Valentine's Day

The day is already gone and all that's left is to lay;

To remember what it felt to be loved, and not live in a world of gray.

After a while, I just get tired of feeling lost and alone like a young child;

Instead I'd rather have someone that could always make me smile.

Loneliness is a horrible feeling that takes a hold of your mind;

It caused so much pain that very few things could unwind.

Everyday I make a fake sort of lie just to ignore the pain;

I wish that my want for love would hurry up and begin to wane.

Whenever something great happens to you, don't you want to tell someone?

That's what I want, until I realize I don't have someone to tell under this entire sun.

Sometimes I wonder if it would be easier to not know what love was at all;

Or was it better to experience the feeling even though it was my downfall?

I miss him more than I could possibly understand;

To keep away the pain, I cover my heart with my hand.

I'm done being mad and giving him the blame for things he did not intend;

I know it's my fault, the things he wanted were only things I could give when I played pretend.

I know that he wasn't the one for me like I thought he was, yet he's still my fairytale;

My heart keeps screaming for him to come back in and it's hard not to yell.

Everyday I begin to lose my grip some more and any control…

All I want is for someone to fill in that hole.

I just want to feel complete again like I did before;

When everything was always happy and a happy ending didn't seem like folklore.

I thought I could handle it, but I've made up my mind;

I'd rather sleep peacefully knowing I had a valentine.