Laurana Schultz


Can it last?

Love. Hate. Best friends. The worst of enemies. Girls can be so stupid. One day they're best friends; next, worst enemies. A resentful girl Chanel, a curious girl Nina, and a crazy boy Max. Nina is sixteen, Max is twenty-one, the two seem to fall for another, Chanel thinks Max is too old; pedophile alert. Chanel speaks her mind unknowing, the two love struck lovers turn against her, and Chanel is left alone; she soon regrets her actions of speaking out and realizes she was a terribly bad friend.

Mistakes. Lies. Many apologies. A year passed. Finally, the girls are friends. Nothing will be quite the same old same. People change a lot in a year, some never change back to past. Times are different, people are different, mistakes are made, friendships are ruined; time will pass, sometimes people forgive, today…they do.