A/N: Written for my friend for graduation. We graduate on Friday the 13... I think it still hasn't hit me yet. I'm hoping it will sometime soon.
God it feels good to be able to write again.

para el capitán

We have run together, side by side,
Both tugging at the reins that hold us back
Restrictively binding, and banning the desire to be air-borne.
But now we have freedom…
Freedom to spread these paper-thin clipped wings
Over Earth, the moon and beyond, defying the limits.
Seeking not the things we think of in our heads,
But the things that shape themselves in our hearts and rival thought.
Hold my hand and snap these reins and
Hurl yourself forward as I do into the unknown,
Grin with me at the unreasonable fear people have
Of all things mysterious.
We know no bounds.