It Was No Mistake!

Stupid mistakes from the past,

Come back to bite me in the ass.

It was a fling,

Just another guy.

He meant nothing,

I was just teasing.

Then again it wasn't bad,

I'm not saying I wouldn't do it again.

I mean who wouldn't?

With those firery lips and gentle eyes.

He was simply irresistable,

... They all were.

They call me a slut,

Not like I didn't know.

But who cares what they think,

I couldn't get any lower, so why care?

I've done it all before,

And I've paid for my sin's.

But still, my mind seem's to find it's way to him,

Untill he's all that I can think about.

I wonder why?

Those other guy's were good looking,

Good in the sack, so why?

He had such lushes skin,

So soft, so warm.

It made me crave his arm's around me,

Crave his body's embrace.

The way he slid his hand up and down my body,

Or the way he kissed me.

Even the littlest thing's like nibbling on my neck,

Which felt amazing I might add.

Uhh... there I go again thinking about only him,

It's so damn irritating, I wish I could stop.

Why is he cluttering my memory anyway's?

He was just a stupid mistake from my past... right?