A week later the old man entered his wife's bedroom before nightfall

A week later the old man entered his wife's bedroom before nightfall. The room's walls were off-white and the floor was light hardwood. Her bed was king-sized and the headboard was made of Maplewood. She was covered by no small amount of sheets and linens and comforters and such and she lay propped up her head and upper back supported by three pillows. He had set a chair to her left side that he could sit down as he felt a pain growing in his legs and could not stand for long amounts of time any more. He was unshaven and looked glum in a red silk robe and gold colored pajamas and velvet purple slippers. She did not bother to see him. She remembered him from over thirty years of convenient matrimony. Her hair was in curlers and had been set by a personal assistant she would only call nurse.

The old man waited to collect his energy and then he spoke. They found the car he was using in Cincinnati. It belonged to Jake Pollarande dad's old friend who they also found murdered in town on Thursday. I think he was found in a brothel.

Doesn't sound like Jake she said.

No not at all. Not at all.

Silence between them. He didn't know what to say. That he was glad to be rid of his son for all his faults and he seemed to him fault personified or that he was sad the bloodline had come to an end as it had. At last she broke the silence.

Darling did they identify the girl.

Yes. She was from the city. Buried last week dear.

But what was her name.

I can't remember. It isn't important.

There's a lot in a name. A name can help a body out in life or it can make life unbearable. I took great pains in selecting our baby boy's name.

He wanted to say all for naught but he did not. Instead he said I know you did dear. I know you did and it was a good name.

I've been making a novena for him ever since. When I'm awake I pray to Mary that he'll be safe. Remember when he had pneumonia and the doctors said he wouldn't pull through. Well I remembered then that my mother said a novena to Mary when I had pneumonia and I made it so I prayed with all my heart and he lived. I know Mary will protect him.


Will you say a novena for him Victor.

I will dear. Get some rest.

She fell asleep shortly thereafter. He never prayed and was not about to start.