To live and obey, or be right ,and die

To live and obey, or be right ,and die

Eight year old Andrea is very ill; she is bedridden and on a lot of medication. She has never liked her step mother nor has her step mother liked her. Andrea's father Mark works in a big office firm in the city, and he is rarely home. Due to him working so much the family is very rich, and lives in a mansion with many servants. Mark had just called his beloved wife Desiree to tell her that he is going to be home late from work; she thought that she hung up the phone, but she was wrong. Mark listened in just because he was curious of what his wife did at home all day.

"Now Alyssa, I have an important job for you to do., and no matter what, I need you to do it."

"Yes madam"

"You are prohibited to tell anyone, especially Mark."

"I promise I shall not tell a soul"

"Alright, as you know, Andrea is very sick and you are in charge of her. I want you to pour some of this into every meal that you give her."

"What is it?"

"It's a drink that I've made out of a Foxgloves plant."

"What will it do to her ma'am?"

"The Foxgloves plant is an intriguing plant; it is beautiful when it blossoms and it is also very deadly. It will increase her heart rate, upset her stomach, make her forget everything, and cause her body to convulse. This drink will cause her body to reject any of the medications she is taking because of the seeds and leaves of the plant in the drink. This will not kill her, for a while at least. It will only cause her to reject the medications at first. After sometime the actual symptoms from consuming the plant will take over and eventually kill her."

"Why would you ask me to do this?

"That girl takes so much attention away from me. Mark is hardly home, and when the bastard is home he spends all his time sleeping or with her. I am tired of being his bride and not getting any attention from him; he married me and should spend his time with me."

"Ma'am I do not mean to pry, but Andrea is his daughter, while she is not yours. Her mother just died not too long ago and she needs her father. She will always be a bigger part of his life than she would be in yours. He has every right to sp—"

"You are stepping out of line Alyssa."

"Yes. I shall learn my place."

"You will situate two tablespoons of this in each of her meals. I am not bothered by where you put it; just simply place it in her drink or food. I suspect that by the end of the first three days the foxgloves plant will begin to affect her and she will get worse."

"When do you think she will be completely affected and dead?"

"Friday. Exactly one week from today I will never have to see the damn girls face, and my husband will be completely mine. You will begin giving her this drink immediately. It is almost lunch time. Remember, no one shall know of this, if you speak of anything you will be terminated."

"Yes ma'am" Alyssa replies with a shaky voice.

"I will help you cook your first meal with this. Follow me to the kitchen."


"Excuse me? But you do not speak back to me, I am the one who keeps you employed and alive, and you shall obey me. "

"I can not do such a terrible thing to such a sweet girl. This girl deserves to get better; she had done no wrong to you!"

"You will mind me, I will have you hanged! Do you not know your place in society?"

"Ma'am I know my place well, but I also know yours. You have no right to kill a man's child. "

"Why are you so bothered?"

"Because I love that girl, she is a beautiful, sweet, caring and has done no harm. She is the exact opposite of you ma'am, you may be beautiful outside, but your insides are ugly. You just moved in not two months ago and have no place in this home. I would die for this girl and her father."

"That will be arranged."