Ziggy's Corner: A Manga I've been working on for some time, actually a series, though this story is really nothing much than a one shot at this current time. It is based on a species of Cat people called Delphins. They look like a normal species of humans, though they have wings, cat ears, and have halos. Some even have tails. This story deals with my own character Solryk (pronounced Soul - Rick) Cole. The other thing you'll want to know about this universe I created, is that Alchemy has a very negative influence on the Delphin mentality.

Solryk Cole swept across the sky of Irmuenn, taking in the view of a few thousand feet below his strong, purple wings. Peace… he was at peace at the moment. He was always at peace when he surfed the air currents with his wings. The sun beat down on his bare back, warming him, and he spun in a three hundred and sixty degree arc before, bolting for the ground. As much as he needed the peace, the blue blade resting against his right leg reminded him of other duties. Responsibilities that literally brought him back to earth.

He landed on the soft green earth and flexed his wings a little, before folding them behind his back. In front of him was Cole Castle, a massive battlement that had stood the test of time for nearly eight centuries, and had been a source of peace for the people his family had long guarded… until his sister, Rhan, had broken her wings in a jousting tournament, and had left home.

The building was made of light golden colored bricks and white mortar. The windows were glowing with images of saints, and family members long since past. The front of the castle had twelve statues of the previous lords of the castle, and the land, with a thirteenth… one of Solryk himself, being built. Dozens of trees lined the main gate after the statues, like secondary sentries, guarding the family and the treasures within the building. Living guards paced back and forth as the seconds ticked by, their eyes never removed from the horizon.

Solryk was in his thirties, and had been raised to accept the responsibility of the ownership of the lands since he was four. He was raised as a scholar, and a soldier. He knew ten different martial arts, and was raised to be a master of each. He could play twelve different instruments with the flair of a master, and spoke four languages. His hair was a violet-red, as was the color of the fur lining his ears. His halo and wings were both a deep purple in color, and his eyes were a light sky, blue. His skin was as tan as a bronze statue and on his left check was a deep scar.

"I bring you greetings, Baron Cole," an elderly attendant said with a bow, as the young Delphin strode into the castle. The old man was blind, with white hair as thin as straw. His skin was a pale brown, as were both his halo and wings. He was dressed totally in black, with white gloves.

"It's good to be back, Anolgar, and please, call me by my first name," Solryk said with his famous lopsided smirk.

"I just wish this visit was under better circumstances," Anolgar said, walking besides his liege. "And if one does not mind, I shall mind my duties and call you by your proper title, Baron Cole. You were raised to be mindful of such duties as well, if I recall." He looked at the young baron, and smiled only a smile that a father could give his son… or at least one that a father type figure could give.

Solryk shrugged and rolled his eyes. "I've never been one for all the pomp and circumstance of my title," he said, his voice droll.

"A fate held by many of the young nobility around Irmuenn nowadays, I'm afraid," Anolgar said with a sigh. The hall which they walked was light with hundreds of candles, with the sent of peppermint and hazelnut in the air. "I still say, it's a shame to reunite with you in this circumstance," the master of ceremonies said.

"They found my sister?" His heart throbbed, he had many siblings, all of whom he was close too, but Rhan had been like a confidant in his boring days of study and ceremony. They were thirteen years apart, but so many people said that they could have and should have been twins one lost count at the number of times it was said. When his little sister's wings broke during the accident, he'd done his best to keep it under wraps, to avoid the cold, hard stare of the Temple's eyes. In the end, she couldn't deal with being kept out of the public's eyes, and left in the dead of night.

"We'll brief you on it, once we get to the war room, Your Grace," Anolgar said with a sad sigh.

Spear's Point. A port city of the islands just north of the Southern continent. It was ripe with despair, sadness, and anger. Those Delphin or Delphini whose wings were broken for one reason or another were sent here by the Temple for sins against the goddess Nicea. Rhan disappeared into the thick of night after her accident with a jousting tournament, not wanting to bring shame to her family.

Certain factions in Brenshire's military unit were more than over thrilled to have the baroness disappear. One Delphin, General Elidyr ap-Hugh war more than smug enough to at least once advise it was time to request that the King of the Sothern Tribe place someone more "capable" and "pious" to take over the Baron title.

