Envy killed her

I've always been jealous of her,

But we never ever fought.

She was in a car accident and on her deathbed.

I pretty much always hated her because I envied her.

I looked around to see if I would get busted,

And I whispered into her ear that she could trust me,

And I promised everything would be okay.

I told her she didn't have to hold on anymore,

Because Jesus above was waiting to meet her.

I told her everything down here on earth would be perfectly fine

And that all of her jobs are done.

I told her she has nothing left to do

So there's no point in holding on.

She smiled and agreed.

I walked away

The doctors came in

They said that she died.

Now there will be no competition for me,

And I will be amazing.

And no one will ever know

That I told her.