Board board board... and did I say board?

Luke couldn't believe it... he was going to be late. He was never late... ever! He ran down backstreets, and shortcuts, he kept looking at his watch as time slowly slipped through his fingers. He made his way through the park, but suddenly, as though someone had left the freezer open, it became ice cold.

Another strange thing, as he looked around, the few people that were there, had stopped moving as though frozen. He looked at his watch it had stopped. "Well look at this. An unaffected human. This is strange." He heard a snide voice echo.

He looked around, but couldn't see anyone on the ground still moving. He felt someone watching him, a burning sensation in his back. He wheeled around and spotted a person standing on the top of a lamp post. He continued to stare as something came to his sight. This person had wings.

"Who are you!!" Luke yelled, but all he got was a laugh. "Answer me. Or I swear to God...!" He was interrupted.

"Swear to God?!" The other asked in a laugh. "Boy God doesn't answer the pleas of humans." they jumped down of the lamp.

Now in the light of the warm glow, Luke could see it was male. With really short white hair, skin as white as death, and eye the colour of fresh blood. He wore all black, a shirt, jeans, and knee high boots. He had ash grey leathery wings.

"Answer my question!!" Luke yelled again.

"Fine human. I am Leonard master of black magic and sorcery. A demon." Was the reply.

Luke gasped. "Demons don't exist!!" He yelled. Of course they didn't. "Demons are the hurtful thoughts or simply the 'mis-thinking mind' of a person, whether on this side of the grave or the other!!"

"Believe what you want human. It matters not." Leonard replied a smile on his lips. "But I am what I am, and you... are troublesome to my master."

"What do you mean by that!!" Luke yelled. Leonard laughed loudly.

"You who can see us, withstand our magic. You shall die tonight." A sword appeared in his hand and smirking he ran at Luke. Luke tried to dodge, but the blade sliced his side.

"LEONARD!!" A new voice yelled. Luke looked up and saw three other people.

Leonard turned towards the three and laughed."And so... the show must go on."

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