After a long discussion, Solryk decided to travel to the port city, and try to look for his sister. The place hadn't changed much in fourteen years. The entire city was made of large wooden logs, floating on the water. The smell of salt and dirty roast filled his lungs and made him nearly gag. Delphins and Delphini through the medium sized city, bartering for food or homes or jobs. They came from all four corners of the world, and were identical in one fashion, each one's wings were blacker than night, and hung limp against their backs.

"Excuse me sir, could you offer a few copper yero?" a small female Delphin girl approached him and held out her parched brown hand. Her eyes were large and bright green, without any pupils. She was obviously was from the Northern Tribe. Solryk knelt down and placed five silver yero in her hands.

"I have five more if you can tell me if you saw a young girl, around twenty years old, with blonde hair and black tips arrive here a few weeks ago. She would have been about my eyes, with purple eyes. She also might have had curved blades, one of them the same color as mine, the other a green one."

The girl frowned and looked at him harshly. "I've seen a lady like that, just yesterday. She was buying things for a small group she belongs too."

His heart raced, and he knelt down. "At which store?" he asked, nearly thrashing her as he shook her little body.

"In that area," she whimpered, pulling away. Her eyes were full of fear, and she bit her fingers. She pointed to a store that sold and bought items to be pawned. "You're one of them too, aren't you?" She quickly thrust her hand back at him. "Mommy says we're not allowed to take money from Tasha Blackheart or her clan."

Solryk's jaw dropped. Tasha Blackheart, who was that? No doubt someone who was feared here, and that meant one thing only… she practiced alchemy. He saw where she was staring, and looked at his right arm, at the alchemistic symbol he'd tattooed there so long ago. "The girl, she wore a tattoo like this?"

The girl nodded a little, "But there were lots of them, all over her face and arms, and I think her legs too. And she wore gloves too."

His eyes widened and the worst filled his mind. If she was that tattooed, it would probably be useless to try and talk her into returning with him. No, it can't be Rhan, she'd never do something like that. He opened his palm and dropped in more money. "I promise you I am not an alchemist. I was interested in it once, but that was a very long time ago."

The girl watched him, unsure of his words. In this city, as well as any town, or city in the Abandoned Tribe Islands, one's word wasn't worth more than half a yero. But in any city in these areas, money was money. And silver was worth far more than copper. The girl decided that the money was more important, than in politics, she smiled gently, and then ran off.

Solryk investigated the town for a few hours, careful not to catch the attention of too many familiar faces. With each Delphin interviewed, he learned more, and more, until by the rise of the second moon on the horizon, he was certain he knew exactly where to find his sister, and hurried to an inn, to spend the night.

It wasn't a very spacious room, but he'd seen much worse. The room itself was a kitchen, bedroom, and lounge. The one space that had its own privacy was a small bathroom off to the side. The young baron spent most of his night reading, and meditating on the coming day. It wasn't going to be hard to find his sister, if the information was accurate, but at the same time it might not be easy to convince her to leave the path she seemed to have taken.

"It certainly wasn't very easy for you, was it?" a cold, stern voice asked, as the tip of a bright red pressed against the nape of his neck. Solryk felt his body tightened, and he felt his arm reach for the cool, soothing steel of his own blade, but his new companion pressed his own blade further against his neck.

"Been a while, Darius." Solryk turned his eyes up on the Delphini holding the red blade. His hair was a dark tan brown, his own eyes were just as blue as Solryk's, and his wings were a dark, dusky purple red. His halo, however; was a dusky gray. And his skin and clothes were loaded with Alchemistic symbols, save for his face, which had a mustache and a stylish goatee just under his chin. "I figured we'd run across each other's paths sooner or later."

"Especially since you left me all those years ago, and I had to fight my way out of that ambush," Darius Black snarled. His blade pressed against Solryk's neck, and began to pierce it, letting a flow of blood trickle down. "I can't tell you how many years I planned this moment."

"Gee, could it be around… ten," Solryk asked, rolling off of the cot, snatching his own blade. He twirled, and connected with Darius' blade, the red and blue pieces of metal chiming in combat, filling the room with luminous color. "Let's not forget, you were the one to convince me to join your group."

"And you joined of your own free will," Darius snarled, crouching down and shot forward as he saw an opening. He slashed with his blade, and managed to only catch Solryk's scarf, slicing it in half.

"I was young and idealistic, though I admit many of what your told me, Count Black, was indeed a factor for me joining your group." He glared down at his scarf, and sighed, it was one of his favorites. "But I can not condone the action at Camelus. Those people didn't deserve what happened to them."

