Laurana Schultz

Laurana Schultz

Creative Writing hour 6

April 15, 2008


He was the most terrifying person that I have ever seen. His eyes were a fierce black and his mouth was surrounded by scruffy facial hair. He reminded me of some of those most wanted ad's I always saw around town. I first saw him out of the corner of my eye; he was crossing the street to go to the blacksmith. Just the way that he walked was enough to scare me, and then I heard him speak. His voice was deep and mysterious; I don't know how to describe it much more than that it was scary. Even though he was terrifying to look at and watch, I couldn't help but watch him, there was something about him that was intriguing that I just couldn't look away.

I think he could tell that I was watching him. I made eye contact with him and I wanted to run back inside my house but I couldn't. His eyes were almost mesmerizing. He looked away and I went back into my house and locked the door. The doorbell rang, my heart started racing, I slowly walked to the front door and I peered through the peak hole. I looked through and it was him.

He opened the door and walked right into my front hall. I swear I locked the door; I know that I locked it. "How did you…"

"Don't speak" he said to me. He walked closer to me and I backed up, I backed all the way to the stair case that I started going up backwards. "You may not know me but I know all about you Mrs. Lovette." I could feel the warmth of his breath on my face and he smelled like a cross between Lucky 27 cologne and smoke. He smelled just like my husband used to before he was murdered 12 years ago.

"Who are you?"

"Don't you remember?" I thought to myself; remember what, how I could remember anything about this man I've never seen before in my life? I shook my head no. "Too bad, we could have been great."

The man came after me and I was crouched down on the stairs I tried to scramble away from him but he was a lot stronger than I was and he pushed me down the few stairs that I had climbed. I rolled to the front door and grabbed and umbrella out of the basket next to the door. I stabbed him with the umbrella but he was like a superman. The wound seemed to do absolutely nothing to him; he just blew it off like it was nothing.

I opened the umbrella and threw it in his face; the pointy part hit him in the right eye. I ran into the kitchen and hid a knife behind my back, I knew that he would come after me, and he did. I threw the knife at him but he moved and I missed, he had his own knife and threw it at me, he hit my hand and it stuck into the wall, I screamed with pain and swore at him. He started walking closer to me, he smelled my hair, and rubbed his face on mine. I was trembling. He started to careers me, "get away from me! What do you want?" I screamed in his ear.

"You're love because I have loved you for so long." He said, he told me he wanted my love, who is this guy? "I need you to love me, I miss you, you know who I am, but I can tell you do not notice Joanna" When he said Joanna, I knew that I know who he is but I just couldn't recognize him. There are very few people in the world who knew that my real name is Joanna, I made my mom change my name when I was younger to Elli.

I looked deeper into his eyes and recognized the baby eyes in this man; he was Patrick's best friend. Kyle. Kyle had always been jealous that Patrick and I got married and I chose Pat or Kyle. Once Pat died, after the funeral I never saw Kyle again until now. I think I had an expression on my face that gave it away to him that I remembered who he was.

"It's been 12 years; you have had plenty of time to get over it, I still love you! Marry me Joanna!" He whispered into my ear.

I told him that I couldn't marry him and he walked over to the other side of the room where the knife I had thrown landed and picked it up. He stared me in the eye and started walking closer to me. My cat came into the room and jumped on the counter, Kyle jumped and looked away from me, when he was dealing with the cat I had just enough time to grab a knife from the counter next to me in my free hand and hide it behind my back. "Leave my cat alone!" He turned to look at me, "Perhaps I can marry you."

Kyle dropped the knife and came and hugged me, with my arm around his back I stabbed his back with the knife. He slowly fell off of me onto the floor. I pulled the knife in my hand out of the wall and bent down to look at him, he looked like he was suffering, but I think he deserved it! He looked me in the eye and said "I killed Patrick for us to be together, why don't you love me back?"

The idea of my husband's best friend killing him made me furious. I picked up a knife and threw it straight into his heart. "You broke my heart Kyle, what goes around comes around."