June 07th 2008


Do you know
What it's like
To be left out of
E v e r y t h i n g ?
I can't turn a corner
Without ridicule and disdain.
I need redemption,
I need it now.
Maybe one day
I won't be part of the
Loser's parade.
I don't care about fitting in;
I care about being alive.
Being visible to those I love.
I'm not.

(Would you)
Be there for me?
No, you go out with your friends.
Who, yeah, are mine too.
But I guess I wasn't invited.
(It doesn't surprise me)
That you go anyway.
I'm not ruining your fun this time.
The ugly chick isn't staining your clique

Most days I look in the mirror
And just want to snap my neck I'm so
U g l y.
But really, what's the difference between me and her?
At least I don't wear inches of fucking make up.
Call me narcissistic if you must
Call me obsessive if you need,
But I'm not as ugly as you make me feel,
(That's what I tell myself
On some brighter days, at least).

Aren't boyfriends supposed to make you feel
B e a u t i f u l?

Shatter the mirror.