"Certain circumstances call for martyrs to move your agenda forward," Count Darius Black said, his blade once again connecting to his opponent's blue sword. He swung to the left, and to the right, twirling the blade and dashing back. He back flipped over the younger Delphin, and used his tail to try and grasp the opponent's legs. It was a technique he had perfected, in a martial art he'd created. Unfortunately it was one of the arts he taught nearly to perfection to one of his best students… Solryk.

"I don't believe in that path, it leads into the arms of Ahiwoko," Solryk said, easily avoiding the trap his former teacher had tried to force him into.

"I don't believe in Ahiwoko, nor in the pains they say he supposedly imposes on Alchemy." They danced, their blades clashing. "Such thoughts lead to close mindedness, narrow thinking, inability to advance, to see what needs to be done, and do it." A round house kick connected to the Delphin, and sent the young baron down to his back. "It's the path of weakness."

"If your so strong then, why not finish it?" Solryk asked as the red blade rested against his chest.

"Because you still hold so much promise, if you'd just open your eyes," Darius said with a sigh. "Instead of being a pawn of the Temple, you could actually bring peace to Irmuenn. I've not been so absent, that I haven't heard you speak out against them."

"Against rigid rules that Delphins made to control their fellow Delphins, yes," Solryk said. "But there are still rules put forth by the goddess herself, and of that you can not deny."

They stared each other down, bringing their blades and fists, boots and bodies into combat against each other, until each was drawn. "You've learned from me well, Solryk. But do not believe I taught you everything I know," Darius said, finally deciding that the conflict would serve no purpose other than to draw unwanted attention.

"Don't think I've shown you everything I've learned since I left your order," Solryk snapped. "Even watching me as you have, there's much you don't know of me, just as there is much I don't of you."

For a few minutes, Darius watched his former pupil and smiled. "Not all of us work for such darkness. Do not pair me with someone like Tasha Blackheart, or perhaps as you might have heard of her, Tasha Ravencroft."

"Ravencroft?" Solryk blinked. "I thought their family died out years ago."

"They did, once Tasha decided that her path was toward a darker one of alchemy. She rejected the Temple, but so fully that she rejected even Nicea." The dark Delphini smiled as his tail swished back and forth. "Fortunately for you, I guess, I'm not all that far gone." His smile faded. "But many of her followers are, and I am afraid your sister joined recently. If you want to confront her, to perhaps even convince her, you'll have to travel to Traj Mountain, to the north of here." He prepared to leave, and stopped. "I should let you know, many people have said their children have disappeared in the thick of the night. That's the other reason I was investigating this area."

"You think this Tasha Blackheart is behind it?"

"Your guess is just as good as mine," Darius said. "But don't assume because I've told you this, I'll aide you in brining your sister back to the Temple's grip. I'll check out what I kind about the children, but that's as far as I intend to go." The dark Delphini turned and left his former pupil, and his friend, closing the door behind him.

It took only a few days, but he managed to find his way to Traj Mountain, and he discovered not one, but two mountainous peaks in front of him. Mount Traj itself, and a giant, black temple as nearly as big as the mountain. Guards marched around the building, its dark spires reaching up to the sky as if challenging Nicea's will. Solryk waited in the edge of a cliff, until night settled in, and slipped down to the ground, slowly making his way toward the dark temple.

Vicious looking symbols were etched along the outer part of the temple, one of which Solryk only knew too well, as it matched his sole tattoo. It looked like an upside down three spear blade, and it meant physical immortality, which was one promise that alchemy held on to. It was also a symbol of indoctrination of alchemy… especially the darkest of alchemy. Which meant this temple was a school. The children would no doubt be here … Darius was right.

Solryk moved closer, keeping safe from the torches' light that lined the area, until he was near the entrance to the temple. Two guards stood watch, their wings darker than the night, as were their halos. One was from the Eastern Tribe, as his blue pupils and black eyes attested too. The other was from the South, and both held cruel looking staffs. The young baron's body went loose, as he flexed his muscles. He closed his eyes, said a prayer to his goddess, and rushed forward, bringing the taller guard down before he knew what had happened.

