It's not as if I said

love you baby, forever

it's not as if I got up

from my bed full of fantasies

on a sunny day and

I already knew I fell for you

no, it took time to me to realize

I couldn't blow you out of my head.


True love is

I'll kiss your sweet dreams

no matter what

just wake up

I will be with you

when nobody else will.

Cry, cry baby

my shoulder to cry on

I can't dry your tears

but I can and I will

be with you until

you fall asleep

one more time

I'll wait for you.

Believe me

I heart you

this wait isn't in vain

we'll be together.

Chorus: ...

I'll remind you

I love you

day and night

even the afternoon

we'll take a walk

on the love's path

just wait.

Chorus: ....