Verse 1:
You can see me,
But you can't see who I am
You can hear me
But you don't hear what I'm sayin
You could love me
But for some odd reason
You choose not to...

And i love you
but you don't see it
When i say your name
You can't hear it
And when i think of what we've been through
I don't want you to.

Verse 2:
I can see you
But its not the real thing.
I can hear you
But its just a whistling
I could love you
But for some odd reason
I changed my mind.

And i love
d you.
but you didn't see it
When i said your name
You never heard it
And when i thought of what we went through
I didn't want you to...

Verse 3:
Now i see
You weren't the one for me
Now i hear
You were just a friend
Now i know you could never love me
Because for some odd reason
for some odd reason
We weren't meant to be...

By: Annamarie Claire