The shorter guard spun his staff, thrusting forward with his weapon, and smiling as he caught the young baron off his guard. He punched his weapon into Solryk's ribs, chuckling as he heard the satisfactory sound of a sickening crack. Solryk doubled over in pain, before regaining his feet, and leaping over the guard, round kicking the thug in the side of his face. That sent his foe struggling for his own balance, and gave the young hero the chance he needed to slice his enemy's weapon in half, which he followed up with a hard head bunt.

The guard dropped to his back, and the young baron slide into the temple, thanking Nicea's grace that there weren't more guards alerted to the fight.

"The Temple of Nicea promises peace, but at what cost?" her voice was soft, but there was an edge to it that Solryk did not like. He'd manage to slip and sneak into the temple until he got into the very center of its core, an indoctrination room. And at the center of the said room, a young, dark skinned Delphini paced back and forth. In front of her, dozens of young Delphin and Delphini children sat, some frightened, some fascinated. Her small, orange wings fluttered as she spoke, her brown eyes sparkling. "At the cost of enlightenment, true enlightenment! At the cost of individual power and growth, and at the cost of progress!" She wore a black, sleeveless top, and long dark tan pants. The fur of her tail was a mixture of black and orange. Her hair was also black, cut in a youthful fashion, and tied into a ponytail. "Progress is what is needed for our planet, not ancient beliefs that hold us backward. Beliefs that throw aside innocent individuals because of accidents that have cost them the loss of their wings!" Her voice was beginning to raise as she spoke, and the Delphini paced back and forth more frantically. "This is why they fear alchemy, and more importantly, why the fear the one true god who grants to his children the power of progress… Ahiwoko!"

Some of the children were cheering a few were muttering out of suspicion and fear. Solryk inched a little watching her speak, feeling a power he'd not felt since he was in his late teens. The female, the Delphini was hypnotic, and was flooding the room with her power and enigma, he nearly felt the urge to emerge from the shadows, and pledge his loyalty to her. Until he saw a familiar shadow baiting him to stay where he was. Across from the indoctrination chamber, Darius was also waiting, and held up his hand, a slight smile across his face. He was happy the other intruder was once more feeling the power, free from the Temple, but his eyes showed worry… the alchemy that Tasha Blackheart was promising was not the alchemy Darius had promised.

"The Temple would cast you aside, Nicea would cast you aside, refusing to heal you, though she claims to be a goddess of compassion and love!" Tasha continued. Behind her, a dark haired Delphin male stood, small red wings, wearing the same clothes as she did. Obviously he too was from the Western Continent, and of the same sub-clan. And next to him, a newcomer. A girl with pretty blonde hair, the tips dyed black. Her dress was dark red, with a light blue and white. And her gray wings, and tan skin were etched with alchemistic symbols. She wore two long gloves, one light purple, but the other one was a dull gray. "But this young woman proves that she is a liar, just as her Temple is. Only through alchemy and Ahiwoko can we have progress!" Tasha smiled at the young woman, who painfully opened her wings, climbed a small pillar, and leapt into the air.

The voices cried out with alarm, and joy. The eyes of the children as the pretty young Delphin floated across the sky. Solryk could only gasp in shock as his sister floated through the air and landed at the feet of Tasha. "My goddess, what is this?"

"Here you see the promise! Rhan had her wings broken, but with alchemy, the sky accepts her again!" She smiled, and patted Rhan on her shoulder. "All you need to is accept the true vision, and my lieutenant will help you embrace the true power of your life!"

"But it doesn't seem right, not… natural somehow," one small girl said, inching her body into the chair she was in. "Alchemy is said to have a duel purpose. What must we give to gain?"

"Your alliance is all Ahiwoko wishes," Tasha said tenderly, though her eyes seemed to dim.

"But that's not what your books said, that…," the girl continued.

"You are past simple written words, child," Tasha snapped, her eyes dull now. Rhan slowly approached the girl and glared down at her, turning to her leader. "Embrace your destiny and you too can have the same gift, that Rhan has been blessed with." Many of the children cheered out their approval, wishing for their wings to be healed, or at least for the sky to accept them once more, but the girl shrunk into a ball.

"No… if what you said is true, you wouldn't have had to steal us from our parents. They'd have gladly accepted what you said. You didn't have to steal us from their grips." A group of children agreed with her, hugging each other, their ranks shrinking as more children begged for their wings to work again.

