"What's your name, angel?" The blonde girl blushes deep before answering. I speak loudly, to be heard over the heavy bass pumping through the club.

"Clara." She's nervous, I can tell. Her voice sounds like a whisper amongst the music.

"Laura. I've never seen you around here Clara." I smile brightly, deepening her blush even more.

"It's my first time," she says, still quiet.

"Yeah, you don't really look like the kind of girl who hangs around a place called Pussy Palace." I don't think I can bear to see her face turn anymore red, the poor girl. "Wanna dance?

She smiles sweetly. "Sure."

Her voice was shy, but her body tells me she isn't. We move in sync to the music, our bodies in full contact. Her then fingers run through my hair, down my neck, over my breasts. The blushing has faded and her moans are loud in my ear as I kiss her neck.

Before I know it, it's 3 am, and the DJ is announcing the last song. I kiss her softly, and she wraps her arms around my back.

"Come back to my place?" I whisper in her ear. Nervousness flashes across her face as she looks at the ground, but she doesn't hesitate long before answering.

"Okay," she says, that sweet smile returning.

The rest of that night… oh, that night…