Another day gone by
In this hot and humid lie
Hoping I don't die
Though I've got to question why
Why even bother fretting getting by

I can see no horizon out in front of me
Before me lies this wall of practicality
Opaque and empty

There will be no happy ending there for me
This end holds no sense of simple hospitality
This weight I'm feeling

When the world comes crashing down at my feet
I feel the words unfolding and all they oversee
And I'm more than sure that unconvinced
I'll see the waves crash over every risen fist
With the waters rising slowly on their own
In a solid silence reminiscent
Of the days gone by and all that we might have missed
Growing desperately aware of all that we won't know
Each must die alone

In this empty destructive collective ending
With no corruption left that's worth defending
Here lies the only purity apropos
But now we have to go

Down for the count
And off for the road
Enlightened by the brightness
Of a lifted load
I don't know when is home