Hello everybody.

Thanks to everyone who favorited this story over the years, or was kind to leave a review on one of the chapters. I have really appreciated your feedback.

I've taken down the old chapters, for a good reason. I've finally completed the story, and am planning to release it for Kindle shortly. You can read about it at either of these places:




As you can see, I've changed the title.

I think you guys are in for a real treat. A lot of things are different now, but a lot better conceived, as well. Here's a quick book description:

Somewhere on the wrong side of the millennium, 13-year old pathological liar Richard "Dick" Fidget longs to follow in the footsteps of his long-lost brother and run away from his hometown of Yakima, Washington. Things aren't so simple, however, and with high school just around the corner, Richard finds himself fighting back against an arrogant guidance counselor, witless classmates, and two insane parents who threaten to tear what's left of his family apart.

And that's all before his brother comes back with a story to tell.

Hilarious, tragic, and bound to be controversial, this page-turning look at love, memory and desire is guaranteed to be unlike any reading experience you've had before. But as things grow stranger and Richard grows terrified of what his past might reveal, you may find yourself wondering how much of what he says is the truth…


Thanks again for all of your support. I hope that if you enjoyed the rough draft, you'll consider purchasing a copy of the book for yourself. Good luck with all your writing endeavors.