Her patience gone, Tasha simply growled and shook her head. Rhan seemed to understand the message, and picked the girl up, brandishing her green knife, Verzio, at the child's chest. It was all the two hidden individuals needed to see. Darius dropped from his spot, his blade slicing a guard's arm free from his body. The dark Delphini slashed and sliced with scientific accuracy, having no problems, until the bodyguard advanced on him, spinning his staff.

Solryk waited for a second, before entering into the fray, ignoring the cries of the children, Tasha's screams of guards to come in to help, or his own sister's dark determination. He called out her name, and his little sister looked up at him with a simple shock, before returning her determined look at the girl. "Let her go, Rhan."

"I must be about the business of my father," she said in a cool, dull voice.

"Ahiwoko is no father to anyone, let alone you," her brother snapped. He swooped down, yanking the girl away from her grip, and soaring back further into the air, watching his sister look up at him with anger. "I thought so, you can't fly at all, can you?"

"I will soon," she cried, arching her back and yelling in pain and frustration, bounding her body back and forth between pillars as she used her wings and air currents in the room to glide toward her brother. Her blades, Verzio and Azua glimmering in the light as if they were preparing themselves for a feast of blood. "Even with the goddess' grace, I couldn't even glide after the accident. It was with Ahiwoko's love I was able to purchase my heritage."

Solryk placed the child in a crevice, instructing her to remain there, and turned to face his sister. "I don't want to have to fight you, Rhan," he said, his eyes nearly white blue, his face etched in pain.

"Then join me, join us, and we can free our people," Rhan said, a twinge of pain running across her own face.

"I can not in good conscience condone what the Temple did to you, but I can't accept Ahiwoko's ideals of power of those weaker than you either." His eyes narrowed. "Its not too late, we don't have to do this."

"Apparently, we do." With what strength she had, she lunged herself at her brother, plunging Azua, at his heart. Solryk parried with dark blue blade, pushing her away. With only a second's hesitation, he surged forward and swung again, dodging and lodging kicks at the Delphin he never thought he'd have to.

"Yes you can work your wings, but at what cost?" he cried. "The sister I know wouldn't have stooped to be a mere lieutenant of someone or something so deranged. My Rhan wouldn't have even thought of killing a little girl for asking questions." Their blades crashed against each other again, neither scoring a hit.

"I grew up and saw the world for what it is, something you've refused to do," she said bitterly. From time to time, her wings would fail her, as gusts of air disappeared, or weakened, dropping her to the ground, and filling her body and wings with renewed pain. But she had learned something here, pain could be a good encourager. She forced herself forward, her blades clashing with her brother's yet again, her arms swinging against all hope of a true battle… being in this state wouldn't win her the battle, but if she could distract him…

The young Delphin surged forward, her arms and blades twisting with her brother's. She clamped her legs around Solryk's and forced her body weight at an angle, bringing them down to the ground. "Here, we have equal footing. This is where you'll see my sills at their peak."

Darius clashed with the bodyguard, the one Tasha called Thomas. Blade and staff bashed against each other, the sweat and blood of the combatants mixing in the air as the mistress of the temple continued to scream for her guards, her back resting against a wall, her head looking toward a window to the outside world.

"You are an Alchemist, yet you fight against your brothers and sisters in arms?" Thomas asked, swinging his staff down at Darius' head.

"An Alchemist, yes, but as far as I am concerned, the Temple of Nicea and yours are one in the same. You both try to consume people's souls. You deny them the right to think for themselves," he blocked the staff with his free hand, crushing the tip of it, before Thomas could pull it away.

Thomas scowled, his red wings fluttering with anger, and thrust his staff upward, trying to catch his opponent off guard with a block to the chin. Darius stepped back to avoid it, launching his weapon at Thomas' shoulder, and watched it soar past him. "You're a disappointment," Thomas cackled. "I expected the great, Darius Black to have more skills, than to openly miss his mark like that."

"And who said I missed it?" Darius asked, grinning viciously. His opponent frowned, turned to look behind him and saw the red blade embedded against a small, orange orb, hidden from sight amid dark gray and black rocks. The orb wobbled with the sword's weight, cried out… and fell, shattering on the floor.

Tasha watched it fall as well, and felt her blood leave her body. Without that orb, she wouldn't be able to convince her "students" so easily to obey her. She was dynamic as it was, and very mesmerizing… but finding that Oldrian Sphere had been a stroke of luck… or a blessing of Ahiwoko. With it, she had no trouble convincing the most stubborn listener who had all but given up hope to agree with her ideals. Now that it was broken, and its spell over the children crushed she only stared bitterly as one promising acolytes blinked, rubbing their eyes and scrabbling for empty doors as they realized they indeed had been kidnapped.

