White Noise Girl

She smiles pretty for the crowd

A soft voice and a red blush

Adults stroke her neat hair

Enthusiasm in her voice

A sparkle in her eyes

Teachers ignore her

Guidance accepts the fa├žade

Such a bright happy child

Her friends don't dare come close

" Careful, she bites"

An enigma wrapped in a mystery

She is perverted, cute, and energetic

But when her eyes fill with tears

Dark bruise purple underneath,

They ignore her

She only listens, never speaks

Her family doesn't care

She never meets their standards

A disappointment that keeps failing

She is moody, depressed, sad, and angry

Her mouth is stitched closed\

She wears a hoodie in the summer

And loneliness sifts in her heart

The joy of being a dead weight

Everybody seems to not care

Shying away from her problems

Not even bothering to judge her

She is the nobody, the white noise

The conversation is only one-way

She hopes to fall off the edge of the earth

And cries when she realizes

Not one-person would notice