Still very bored!

"LEONARD!!" A new voice yelled. Luke looked up and saw three other people.

Leonard turned towards the three and laughed."And so... the show must go on." He smirked. "Well this, I must say, is a surprise. Theodor, Michael, Angeliko."

"What are you doing here demon!?" Theodor demanded. "I never expected the blind demon to come to the surface." He growled.

Leonard laughed. Luke looked from him to the angels, their white wings shining. Then back at Leonard, blind? what the hell? "What the hells going on!?" He yelled at no one in particular. Every ones attention was now on him, oops. He thought.

"Angeliko... why wasn't this human affected?" Michael asked. Angeliko looked at Luke, her silver eyes bore through him. Luke gulped and shrank under her gaze. "Angeliko? Why?"

"I do not know..." She answered.

"It matters not. All that matters is we get rid of the demon." Theodor drew a sword from beneath his cloak. It shone silver in the moonlight.

Leonard drew two Sai. "Let's dance Angel." he smirked. Then it Begin half an hour of, the deafening sound of metal hitting metal, wings beating off the ground and finally the sickening sound of blood hitting the ground, and a strangled gasp clotted by blood.

Leonard fell to the ground, he looked at the angels... he laughed. "What's so funny demon?" Theodor asked with a snarl.

"Boldly go through catacombs... boldly trekking far from home. You do not see what lies ahead when sun has faded and moon is dead! My brothers will avenge me!! Be forewarned... the white demons are here!!" He yelled then disintegrated.

Luke looked at the chared skeleton in shock... "What does this mean Angeliko?" Theodor turned and asked the female angel.

"I fear that he isn't the only demon on the surface. The white demons... does he mean...?" Angeliko replied.

Theodor nodded, "Dante... Cerberus... Matthew... and Hanapu."

Luke blinked and the world was back to normal, the angels were gone as was the skeleton. What the hell?

Dun dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuun!