No, it sounds really cool." He smiled and looked towards me.

I finally paid attention to everything around me and noticed the direction that we were heading in. "Are we going to the park?" I asked him.

"Maybe." He answered like he holding out a surprise. I knew him too well. He loved the park because he was still a child. I saw it coming up and looked back at Edward winking. The next second I was running as fast as I could towards the swings. Running for the best one, which if I remembered correctly, was the one on the right. I felt him chase after me so I ran even harder but he was next to me in a second reaching out to me and grabbing my waist to stop me. Somehow I pulled out of his grip and reach out to grab the chain of the swing. I sat down in a huff and stuck my tongue at him.

He was out of breath as he slowly walked up to the swing next to me, hunched over with his hands on his hips. "I think I need to work out some more. When did you get that fast?"

"When did you get that slow? Weren't you on the track team?" I asked him cocking an eyebrow.

"Yeah, yeah." He said as he sat in the swing next to me still trying to catch his breath.

Hanging out with Edward always brought back a lot of memories. Like this park, we used to come here all the time. I remember when I ran away sophomore year in high school and just sat on the merry-go-round thinking about where I would go and fuming about yet another argument I got into with my parents, until Edward came, knowing that something was wrong, and brought me back to his house. I stayed the night but he forced me to go back home. It turned out that my parents didn't even notice I was ever gone.

We swung in silence and I couldn't help but look at the cute little kids playing around just reminding me of my childhood. Those were good times.

When we finally came home, I carefully listen for giggling and was thankful that there was nothing but low talking coming from the kitchen. Leslie knew from the minute that she saw Edward trailing behind me that it was him almost jumping up and down in excitement. And then there was that weird awkwardness of Jared saying hi. I could literally feel the tension between them. For some reason Jared never liked Edward. Edward could care less so he ignored all the weird glances and looks that Jared would throw at his way but it drove me nuts.

We were sitting in the kitchen just talking when Leslie had to leave to get home at a somewhat reasonable hour.

"I'll see you guys later." Leslie said as she walked toward the door and then Jared walked her out. When they got to the door I was about chuck the fork that I had in my hand straight at him because he kissed her goodbye…right in front of me.

"Remove the death grip on that fork." Edward laughed next to me. He got up and said that he had to go too but I was barely paying attention as Jared walked back into the room with the biggest smile on his face.

A few minutes after Edward left and after I had removed the fork from my crapping hand Jared began the conversation.

"I can't believe your back with him." He said leaning against the countertop.

"What?" I asked because at that point I had no clue what he was talking about.

"Edward, you're back with Edward."

I snorted. "No I'm not."

"Yeah you are. I'm not stupid."

"Apparently you are. Cause I'm not back with. We are just friends."

"Yeah like I believe that the first time." He huffed.

"I don't care what you believe. No, don't try to make this day about me because what I just witnessed today was pretty shocking." It was so typical of him to change the subject and avoid the real issue at hand.

He didn't even say anything, just looked at floor. And that's when I sprang on him. I got up from the stool and put his massive head in a head lock. To say that it was hard would be a big understatement but it was well worth it.

"What the hell are you doing, Abi?" he said between choking in breaths. I tightened my grip and started missing with his hair.

"I told you I would kill you. It's happening right now." He squirmed around every which way and ripped his head from my hands. He leaned back against the counter with his hands up expected me to pounce on him again. I backed away and tried to catch my breath.

"Alright, I'm going to pretend like that never happened."

"So what are you trying to do with my friend." I asked him looking his square in the eye.

"I'm not doing anything."

"You know what? You remember this day. If you ever hurt her, there will be a repeat and it will be worse." I threatened. I knew that it sounded really stupid and in my head I was laughing about this whole exchange but I cared about Leslie way too much to let my stupid brother mess her up.

"I won't hurt her. I like her too much." He said in what was the sincerest voice that I have heard from him.

"Are you serious?" I asked him doubtfully. My voice was barely a whisper.

"Yes." He said in a whisper even lower than mine.

"Good." I poked him in the chest and retreated back to my room.