Obnoxious writing prompt from English: "It was a dark and stormy night…" So I decided to have some fun with it. I don't think my teacher appreciated it. She only likes fluffernuggets and rainbows. This is a bit…morbid? Cynical?


The deck of the boat bucked beneath his feet like an untamed horse straining against the bit. He held tight to the helm, pressing his body to the wheel as though it alone would keep him alive. Blinking the stinging sleet from his eyes, he managed to hold the wheel steady long enough for his men to pull up the nets. With a heave of strength he turned the boat toward shore.

They were mad to be out in this weather, but the storm had crept up on them, almost as though it had come straight out of the sea. No clouds on the horizon had signaled its approach and the crew had been taken entirely by surprise. Scowling at the foolishness of men and sea, he deftly avoided a rock. He'd never trusted these waters, but he trusted the land less, so he staid on the boats, only entering the harbor when absolutely necessary. As the hull of the boat dipped and creaked dangerously, he fleetingly wished he were in port, commenting on the weather over a cup of ale in the tavern rather than struggling in the middle of this wretched tempest. He shook himself, forcing his thoughts back to the task at hand.

The sailors before him were sifting through the fishing nets, which writhed with terrified creatures. He saw one sailor, a soaked young boy with slick brown hair, extract a large bottle, dripping seaweed and encrusted with barnacles, from the nets. An unnatural stillness settled in the air as the boy stared at the bottle. He gripped the helm, tight and horrified as he watched the boy reach for the cork in the bottle. All sound had been sucked from the air. His heart raced and his muscles were taught and aflame. He couldn't move; couldn't stop this from happening. The evil of the sea. The foolishness of man. The last thing he saw was the boy pulling out the stop. Then the boat flew into pieces and he was thrown into the sea and dashed across the rocks.


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