"Stop, hold your ground, and show your father your determination," she called out, waving her arms out to grab their attention. A few managed to actually stop, and listen… but the rest flooded out of the room, those who had been determined to fight her message were long gone. Where the hell are those guards?

"Did I mention I slipped a certain potion in the barrack fountain?" Darius asked with a smile. "It takes a few hours to kick in, but I was hoping that if I pointed my own former acolyte in the right direction, it should help lower the participants of this battle." He smiled, looking over at an angry Solryk, whose own combat with his sister which had taken to a stalemate on the land ended. Well, he'll get over it.

Tasha blinked, her head turning toward Darius and Solryk, her eyes widening with a realization. It made sense, no wonder they were so formidable. "This doesn't change anything, we'll get the children back."

"I doubt it, I have a few friends in Spear's Point. I told them when to expect the kids, and what to do once they returned." Darius smiled, taking time to kick Thomas' chin with a well rounded boot. "You'll not get any acolytes from that town, save for the few you might have here." He nodded toward the few kids who chose to remain.

Frustration and rage filled her body. Setbacks upon setbacks. Ahiwoko would not be pleased, and that might not end well for her. She reached for a gun behind her back, and swore as Rhan tossed one of her blades at her. "What the hell?" Her eyes narrowed so far they were dark, pounding slits.

The young baroness glared at her leader. "You deceived me. You're nothing but a false prophet. I assumed that your speeches came from the grace of Ahiwoko, but you had to use something foul to distain his path." She looked at the shattered sphere and back at her now former leader. "You betrayed Ahiwoko in the name of cheap parlor tricks!"

"Who do you think it was who granted you your wings to work, child?" Tasha hissed. "I don't have that skill, it was Ahiwoko, who gave them back to you. That proves he works through me!"

"It proves I found his favor," Rhan admitted with a nod. "But anything you had of his, is gone now, forfeit." She turned to her brother and narrowed. "You were right, I should have realized she was from a dark path when she wanted to drown out innocents." He opened his mouth but she rose a hand to silence him. "However; I will not go back to the Temple. I don't believe their lies either." She turned and darted forward, retrieving her blade, and leapt from pillar to pillar, until she reached the small girl, scooped her up, and disappeared into the night.

Tasha blinked twice and howled in anger. Her hand reached into her pocket, retrieved a silver orb, and clicked the top button, smiling as it whistled. The dark Delphini tossed the orb at the main pillar in the room, and rushed for a secret doorway, urging Thomas to follow.

"Leave them," Darius warned. His hand gripped Solryk's shoulders and yanked him back. "There will be another time. I promise you that, but now is now how you die… if that comes, it will be because of my blade." They stared at each other, neither saying a word, and then leapt out of the window, pausing as they heard the cold voice of Tasha screaming orders for her minions to retreat.

The two soared through the air, their wings beating against the currents as fast as they could, until finally a white hot blast of energy slammed behind them, forming a perfect ball that stretched higher up to the heavens than either the temple or the mountain did.

It was a full month in a half before Solryk managed to return to Cole Castle. He lay on his bed, sighing as he stared at the ceiling. "I tried so hard to save her," he moaned.

"You can't force salvation upon anyone," a small, young, female voice said next to the bed. He turned and say his sister Rayne look down at him. "She didn't kill that girl, you managed to remind her that that was evil to kill someone who was innocent." She smiled.

"You also saved so many other children from going down a dark route," their brother Mikhale added. "Rhan is confused, scared, and feeling betrayed by just about everything. But if I know my older sister, she'll come around."

"I hope so, Mikhale, I really, truly hope so," Solryk said, watching the ceiling even more. Though it contained primary bright colors, all he could see was the etched, tattooed face of a young Delphin baroness who had been his best friend ever since her birth. And as he felt slumber take him, he said a prayer that that was still the case.

Ziggy's Zone: I'm not good at action scenes, I know that, so I apologize. But hopefully you got a good, real good idea of what the character's and story line was all about description wise. I'll work on another story soon, but I'm pretty busy with other things, so I don't know when I'll get a sequel or prequel up any time soon. Thanks for reading!